Confessions of a Young Wife: Chapter 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic
First chapter on confessions of young wife with much older husband and how they try to resolve sexual problems

Submitted: May 09, 2013

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Submitted: May 09, 2013




Confessions of a Young Wife: Chapter 1


My sex partner, Troy, came out of the bedroom first to sit across from my husband.

My husband  “ Wow!" You are very flushed. I will get you a glass of water. So how did it go?  “

I could hear the conversation as I got dressed.

Troy responded “I think we were both too nervous. Woodie was not behaving. Slow to get hard. But it was starting to get better near the end.  How long were we?”

Hubbie replied “Near an hour”

‘Really that long”

I joined them putting on my belt and brushing my long black hair. I was a bit flushed too as it was so warm in bed room. 

“So how did it go?” Hubbie asked

“Ok but I think we were both nervous”.

Hubbie asked us both “Well do you want to try again?  Maybe tomorrow?”

I looked at Troy and he nodded. So he pulled on his boots and said he would be round early the next day, Monday morning before work.


That night as we lay in bed and our little boy, aged 2 years, finally asleep in his crib, my Hubbie and I hugged very close until he got excited.  And we made love even though he was not that hard and was only erect a few minutes.

We talked about what happened, how we felt and how we had reached this point.

I am 29 years old Asian and Hubbie, Jack, is 70. We have been married for 9 years.  Very happily. I was a virgin and never been with any other man in my life.

Our son was conceived by IVF in Asia as Jack had vasectomy while married to his first wife.  I am Asian and Jack is Australian.  We moved to Australia about a year ago.

 Despite age and cultural differences, we have been so happy together.  But in last 4 or 5 years Jack has had problems getting an erection. He has tried Viagra and other sex pills with not much success.  Jack could see I was getting frustrated.  So he bought me a dildo.  Sometimes he would hold it Other times I would use by myself. This has certainly helped.


In the past year or so, Jack has had increasing problems penetrating me. If he got a partial erection, usually from my blow job, he just could not get it in. We tried missionary and doggie positions to no avail.

When I was home in Asia for 3 months we chatted every nite on Skype and the topic was more and more about our sexual difficulties.

Jack said he had trouble penetrating me as I was not wet enough and he would lose his erection trying.  He suggested I might have vaginismus. This annoyed me as I thought he was trying to put the blame on me. I felt it was a lack of foreplay and infrequent sex that was the main cause

He wondered if I would get wet with other man then. Gradually he suggested that I might wish to try this to check out if indeed I had vaginimus. As our talks progressed, Jack had read that some men can get aroused if they know, see or hear their wives getting fucked by other man. He reported that there had been some psychological research to support this.

At first the idea bothered me. Did Jack not love me that he could allow this? His answer?  He would allow this BECAUSE he loved me and was concerned about my happiness. He felt I had strong sexual needs that were not being met. We should try what we could to improve the situation.

Next I have been raised Catholic and had some guilt feelings about adultery. Jack laughed “It is NOT adultery if husband knows about it and consents to it!”

I was becoming excited by the idea!But who would I have sex with?

Jack said he would research Locanto and Craigslist in Australia. I was due back there in about 4 weeks time.


There was little problem finding interested men. Of course, which man would NOT want to have free sex with an attractive petite young Asian girl?

Jack responded to male ads pretending to be me but of course using my pictures.  Eventually he settled on Troy and arranged to meet him in person. Jack wanted to be very sure about the man and my safety.

Troy is well over 6ft, good looking, slim. Jack found out he was married but did not have a happy sex life they had attended counseling session with no improvement. Nearer the time for me to meet him. Jack tried to discover his motivation.  Troy had a life threatening experience some 3 years ago developing a blood cancer He had a bone marrow transfer, Chemo and Radiotherapy.

Now in remission, but requiring lots of medicines. Some of the medicines, testerone injections, seemed to increase his libido.

Troy was very excited to meet me and said I looked so sexy in my pics. I think I am! Hahhah

So the day after I returned, Troy arrived early on his large motor-bike. Jack had suggested I might enjoy the ride to break the ice and had heard that the throbbing and vibrations of the bike excited the pussy.

We went for about a 20 minute ride, then back to our place.  In private, Jack asked me if I wanted to go with him then, or later or never. I said later. But Jack said if I was Ok to try with Troy might as well try now. He would go out with our little boy to the playground for about 45 minutes.

He was bit concerned still about my security. So he asked me to leave my cell on so he could listen. Unknown to me had also set up a camera to video it...but that did not work out!


On our own we went to the bedroom and started to chat. We were both very nervous and slow to get started! We did not know how to begin. Jack has said there was not to be any romance, only sex. So there was no kissing.Troy started to kiss my breasts and removed my panties. I looked at him and suppressed giggle. His penis was shriveled and tiny so I gave him a blow job. This helped and we tried missionary position and doggie. But Troy was so nervous.  He kept looking at the open bedroom door as if he expected his wife to appear at minute!

I heard Jack return, talking to our son in the living room. So I got on top and it was not so bad but I did not have an orgasm...


I learned I did not have a vaginismus problem as I got quite wet. I was happy to try again the next day hoping for an improvement. I worried Jack might be jealous but he seemed cool about things.

I was excited to hug him that nite and so happy we made love.  I consider sex with Jack as making love. With Troy it’s simply having sex and I wondered if it would get better!




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