The Rightful Princess

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Anne Stewart is a happy girl. She has great family and friends. Anne does not know she is adopted and she is the lost princess. King Jason and Queen Pollyanna give her up to protect her from Eve's curse.

The whole town loved Anne. Anne has a great imagination. Anne dreams of becoming a writer and a teacher. Anne also spoke her mind and fought for her happiness.

Table of Contents

New Home

Anne and her family move to Mountain Home Arkansas
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The Camping Trip

Anne and her family went camping with her Aunt Tammy
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Another New Home

Anne and her family move to New York
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A New School

Anne starts a new school.
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The Party

Anne goes to a party with Nancy.
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The Trip

Anne and Nancy go to Paris
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A Royal Party

Anne and Nancy get invited to the king and queen's party
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The Party 2

Ivy threatened to curse the kingdom if Princess Annette does not marry her brother.
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Christmas Break

Anne gets off of school for Christmas break.
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The Christmas Party 2

Anne and her family are throwing a Christmas party
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New Year

Anne and her family have a New Year's party
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The Award

Anne and Grady win an award at school
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Anne finish high school
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