The outer voice

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We are never totally alone.

Submitted: June 01, 2012

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Submitted: June 01, 2012



Jim Barnes descended with the elevator from a ten-floorey building made of glass. There was nothing unusual about the building, except all its walls were made of glass, and the man felt he was floating in thin air.

Jim was an ordinary clerk in an ordinary office. He performed his duty with honesty, but he felt he was loosing control. Every day the same routine, the same faces, the same old smalltalk.

The glass building arose in him his feelings of loneliness even more sharply. He began to sing a little song in his mind, as he always did, when he was scared. And he was scared now. He felt as if he were melting, and his consciousness melting away too. Cold sweat began to run down on his back. He wanted to tie his shoelaces, but his hands were refusing control.

Million voices mingled in his head, and he could hear them all loudly, contradicting each other, flowing unstoppably, like water.

He was yelling aloud now, without being aware of this. People were stopping, looking at him, speking to him, but he did not understand a word.

He yelled aloud: „ Leave me alone!”

Suddenly, a razorsharp, clear voice rang in his mind, louder than all those voices before. The voice said: „ Aren’t you alone enough?”

Barnes sat down on the bare pavement, and began to cry.

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