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Submitted: July 19, 2012



Four men had only one task, to find and destroy the evil creature that was called the Triman, all four had had dealings with this demon in some way.

Mister Namirt was forced to wear an iron mask, where his flesh of his face had melted while playing one of the Dwarfs games, but he had suvived and escaped.

Richard Stevens had lost his son, to the creature, his son had died in an unknown explosion but he had found out the truth.
Both Stephen Pedron and Mark Lewis had lost their wives to this demon, both women had died in horrible ways.

They faced a large mansion, it stood somewhere high in the Andes, hidden away and would have been impossible to find but Mister Namirt had been here before.

Some dead trees surronded the mansion and large iron gates stood before them, they stepped forward ready to open these gates and destroy the creature by finding the secret.

A secret that lay in the mansion, Mister Namirt had discovered it when he faced the creature, but the horrors he had faced had made him forget, this time there was four of them.

Suddenly three iron railings in the gate moved and came free, suspended in mid air and Stephen Pedron ran as they suddenly flew at him.

He zig zagged away but they followed him at speed and as he went to run past one of the dead trees, a railing pierced through his spine, through his stomach and pinned him to the tree.

The second railing went through the back of his neck and out through his mouth, he could not scream as he felt blood fill his throat.

The third railing stabbed through his rectum and out of his scrotum, he died unable to scream out in pain.

The three suvivors entered a now open gate and entered through the open door into a huge hall.

Two doors faced them, the same words were etched in them "Would you like to play a game" were the words.

They entered through one door and all that was in a small room was a wolf rug and another door.

Mister Namirt and Richard went through this second door but it slammed shut on Mark, and at the same time the door they had entered firstly also slammed.

Suddeny the rug changed into a wolf, five foot high which opened a large mouth filled with fangs and closed it over Marks head.

One bite decapitated Mark, where it once again became just a rug and the head of Mark plopped out of the mouth.

"Have you worked out the secret"? Mister Namirt said to Richard, hey were alone in a room devoid of all furniture with red walls.

"How could I?, only you knew it" Richard shouted.

Mister Namirt began to laugh and unclipped and took of the mask.

He had pale white skin, his eyes were all black with no pupils, his eyes seemed to be blacker than black and almost glowed.

He had long flowing black hair and he had the presence of pure evil.

"You really should have spelt my name...backwards, dear Richard".

"Fucking Triman...namirt, so bloody obvious" Richard screamed and jumped at the Triman.

The Triman grabbed Richards face which began to melt, the flesh blistering and peeling away, eyes popping until only the skull remained.

"Triman, three times evil, three forms..oh dear you all lost the game" the Triman said walking away, laughing.

But suddenly he turns and stares with those black eyes as if he is looking out through these words and he can see you, the reader.

"Would you like to play a game"? he says.

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