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okay so i really like writing and so i started writing this, i dont have a title yet and im not sure if i should continue on with this story. what do you think so far? if you have any suggestions on something i can change or what can come next i would love to hear it. thank you.

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



Chapter one: New Start

Dear Sadie,

I miss you. Maybe someday we can meet again. I have met a few new friends here. I hope to see you soon.


Right as Josh closed his leather cased journal, Nicole came and sat by him in front of the fire and he looked at her beaming blue eyes and curly blonde hair, he thought about how she looked even more stunning in the playful light of the fire light.

“Come on,” Nicole said, as she tugged on his sweater trying to urge him to follow her. “I have something I want to show you”

“Fine fine fine, I’ll follow you but don’t stretch out my sweater.” Josh said teasingly as he smoothly fixed his messy black hair.

As they ran, almost racing each other they finally ended up at cabin 107, Nicole’s cabin. While she pulled the key out of her pocket Josh watched her in the darkness thinking that it must be around 8 or 9 pm, but there’s no way to check that because his watch was broken. He still kept it on his wrist because it was a reminder of home. After she unlocked the cabin door and lit 3 flickering candles so they could see each other inside, he walked in, wondering how many times she must have unlocked that same door and wondering how long she has been here.

“So, what did you want to show me?” Josh asked wondering what it could be.

“Look.” She pointed out the small circle shaped window above her bed. Josh looked out and saw the moon glistening in the darkness. “Isn’t that pretty?”

“Yeah.” Josh smiled as he looked back at Nicole who was still focused on the moon and stars.

“So, Josh, can I ask you something?”

“Ummm sure.”

“How long have you been here?”

“It will have been 2 months in 3 days.”

“Why did you come here anyways?”

“Well, it was an accident really--“

Someone walked through the door, it was Nicole’s friend.

“Hi Nicole” Amy said, as she gazed down to Josh wondering what they were talking about. She brought her brown eyed gaze back to Nicole. “Leader Steve wants you to meet him in the lunch hall tomorrow morning..and I’m supposed to be telling all the campers-“ Josh was curious why all the kids here were called campers when it was obvious they were orphans, although no one ever said that aloud he knew he wasn’t the only one who wondered why they weren’t called something other than ‘campers’ “-that it’s time to go to bed, we have a lot of work to do tomorrow.”

“Oh.. okay.” Nicole said, clearly disappointed. “Well Josh I guess you’ll have to finish your story some other time.”

Josh nodded and slipped out of the cabin after saying his goodbyes. He ran passed 23 cabins, right to his. Cabin 130. When he entered his ‘home’ he took off his hand sewn sweater and tossed it on the chair in front of his desk. Walking over to grab a blanket out of the cubby hole he tripped over the broken floorboard that he had been too scared to ask Leader Steve and Leader Drake about.

Leader Steve and Leader Drake were the leaders for cabins 100 to 150. Steve was a lengthy guy with a young guys face even though he had to be over 35 at least. Everyday he would slick back his light brown hair in attempt to make himself look older and more in charge. Drake was the opposite, he only must have been 25 but he had the stern look of a man twice his age. He had a dark chocolate color to his hair which was shaggy and hung barely about his eyes.

Josh stomped down on the floorboard. “That will do for now.” He grabbed the blanket out of his cubby hole, his blanket from home. There had to be at least 20 dark green and navy blue polka dots on the jet black fabric. He set the blanket on his bed and grabbed his journal out of the pocket of his sweater. He sighed as he set it on his desk. He leaned against the wall staring out of the small circle shaped window above his bed on the other side of his cabin and thought in amazement how even though every cabin looked exactly the same in structure and furniture, after everyone had put their own belongings in their cabin it somehow became different and unique from the rest.

After an hour of lying in bed, his candles were blown out and he dozed off into sleep and he dreamed…

……“Are you sure you want to go to your friend’s house tonight?” Josh’s over protective mother asked. “I’m making meatloaf tonight.”

“Mom, it’s just one night, what’s the worst that could happen?” He picks up his baseball glove and packs it in an overnight bag along with his journal, his blanket and a few other items. “Plus he’s just across the street, it’ll be fine.”

