How my life started destroying...

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The title says it all for me.

Submitted: September 21, 2012

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Submitted: September 21, 2012



It’s really sad when there is moment in your life where you are just alone. There is no one you can turn to for help, advice, or maybe just a laugh. Before you wanted so bad to get out of the hell you were in, but just now you realize maybe that hell was perfect. Your friends are gone, they found someone funnier, nicer, friendlier, well in other words she is much better than you. You could have gone with them and continue together, but you wouldn’t want to. It’s too late to regret the decision you took, ‘cause remember you were the one who wanted to stay there. Who knows, maybe you took the right decision and the final result just takes time. But the waiting is too long and just too painful. You have to get used to it, ‘cause this is now your life, you want it or not. Right now it is the rush of the moment, the speed of your abandonment, or maybe just the need of that someone that you’ve always wanted. That someone who you can talk for hours and feel like they were just seconds, who will be with their arms open at 3 in the morning just to hear you cry over and over again for the fault of an asshole, many just call them best friend. Yours have gone with others and although you still keep in touch, she left you behind. The worst part of all is that this is MY story, my side of it, my pain, and my sadness. ‘Cause you equals me and this is how my life started destroying little by little.

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