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This is a Draco and Hermione fan fiction which takes place in the summer between their sixth and seventh year, while both Hermione and Harry are staying with the Weasleys. Hermione finds out she's been one of the few selected students chosen to be a part of Hogwart's "Gifted program". She soon finds out she's partners with Draco Malfoy, meaning they will be spending most of their summer together.

-Also, don't let the "PG" scare you away, I just put that because it's going to be less than perfectly innocent. O:)

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



"Hogwarts has agifted program?" Ron asked incredulously. "Apparently," replied Hermione. "Are you gonna do it?" Asked Ron, rather wide eyed. "Of course! This is an amazing opportunity! It'd be stupid not to!" Exclaimed Hermione, as though offended he would even ask such a question. "Well what does the letter say, exactly?" Harry chimed in from across the room, on Ron's bed.

"Dear Ms. Granger," Began Hermione, "We are pleased to inform you that you have acheived the honor of being selected to join our gifted program at Hogwarts. We send our congratulations, and hope to see you on the 20th of June, which is our first meeting. We will be meeting every Friday of the Summer after this date. We will be sending someone to pick you up from the Weasley Home in a plain muggle car. Everything will be explained to you when you arrive to your place of meeting. Sincerely, Minerva McGonagall."

"Geez, don't let dad know they're sending for you in a muggle car..." said Ron."You would get into Hogwarts secret gifted program, Hermione, you would..." Said Harry grinning. "It's not secret, Harry, it's just not very well known..." retorted Hermione. "You just like to argue." Ron interjected. "Well," Began Hermione, "That's in three days... that's unusually short notice for Hogwarts." She shrugged and exited the room.

Before she or her two best friends knew it, three days was up and she was up bright and early, waiting for the vehicle in which she'd be riding to arrive. When it did, she bade the Weasley family good-bye and before heading off, Mrs. Weasley coaxed another piece of toast into her hand. "Good luck!" Called out one of the twins, to which the other finished "Not that you'll need it!" She waved to all of the Weasleys and Harry who were all beaming at her before opening the back door of a muggle car. She had ducked into the car before finding herself face to face with none other than Draco Malfoy. He smirked as though he couldn't possibly be more pleased to be presented with the opportunity to do what he lived to do: Make Hermione miserable. "So this is where you're spending your summer? And I thought I had it bad." He drawled. Hermione glared at him before turning her entire torso the other direction. "Right, just ignore me, mudblood, that's the mature thing to do." Hermione had taken him up on that, and the rest of their ride was quiet.

They had arrived to a small school house looking building when they were escorted in by their driver which Hermione did not recognize. When she entered the room she recognized several Ravenclaws, and upon looking around, a Slytherin here and there; However, she was the only Gryffindor there. Finally her eyes made their way to the front of the room where Hermione saw Professor McGonagall beaming at her, and she beamed back. Her and Malfoy occupied the last two seats in the room at a desk. "Well, well, I'm sure this is a lot sooner than any of you expected to see a Hogwarts teacher. Well, I have much explaining to do. I'm sure you areallwondering why you were picked up in a Muggle device called a car. Well, obviously, you're all still too young to apparate, and we couldn't floo you here either. This is because flooing has temporarily been shut down by the Ministy,thisis because He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has been using Floo travel to his advantage. We will go no further into detail than that. Another excellent reason for the muggle car plan was so that you could spend some quality time getting to know your summer partner. Since none of you were exactly near by for the summer, whoever you carpooled with, this may be one or two people, is who you were nearest to. So you will be meeting with this person every day of the week, and over the weekend, need be, and completing projects each week." Hermione was just taking in what she was saying. She was absolutely mortified. A whole summer with Malfoy? Her perfect posture was interrupted by her immediate urge to slouch into her chair. "In our first four weeks we will be studying spell and potion method and how certain things will effect the outcome of a spell or a potion. In our last four weeks we will be studying what main points need to be considered in order to create our own spell and potion. Mind you, this is extremely advanced work. Only few very accomplished wizards have been able to make their own spell. Potions are, however, easier." And as professor McGonagall droned on, for once, Hermione didn't care what she had to say.

The lecture had seemingly went on forever. At the end, after Professor McGonagall had set a sheet explaining their homework assignment, which Malfoy had rudely snatched off the table without giving Hermione a chance to even look at it, she purposely took her time getting up slowly, stretching, walking around her chair in slow motion, gently pushing it in, and stretching once more, so that the room would be cleared by the time she was done. She caught Malfoy by the wrist as he was also making his way to the door. She walked to the front of the room, Approaching McGonagall. "Professor," She began after releasing Malfoy as roughly as possible, he was wearing a sneer that more clearly said "Who are you to touch me?" than words ever could. "I think my pairing with Malfoy could very much effect the outcome of my success in this class!" McGonagall immediately looked up from her papers. "How so?" She asked sternly. "We... we don't get along very well." Hermione choked. "Well, I thought upon enteringadult-hood, you would have by now laid aside your childish ways. Old school fights shouldn't effect your working together." Hermione stiffened, "Professor..." "Ms. Granger, if you refuse to work with Mr. Malfoy, orvice versa," She was saying firmly, glancing to Malfoy, too, "I will have no choice but to kick both of you out of the program. Your actions willeffect one another, but that, is part of life." She finished curtly.

*Assuming anybody reads this.... more is on the way! :)

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