The curse of a stranger

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About the conflict of two cultures.

Submitted: May 31, 2012

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Submitted: May 31, 2012



The Talibans were ordered to shoot at anything that moved in the NATO-occupied region. They would have done so anyway, as they hated incredibly everything connected to the US.

They hated emancipated women for their open desire to attract men, for their education, for their carefree manner of dressing. They hated all Western culture, which was in lack of all kind of values in their eyes.

Their hatred created almost a second dimension, that was impenetrable for American soldiers. It was like an invisible wall, that had to be primarily destroyed, before taking down the real building.


Sergeant Armstrong was in command of ten men, with whom he patrolled several miles each day in the Ghaza region. The day was extremely hot, as usual, and they had to watch their backs, for the Muslims were like snakes: they felt the enemy, even before seeing them.

Armstrong detected something moving inside one of the buildings, and ordered his men to cautiously approach it. As they entered the ruins, they could not see a single soul, but the sergeant`s motion detector device kept beeping them, that something was moving.

Suddenly, one of the soldiers fell to the ground, yelling and cursing in pain. When the others drew closer, they observed, that the man`s face was disfigured, and took a bluish color.

A few minutes later, another man collapsed in great pain. His arms were strangely twisted, and his face gave the same look.

Armstrong ordered instant retreat. The others carried the two wounded. There was strange silence everywhere, for the soldiers were accustomed to the sound of rattling rifles.

When they reached the base, they carried the two men to the sickbay. They were still alive, and have begun to regain consciousness. The doctor examined them, and much to his astonishment, they did not present major injuries.

They suffered a psychic shock though. Days later, when they were able to speak, they both spoke of an old man sitting on a carpet, who was looking them right into the eyes.

The old man kept repeating two short words:

“ Allah Akbar!”

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