Victorain Superheros (not real title but it'll do)

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These are some character descriptions for a concept that just popped into my head. I'll be honest in saying that I'm not the first person to have this thought however.
The main idea is that all of these characters have some sort of ability or enhancement superheroes you could say. The catch is that all these characters live in the Victorian era, not all are from England, or even Europe for that matter. Like I said its an idea that isn't that new but I thought it would be cool. I would like to see feedback on these characters and tell me what you guys think. This is also just what I have come up with so far and can change at any time.

Submitted: September 27, 2009

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Submitted: September 27, 2009



Code name- Real name: powers and description.
Dragonaut- Unknown- super strength, high resistance to damage, unharmed by fire. He is a jumper which means that he has made a “Jump” through time. He says that he is from the middle ages and has the armor to prove it. He supposedly fought and killed a dragon. His shoulder on the right side has a tattoo of a black dragon with crimson edges. He has told others that he has been bathed in the blood of the creature which is what gives him his strange strength and resistance to damage.  And that somehow he arrived in Victorian London without any knowledge of how or why he got there. He always wears his armor and has his sword at the ready.
Q- Richard Jacobs- Telepathy, uncanny ability to learn anything and retain every piece of information. :
A- Eliza Jacobs- Telepathy, uncanny ability to learn anything and retain every piece of information. :
The two of them are fraternal twins who have somehow received the same psychic abilities. It is theorized that their father Benjamin Jacobs is that famous psychic from Sussex who is rumored to have at one point worked with the Queen in numerous interrogations but no one can confirm or deny this suspicion. The two posses a strong psychic bond allowing them to share information almost instantaneously. They form the information gathers and sharers for the secret intelligence division of the government forming an information network with themselves and the division agents.
Marksman- Edward Kinston: Uncanny ability to hit anything from great distances away. Edward has an M marked into his left eye. This supposedly came from a witch doctor that first cursed him and then gave him his luck ability when Edward saved the doctors life. He is a confident man who never seems to worry about anything and is always cracking jokes at every turn. Until he accidentally misses then he becomes furious and becomes a completely different person.

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