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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A sci-fi short story.

It was snowing on planet Nemesis. The little snowflakes were falling as if playing, dancing, but they came down endlessly, vigorously, determined to cover everything.

There was continual winter on Nemesis, all was white and colorless, one could not see a single point stand out, except for the rocks of the mountains, but these were hidden, too, in the monstrous whiteness, that befell all things.

The human colonists, that first came here, discovered a climate, that was similar to Earthly winter, only the other three seasons disappeared altogether.

At first, there was no kind of life to be found here, but after a few months of accommodation, they came across some bacterial life, deep below the surface.

Neil Simmons was watching out of the window of the round-shaped building that was constructed by his team, who came traveling light-years only to find hell itself frozen over on this planet.

He was warm and comfortable, as the little tent-like building had everything inside human well-being could ask for.

He knew, as member of the 15-th generation of space-travelers, that they could not have stumbled upon a more promising place to live, yet he was not content, as he realized, that it would take all his life and even more to make this ice-cube habitable.

Captain Neil Simmons had this uneasy feeling about all this white-covered land, that somebody was observing them, unnoticed, yet paying attention to their every single action.

He was right. What none of the humans knew, was the fact that the planet was a colony of an alien race, a species similar to earthly spiders, with a much greater ability to adapt to external influences, than humans possessed.

The Aranea had to abandon the planet due to atmospheric changes, that were in their disfavor, and they left clearing every single trace of their ever having been here.

However, a kind of radio device was well hidden below the surface, and thus, the Aranea knew from deep space every motion that was made on their former home.

The device performed on a frequency, that matched somewhat human brainwaves, it so happens that Simmons was unconsciously aware of it.

Not only did the Aranea observe Neil Simmons, but they proved to have a much heavier influence on him.

Simmons began to feel strange all of a sudden, loosing control of his ability of orientation. He began to see white snow even inside their house, then he ran out in the open, wearing almost nothing.

He wandered around about an hour in the freezing cold, then finally fell and died of hypothermia.

The Aranea did not finish by only killing the captain, their destructive telepathic abilities took hold of the entire human colony. The men and women started killing each other, until there was not a soul left alive.

Deep silence fell over the planet Nemesis, home of the Aranea. A strange, pentagonal ship came landing softly near the destructed human habitat.

The Aranea descended, and took a quick search of the place. As they ascertained that there was no one alive, they left the planet as if awaiting in their web another encounter to be dealt with.  

Submitted: May 31, 2012

© Copyright 2020 wellington. All rights reserved.

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