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Well, I'm writing a little review about Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. It's a vampire romance, but not just a vampire romance, it's the best book ever! well, ish, measuring up to Jo Kathleen Rowling and Cornelia Funke, aren't you, Stephenie Meyer?

Submitted: May 03, 2009

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Submitted: May 03, 2009



Okay, I recently enough read all of the twilight books, which I think are brill, as does my sister, RandomlyUsefulOptimist, or is it UsefullyRandomOptimist? I dunno, oh! It's the second one, I just checked cos I'm nice. Anyway, enough chit chat, back to the point! I'm writing about each book separately, starting whith Twilight.


So, Twlight is the first of a series of four books, it's well written, mostly, but at some points, I get a feeling Stephenie Meyer mainly decided that her heart wasnt into writing, and wrote not so well as most bits. It's a pity. It is mainly the story of Bella Swan, the daughter of Renée, the woman who never really grew up, and Charlie, or chief swan, had of Forks' police. For her mother's good, Bella goes to live in the rainy town of Forks, with her dad, Charlie. At first all seems hell and she misses warm, sunny Phoenix, where she used to live. Then, at school, she meets extraordinarily beautiful, strong,Edward Cullen. At first, she finds Edward hostile, and then, he disapears for a fortnight! And, out of the blue, he comes back and says: "Sorry I was like that before Bella, I'm Edward Cullen!" With help from friend Jacob Black, Bella finds out that Edward is a vampire. All seems fine, until they meet Laurent, Victoria and cruel, deadly, tracker, James...

New Moon

In the beginning of the second book, Bella's life is like heaven. Until... Edward decides to leave her for her own safety. Bella is no longer herself, and is reckless. She is empty of her soul. Her friend, Jacob Black, who is in love whith her, helps her through, and then, she finds out Jake's secret: he is a werewolf! Edward's sister, Alice, has visions of the future, but cannot see werewolves in the latter. One day, Bella decides to go cliff diving, un-accompagnied with terrible weather conditions! She jumps off the cliff and into the sea, Jacob comes running in after her and gets her safely back to land, although Alice does not see this. Around this time, Charlie's friend Harry dies, and Jake and Bella are alone in the house, whilst Charlie attends the funeral. The phone rings, Jacob picks up. He is told that he is talking to Carlisle Cullen, Edward's "father", who asks where Bella is, to which the reply is "At the funeral.". It turns out that it was Edward on the phone, finding out if Bella was okay, when he hears "at the funeral", he think Jacob meant Bella's funeral.  Soon later, Alice turns up and tells Bella that Edward is heading for Italy, to commit suicide at the hands of the Volturi, a vampire coven who are in charge of the secrecy of vampires. Will Bella and Alice make it in time to save Edward? And all this time, Victoria is trying to avnge her mate, James, avenge him by the death of Bella...


Bella's life is back to normal, well, if being unconditionnally and irrevocably in love with a vampire is normal! But oh help, Victoria decides to create an army of newley created vampire, newborns, to kill Bella. Will Edward and his family of seven, plus ten odd werewolves be enough to proect Bella from cruel Vickie?

Breaking Dawn

Finally, Bella gives in to marrying Edward. In return, Edward will procede with turning her into a vampire, and agrees that he will have sex with her. On their honeymoon, they do "it", whilst Bella is still human. Of course, a vampire cannot become pregnant, for her body would be unable to change. But the father does not need change physically. So if a vampire and a human woman were to...? Indeed, Bella falls pregnant, at a tremendous speed. But the baby is slowly killing her, it makes her body reject food and is sucking all the energy she has from her. They are both starving, but Bella refuses to abort. Edward hates the baby for bringing Bella to an end, and hates himself even more for lettin it happen. Then comes the idea of having Bella drink blood. It works and as Carlisle is a doctor, he can easily enough get O negative blood. Bella regains her energy and things look a little brighter for Mr E and Mrs B Cullen. Soon, Edward comes to love the baby as Bella does, as he hears the thoughts of the little baby, and finds out that it loves Bella. Comes the time for baby to come out of mummy. Of course, Edward has to bite her to save her. So Bella and Edward have a baby girl, Renesmee (Renée+Esmée) Carlie (Charlie+Carlisle) Cullen. All is well, until the Volturi take the child for an Immortal child, a baby vampire, which she is not. Will they be able to protect Renesmée from the terrible Volturi?

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