Mafia Town 2 "The Awakening".

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Elaine wanted to save up for the RV she's had her eye on for some time but The Mafia who run the docks in the city have other plans for her,when Elaine realizes she's being used as a pawn in their games she escapes to London to stay with her aunt but instead find's solstice in the capable hand's of a high court judge,her faith is restored as she sees that there are good people willing to fight for what's right after all.

Submitted: August 12, 2016

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Submitted: August 12, 2016





Mafia Town 2 “The Awakening”


By Wendy Dunne.

Chapter 1.


After a long day serving Chimmy Changa's Hotdog's and Beefburger's down the harbour i felt tired, I looked out at the boats in the Marina bobbing up and down with the gentle waves lashing up against the boats ,i peered over to the other side of the dock and notice a lifeboat being pushed out of it's holding going out for it's practice run as the lifeguard so often did in the summer months,the giant lifebuoy made of wood tilted at the top of the slipway was a constant feature of the harbour, me my brothers and sister used to so often lie on it sunbathing on our towels after swimming in the shallow end of the slipway,the sun was starting to set and the hustle and bustle of people queing up for Hotdog's and Chimmy Changa's had died down so I decided to shut up shop for the day,as I closed the serving hatch a girl ran over to me and asked “Can I have a can of lemonade?i passed it to her through the half open hatch and she placed 50p on the counter,i closed the hatch and counted the days take,placing the float in the safebox with a measure of satisfaction that I had made the £300.00 mark my best day of the summer so far,i loved earning money especially when I was my own boss with no-one to tell me what to do.


I pulled into the driveway at the estate and cranked up the handbrake I was so tired I couldn't wait to have a shower and get some rest,i emptied and washed out all the greasy trays and hosed them down with the jet washer in the back garden,i went to the freezer in the garage and took out the frozen buns and rolls ready for tomorrows trading,my looking up recipes on the internet had started to pay off,i was making a whole range of dishes to cater for everyone's needs not just hotdogs and beefburgers like the other vendors,my menu included Chimmy Changas,Corndogs for the American tourists,Chicken curry and rice,and pulled pork which was a big hit with the customers.I took out all the ready prepared food and placed them into the fridge to defrost overnight,i padlocked the garage and the food truck which said in big letters at the side “Chimmy Changa's”.


Chapter 1-”Mafia Town” 2 The Awakening ,,,


I turned on the shower and extractor fan and held my head under the running water for a while relishing the relaxation and soothing feel of the warm water,then I became aware of a smell of something rotten ,I looked around the shower curtain and around the floor but there was nothing to be seen,the linen basket was empty,i stepped out of the bath to see if I could find where the smell was coming from,what a stench!,what is it? I thought puzzled,i wrapped a towel around myself and looked behind the panel of the bath,there was a wet patch from the overflow pipe which I had had fixed because it was leaking a few day's ago,just then I looked up ,the smell was coming from the extractor fan in the ceiling, was it a dead rat or something more sinister?, my mind began to wander,i had a lot of people calling at the house selling thing's like gas and electricity services and people canvassing about their causes raising money for the R.S.P.C.A,and other organizations all of which asked me to sign direct debit agreements to give to charity regularly but I alway's refused as I give to charity boxes at every shop I go into,other than that I couldn't think of anyone that had been in my house,either way I wasn't going to look up there on my own so I decided to leave it until tomorrow.