“Okay but you should say goodbye to your sister and brother before you go, just don’t wake up your father, he has work tonight.”

“Okay mom.” Josh ran up the blue stairs with the white railing. “Hey, Sadie.” He said as he stuck his head into his sisters room.

“What do you want, weirdo?” Sadie, his younger sister asked jokingly.

“I’m going to Mark’s tonight, mom said I should say goodbye to you.”

“Oh, okay. Have a good time.”

“Oh I will.” Josh started to head out the door.

“Um..” He turns around at the sound of her voice and goes back in the room. “Do you ever have the feeling something bad is going to happen?”

“Yeah sometimes” He tried to comfort her because he could see how worried her deep green eyes looked. “But it doesn’t mean anything, I’ll see you tomorrow k?”

“Okay, I love you.” He looked at her oddly, even though they all knew they loved each other they rarely said it aloud.

“Love you too Sadie.” They sat there a moment before Josh ran out to tell his brother goodbye.

Walking quietly passed his parents room making sure not to wake his father up, he slipped passed and opened the door to his older brother, Jacobs room. Upon entering he saw Jacob was fast asleep. He pulled a pen out of his jacket pocket and pulled a slip of paper out of his brothers notebook which was wide open on the ground, and wrote “DEAR JACOB, I WENT TO MARK’S HOUSE. I JUST WANTED TO SAY BYE. CYA TOMORROW.”  Running out the door he looked back at his mom one last time, he remembered her long braided brown hair and dark green eyes, just like Sadie’s, and the apron she had on was the one he painted all over when he was only 5, 10 years before that. Right as he left the dishwasher buzzed……


Josh woke up in a panic and realized he had slept all night. He tried forgetting his dream just like every other time he had it while he’s been away from home. Looking outside he knew it had to be around 5 or 6 in the morning. He got up to put his blanket back in the cubby hole and tripped over the floorboard again. “God dang it!” He decided that since the only other person awake was Leader Steve, he’d go talk to him right now.

After putting on his boots, grabbing his sweater and putting his journal in  his overnight bag that he carried everywhere now, he walked outside and wandered over to the lunch hall where Leader Steve was every morning. Right as he was going to walk in, Nicole ran out with her hood up with a black eye. Not seeing Josh she ran by back to her cabin. “My floorboard can wait” Josh thought to himself as he ran after her.

“Who is it?” Nicole asked after Josh knocked on the door.

“It’s Josh.”

“Oh” She let him in.

“What happened to your eye?”

“Umm…” He could tell she was thinking of some way to change the subject. “You should get going, Leaders are coming by for ‘Wake Ups’ soon…”

‘Wake up’ was when Leaders went to every cabin at 7:30 am to wake up the campers to make sure they were in bed.

“Oh right, well I’ll talk to you later.” Josh was still looking at her eye wondering what exactly had happened to her. “Bye.”


Once josh arrived at his cabin he hung his overnight bag on the back of his creaky wooden chair and stomped down on the loose floorboard again. He knew he had at least 40 minutes to sleep before ‘Wake ups’, so he closed his eyes and went back to bed.


……“Have a good time sweetie.” He could hear his moms soft voice over the buzz of the dishwasher as he ran out the door. “I love you.”

“I love you too mom.” He closed the door behind him and ran across the street to Mark’s house.

They played video games, watched movies and ate junk food for 6 hours before it started to get dark outside. Once they both got comfortable on the makeshift beds made of blankets and pillows on the ground they went to bed.

Right across the street 4 hours later in the pitch black, the boys awoke with flashing lights and police sirens……

Josh woke up to the sound of Leader Steve knocking on his door. “Wake ups!” Josh scurried out of bed and ran to the door and opened it. “Good morning Josh, we’ve got a busy day. Busy busy busy…” Steve got back on topic quickly. “Anyways head up to the showers and then to the lunch hall for breakfast.”

“Yes, Leader Steve.” Josh looked him in the eyes knowing he had something to do with her black eye.


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