Violent Love.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sarah dealt with her violent boyfriend for 2 years! Jordan, her boyfriend, hadn't started to be violent until he lost his mother. She thought it was normal, she was wrong. It lasted for over 5 months. That is plenty enough time for him to learn to cope with the death of his Mom. Soon Sarah will get sick of Jordan, and finally stick up for herself. Soon Leo will save her from her own heart.

"Hey Baby," Sarah said with a soft voice. She never would raise her voice to him. She was scared. It was more then fear, she was terrofied.

"How's my baby girl doing?" He replied.

Ofcourse, she never brought anything up with him. How she really felt about him. She was sick of him beating her. She wanted him to stop beating her. That's why she'd cry every night. She just wanted it all come to a stop. I know people when they hear about cases like these always think, "Why not just dump him?" or, "Doesn't that girl have any sense? She oughta leave him!". Well, It's not that easy. She was in love. She couldn't help it. She had been dating him for so long that there was just no way she could seperate from him. Jordan had her heart, and he used it to hold on to while he would beat her, so she couldn't pull away.

"Oh, everythings great, because I'm with you, obviously!" Sarah lied. Yeah, she was happy they were together, but she wasn't happy of what he did. He would beat her over anything. She use to try to say something, but it just turned into silent sobs. She'd cry so quietly so he couldn't hear. What she didn't know, is if he heard her cry, his heart would be broken. It would've changed him around, if only she knew..

The next day at school, he came up to her locker and put her arms around her. It surprised her and she turned around and accidently hit his nose. She knew she'd pay for it later. He just backed up, cursing, and holding his nose. After he was done cursing, he slowly walked closer to her, and hugged her. "It's alright babe." he assured her.

Later that day, he came in knocking on the door. When she opend her door, she pushed her. Her bent down and got in her face and yelled, "You think you can just hit me, bitch? You think I was going to forget about it?" She could smell the alchohol in his breath. When he got drunk or high, he was heartless. He could just beat her over and over. When he was drunk, she screamed and cried as loud as she could. She knew he wouldn't remember it, so why would it matter if she showed it really hurt? This is also how'd she get out her truth. She'd scream, "STOP ! It hurts Jordan, I thought you loved me! You do, don't you?". Nothing. He was too drunk to realize he was hurting her.

It was a huge rumor at school. Everyone knew he beat her, it wasn't some secret. If they would ever bring it up, how she got her bruises, Jordan would make up lame excuses. He'd say things like, "Oh! We were messing around and she fell." or, "A dog did it." The excuses were just dumb.

Sarah meant this guy named Leo. It was a mighty name for a mighty lookin' guy! He was strong. Sarah was very attracted to him. They would text daily. Behind Jordan's back of course! Oh, she could only imagine what he would do if he found out! She tried to keep the images out of her head. But, this Leo guy was very tough. If Sarah only had the nerve to tell him what he did to her, Leo would knock him out. She knew this too, Jordan wasn't the biggest guy you knew. He was kind of scrawny, but he seemed to have hidden muscle when he was drunk. 

As Jordan and Sarah's relationship got worse, Leo and Sarah's friendship seemed to sparkle. She would give Leo signs that Jordan had beat her. He knew it too, he wasn't a complete idiot. He would comfort her as her heard her cry on the other line. She would lie and say she was just having at home problems, but he knew what it really was. He was the dream friend.

After a few more months, Sarah's phone was taken by Jordan. It was horrible. He checked through everything. She deleted all the calls, messages, and pictures. Leo and Sarah would send pictures of eachother, nothing dirty at all. Leo had class. Leo texted her, unknowing that Jordan had her phone. This is what he said,

"Sarah, I know what Jordan does to you. Everyone knows. I want to end it. I really care about you, you're the greatest friend I've ever had. This is a serious issue, that I can take care of."

This pissed Jordan off. He was steaming hot red. He wasn't going to go to Leo and take his anger out on Sarah. He was hanging out with her, pretending he knew nothing. He still had her phone. He was drinking, which made Sarah want to make up an excuse for him. After 4-5 beers he was drunk. Sarah wonderd how he wasn't passed out by now. He slowly got up, and Sarah saw the look in his eyes. She slowly backed up. He pulled out the phone and screamed, "Did you not thing I'd find out!?" He threw the phone at her. She ducked her own phone as it hit the wall. It shatterd. She ran outside into the alley way behind her house. He followed her cursing and screaming. She was bawling now. Leo was at the end of the alley wrestling with one of his friends. As soon as he heard the fimilar screams and cries he darted his way up the alley way. There was Jordan, strattled over Sarah repeatedly hitting her in the face.

Leo yelled, "You dirty bastard!" as he turned him around and slugged him in the face. He motioned for her to run, but she was too stunned. Jordan, drunk, pulled out his pocket knife. He lunged it at Leo's neck. Missing, he skraped his arm. Leo cried out in agony, surprised at the pain it had inflicted. Jordan dazed just hung his arm there. Leo acted quickly and grabbed his elbow, and hit it over his leg. The knife flew out. Jordan took it and stabbed him by Jordan's heart. Stabbing Jordan's heart was like stabbing Sarah's heart. Yeah, he beat her, and yeah, the guy Leo killed wasn't the guy Sarah loved, but it still hurt. She loved the sober Jordan. The guy who cared for her, the guy who would hold her. The guy who she thought was perfect. Sarah was shocked by Leo's action. All Sarah could do was run after that. She couldn't believe her eyes. She slowly looked around, with black eyes and said, "Killer." Leo broke down after this. He just fell to his knees, realizing he took another mans life. Sarah was blacked out after that, clueless. She just kept running. A drunk driver was speeding down the road she ran through. The road was curved, so she didn't see the car as she quickly looked both ways. The car flew out, taking Sarah's life.

Her and Jordan's death were a big story line at school. Counclors from all over came in. The next week went by so slow for Leo. He had to go to court for killing the guy. He told the court he was just protecting her, and that he was abusing her. She was in no position to save herself either. He got off. He was called a hero by many. A violent hero.. His horrid week was all capped off with Sarah's funeral. He sat in the back, by himself. Even though people called him a hero for trying to save her, he didn't feel like one. He wanted to die himself. He was a mentally strogged man though. He wasn't going to take out his anger on himself. He lived on with the last memory of the girl he loved calling him a killer. 

He never did get over the death of Sarah. He would cry night after night. He wanted to join her in Heaven. He knew that she could wait til it was his time.

Leo went to her grave a few months later with a note that said, "I Love You." This note capped off all the emotions he wanted to go and sob about on her grave.


Submitted: March 15, 2011

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Chloe Amarosi

Well done. This could definitely be cleaned up a little bit with grammatical errors and spelling, and I would have liked to see some of the description fledged out, but overall this is a very interesting, dynamic story.

Tue, March 15th, 2011 5:16pm


I just kind of made it up as I went along, lol. I haven't even read it myself yet, I put rough drafts and quick thought writes on here! but thank you (:

Tue, March 15th, 2011 11:01am


This was incredibly emotive. A few grammatical errors, but I usually ignore it.

Fri, March 25th, 2011 2:38am


thanks for the feedback, and yeah.. I know, I'm lazy to spell check, (:

Fri, March 25th, 2011 8:32am

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