That night like so many other's I was plagued with dreams of being abducted and drugged by the local Dons or rogue Police, I by no means thought that all Police were involved in this the thought that it was being done openly by the authorities was irreprehensible to me,i had made a nuisance of myself writing letters to everyone bar father Christmas about my dreams and had even had a visit from the chief of police at the headquarters in Pembrey he expressed concern about my sanity and asked if I wanted him to talk to my Doctor,that jolted me into shutting up I didn't want to be sectioned under the mental health act,no this was something else,the dreams had become common place but I couldn't ignore the fact that I was being watched every day by people in the town,i was beginning to think that the Chief of police was right and that I was in need of help,I woke up to flashbacks of the night before racing through my mind,i was sat in the passenger seat of a car with a man in the driver's seat “Look ahead he said sternly,too afraid not to comply I looked ahead and realized I was in a car around the corner from my house facing down the hill outside an Italian woman's residence,then the man said “Do you trust me”?,too afraid to say anything other than yes he put a glass to my lips and made me drink ,i swallowed reluctantly, I'm only 30 years old I thought i'm too young to die,he came around to my side of the car and pulled me out by my arm,i was led up a gravel path and into a side door where a wolf-husky dog growled,i felt my heart stop as I was unable to move with shock,the man by my side gave me a piece of meat,i gave it to the dog,which he ate happily whilst wagging his tail with delight,then the man who was stood behind me the whole time pushed the door open with his right hand ,there in the room was the Italian woman on a computer and another woman who works at the local barbers,i was confused,the woman at the computer just carried on nonchelently typing on the keyboard but lanna from the local barber shop looked shocked at the person who was stood behind me her face was a picture,i felt queezy and faint from whatever drug I had been given so i lay down on the coffee table which broke under my weight,i was startled and said “Sorry” I don't know why I said sorry I shouldn't have even been there, what was happening to me?,”that's alright” said the Italian woman,i walked out of the door and down the hill to my house,the man had gone by the time I came out,i went to bed and the next thing I know it's daylight and i'm lying looking up at the ceiling none the wiser and unable to decide whether it was real or not.Why do I feel so tired after a good nights sleep? I thought to myself,iv'e only just woken up,unable to make sense of it all i got ready for work,the sun was splitting the trees it was going to be a hot day.


The harbour was quiet when I arrived I parked the food truck in the reserved parking space adjacent to the public toilet's facing the harbour just ahead the pastel coloured houses looked so picturesque in the early morning sunlight,Anchors and fishing nets adorned the doorways and fishing wellie's took pride of place on the front steps,this fishing village in the sleepy town I grew up in held a special place in my heart as I spent my childhood down the beach with my friends paddling in the water looking for crabs and cockles,the Yaught Club just a stone throw away from my food truck was the place the gnomes of the town met for discussions about everything from sea tide times and who would be hosting the next charity event,if you wern't part of that club then i'm afraid you didn't fit in you were merely a visitor,*Shorum Inlet* was a place people came to to escape the busy streets of the city,since the new road was built it had brought more visitors and more jobs to the village,i wasn't complaining I was earning more in one day than I was in a week at the local pickling factory.

