Monstrous Love

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Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Submitted: September 16, 2013




Chapter One

As chloe enters the castle of death, her mother lays in the arms of a cold blooded monster. She's stunned, she cannot find her breath.. She stands wide -eyed, gravity taking control of her mouth, pulling it to the floor. She feels numb, she feels so much emotion that she almost feels emotionless. It's all so overwhelming, she becomes confused.. Its like her world had stopped at that moment, like she had just walked into a black hole of absolutely nothing. So many thoughts racing through her head, it feels like a rollercoaster, a rollercoaster taking over her body. She begins to feel nauseous, she remembers to breathe, she gasps for small amounts of oxygen. She remembers to blink, taking photographic memories each time she closes her eyes, unknowingly planting this in her mind forever.

This monster turns and looks at her, slowly creeping his tail over her numb body, stroking her with his tongue. He begins to bite her, starting with her arms, piercing through her wrists, draining blood from her limbs. She doesn't understand why, but she feels somewhat better. She feels relieved, as if she felt something let go. The pain she felt from these bites were so much better than the pain she felt inside. Pain wasn't the word to describe this feeling for her, as she confused it with love. 

As her eyes draw to her mother, Chloe watches her mother comfort herself in this monsters arms. She feels this clenching pain in her chest, it hurts too much now, she wants it to stop so badly, she wants to cry so badly, but shes so frozen she can't move a muscle. Her Mother weirdly stares back with an unexplainable smile on her face. The monster makes love to her Mothers puckered lips, while they both giggle at each others joke. As confused as Chloe already is, she cannot process the look on her mothers face in her mind, let alone that kiss. She has just lost all control of herself, how will she ever come back? Is this how everyone feels when they grow up? Is this how everyone lives life? She now understands why everyone says how tough life is and how she will never be able to handle the real world. But she's only 15, does that mean shes special to have been chosen early? 
The thing is, she is not in the real world, she's trapped in someone else's horrid fantasy.


Chapter Two

'Why isn't she doing anything?' Chloe asks herself. 
'Why did she just kiss him?'
'Why is she letting this happen to me?'
'Is life all about hurting people? Is that what I'm supposed to do?'
Hurt and confused she fakes her happiness, continuing on with conversation and leaves the castle of death.
So many questions running through her mind. She feels light, as if her soul has just lifted from her body and left, leaving her with nothing but a battered corpse.

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Monstrous Love

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