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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Thea is a bounty hunter, in fact, she's one of the best. known far and wide as "the dragon", Thea spends the majority of her day running around the continent, engaging in high-energy pursuits of misbehaving magic users. Thea had never expected that anyone would ever be foolish enough to want to accompany her on a mission. she had definitely never thought someone would want to accompany her on a mission to capture a demon. introducing Mage James brimstone, the handsome and intelligent, yet somehow idiotic, magical powerhouse who will go after a demon prince with or without her much needed help. Thea refuses, as she is the grateful possessor of self-preservation and common sense, but she ends up agreeing. one, she'd rather not be responsible for the death of an idiot, and two, there are things she needs that only a mage can retrieve.
join Thea and James as they journey throughout the land on the mission of a lifetime, a mission that soon becomes something much bigger. there is darkness in their land and with every passing second, evil gains a firmer hold. will Thea and James be able to save their world on a quest to summon a source of evil?

Table of Contents

Thea - The Promise

Thea shifted uncomfortably in her mass-produced waiting room chair, fiddling with her sweater and swinging her feet back and forth on the... Read Chapter

James - First Encounter

It had been a while since James had been in this part of the Office. Actually, scratch that. He had never been here. The Office of ... Read Chapter