I walked along the harbour railing's reminicing about times gone by when someone on a Kawasaki motorbike pulled up beside me,excuse me he said i'm looking for somewhere to stay tonight could you recommend anywhere?,”Well there's a bed and breakfast in the village at the “Hope & anchor”,and there's a holiday park that way ,i pointed in the direction of the beach that led to Pembrey Straits,ask for Maximillion he's the owner,you can rent a caravan or a chalet,”Thank's “he said as he sped off,i walked back to the food truck and fired up the burner,the fishermen had started to carry their nets to their landrovers,the cocklers jumped into the back heavy laden with shovel's and canvas bags,the smell of the sea filled the air,Gwyn one of the fishermen came over and asked “can I have three breakfast rolls to go?,”Yes of course coming right up” I said eager to make my first sale of the day,i wrapped them up for him and he said “Hey it's a shame what happened to those men” in a compassionate tone,”What happened?”i said bemused as to what had occurred,”About 5am this morning there were cops crawling around this place they removed three dead bodies from a fishing boat anchored just by the jetty,what a bloody scene,they had no heads when they found them.What?who did it?i said shocked, have they found the killer? “No,plain clothes cops are making enquiries theyr'e all staying at the Neptune Hotel,one of them just passed you on a motorbike nice fella”,”Oh yes” I said puzzled as I had just sent him to the Parkhaven holiday village,”Give my regards to your Mum and Dad”he said as he headed for his truck.I began to feel uneasy as I was still thinking about the dream I had last night,it was hard to believe that in this sleepy village someone would want to murder someone else,the holiday makers started to pour into the harbour,i got on with frying up the breakfast menu,just then the cop on the motorbike came by and parked his motorcycle by my food truck,he took off his helmet and revealed a mop of blond curly hair,he ran his fingers through it and tussled his golden locks,i was serving customers so he waited at the back of the queue,”i'll be with you in a minute”, I said looking into his blue eyes that seemed to glint in the daylight,”That's ok”,he said hanging his helmet on the handle bars and sitting on his motorbike sideway's his legs facing straight forward,the queue ended so I went out of the side door of the food truck to talk with him,”I heard about what happened last night it's awful!,who would do such a thing”?i said shocked at the thought of it,”Yes it is awful”, he said looking at me intently,”Do you work here every day?,”Yes I started working here at the start of last summer,my parents bought me a food truck”i explained awkwardly not knowing what to say.”What time did you work until yesterday?,”Oh about 6.30pm, when the people leave to go home and all the fishing boats come back in I close up shop, I felt on the spot i'd never been interrogated before,”I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself” said the cop who looked around 40 years old,”My name is Detective Bobby Brice”,”Hi “,i said coyly,”i'm Elaine Clark,i held out my hand to shake his but he didn't hold out his to shake mine so I dried my hands on the towel I was carrying as I think he may have thought they were greasy.”We are making door to door enquries so may I have your address?”,”yes I live at Pine Street Estate,it's on the outskirt's of Shorum Inlet”,i had to move from my other house after a breakup” yike's! did I really need to tell him my life story I thought nevously,”I see said the cop,what number?””Oh number 69” I replied still feeling insecure about the bad dream I had last night and the smell in the bathroom that was bothering me,i swallowed hard and sighed deeply,”Will you be available tomorrow? Said the Detective,”yes what time?he inquired holding his mobile phone and tapping on the keypad”, “oh about 10.00 am”onward's”,ok myself and another officer will attend.It just so happened that Sunday was my day off and Monday I had to provide refreshments for the contenders of the Funrun down the beach with my friend Lyndsey.



Chapter 2.


I still hadn't figured out what the smell in the bathroom was,the detectives would be here soon,i had opened the window in the bathroom to let in fresh air ,i looked up to the vent and noticed there were flies crawling around inside,something must have made it's way up there through the cavity and died,i figured that it must be a rat,i'll call the pest control man after the detectives have left, so I went downstairs and made myself a breakfast croissant and cup of coffee and went to sit outside on the patio table ,there were four chairs because on the rare occasion I entertained guests,this was a nice place to sit and chat over a cup of coffee under the pine tree,my food truck was parked on the driveway blocking my view of anyone who walked up the garden path,just then the phone rang, it was my mother Jean she was alway's trying to make thing's right with the world and eagerly asked me if I fancied going out for a shopping trip,she had just come back from a caravan holiday in North Wales,”Ive got a lovely dress for you it's white embroideranglais your favourite, she said excitedly,i bought it from a boutique in Builth Wells”,”thanks Mam ,you haven't heard what happened then I take it”,”No what's happened?,three men were found murdered down the docks on a boat with their heads cut off”,”oh no that's awful” she said repeating the story to my stepdad,”are you alright?,when did it happen”?,”Two nights ago”,i'd already left the harbour it was sometime after that”,”who died”? She inquired as my stepdad shouted in the background,he used to be a cockler himself when his health was better he knew all the fishermen down the docks and was himself a renowned village gnome,”i don't know Mum there's detectives calling this morning making door to door inquries”,”well I don't want you going down the harbour again until they find the killer,come down here and stay with us until this is all over”,i think i'd better stay here Mum iv'e got something to sort out”,i hadn't told my mother about my flashbacks as she'd only worry and send for a shrink,that's what I meant when I said she liked to make thing's right with the world.”alright but at least promise me you'll stay away from he harbour”,”ok I will “,that seemed like good advice as no-one knew who the killer was yet.


There was a knock at the door as I hung up the phone,i opened it and there stood two men dressed in suits with briefcases one was Detective Brice from yesterday's meeting and the other a tall burly man with an army haircut about 50 years old and a serious demeanour,”come in Officers” I said politely,and stepped back to allow them to enter the hallway.They walked in and waited to be invited to sit down,”we'll talk in here”, I said leading them to the dining room,they pulled out the chairs and sat either side of me,why do I feel nervous?i haven't done anything i thought silently,i guess this is the way everyone feels when there's been a murder or in this case three murders.”This is detective Boyd” said Bobby Brice the good looking one,”hello” I said submissively looking at the impressive presence sat beside me,he just looked back at me and started his questioning,”Can you tell us where you were at 2am this morning”?he said whilst shuffling sheets of paper in his file,”yes I was here at home asleep”,he wrote in his file, can anyone backup your alibi?,”no not really I was here on my own last night I live alone iv'e had a breakup recently with my boyfriend and iv'e lived alone ever since”,i said still feeling hurt by the fact.Will you excuse me for a minute?i don't feel too good” I walked out of the dining room and upstairs to the bathroom,i splashed my face with water and dried it with the towel I looked into the mirror at myself something wasn't right,between the dreams and the people watching me every day from a distance I began to wonder about my sanity,the wind had picked up and was blowing gust's through the open window,i sighed and closed my eye's what was happenning to me?,just then I could feel a presence behind me i could see from the reflection in the vanity mirror that it was Detective Boyd,he looked at me and I was unable to move I sighed in anticipation what was he going to do?

I woke up again in my bedroom on top of the bed sheets with my fan blowing on full speed,,i sat up ,where were the detectives?,i rushed downstairs and there was no-one there I ran outside to see if theyr'e car was there but no they had gone,i sighed with relief and tension at the same time ,somehow It didn't feel like it was real,but It should have,i walked up to the bathroom and closed the window I looked up at the extractor fan and it was loose some-one had disturbed it,the Detectives? Maybe they suspected something,whatever was up there was gone now,i decided not to over think it.

After a stroll down the shops I decided to visit my friend Lyndsey for a cup of coffee,she lived in an upstairs flat above the local kebab shop,i entered the side door and found her hard at it scrubbing the kitchen floor,”hey”! I said in a spritely tone,”oh you gave me a fright” she said as she rose up from the floor dusting herself off and carrying the mop bucket to the sink ,”What bring's you here?” she said surprized to see me,”What do you mean?”you talk like I never call to see you,”No it's not that it's just people have been talking”,”about what”? I said bewildered,”about the murders and that you were being questioned by the Police”,”yes I was questioned by the Police”,what of it?,”nothing it's just”,she stopped talking and showed me the *Shorum Chronicle*,on the front page was an insert picture of the boat the murdered men were found on and a picture of the harbour with my food truck In full view taking up the whole front page.”That's why people are talking” she said taking off her apron and hanging it on the door hook,”yes but what's that got to do with me?!”I know it's silly” think no more about it”, sit down she said in her reassuring voice,if I could trust anyone it was her,although I wasn't ready to tell her about my flashbacks and the little escapade in the bathroom with a senior officer, as she filled the kettle and took two cups down from the cupboard I began to feel like there were walls closing in on me but I didn't know why .I read the article and it turns out that the men on the boat were immigrants from Poland they had travelled here on a stolen boat from the border,it's thought that they stole the boat unknowingly off the Mafia who run the docks, big mistake! “How far did they think they were going to get in a stolen boat?” I said to Lyndsey,who was dipping chocolate biscuits in her coffee,”i dont know”,i guess they didn't know the dock's were run by the mob”,”i didn't even know” she said looking a bit spooked,as was I no-one wanted to mess with the mob they were too powerful.

Chapter 3.

“Well thank's for the coffee Lyndsey,”i got up and placed the cup in the sink,i'll see you at the Funrun tomorrow”,”yes cant wait”she said beaming ,we had been asked by the women's institute to serve refreshments from the food truck down the beach so we decided to go he extra mile and make baguettes for the contenders too.


Meanwhile at the Police Station Detective Boyd and Brice were talking “It's your turn to listen in on the loop” said Bobby throwing a paper aeroplane and Boyd,ok he said as he tuned in the radio to the right frequency,a door closes and the monitor picks up movement in the hallway,”She's home” said Boyd,they both sat and looked at the monitor,”do you think she's in on it”?said Boyd “No I think she's just a pawn in their scheme's”,”Yes I think so too,she seems like a nice lady”,are you going to pay her another visit tonight?”Yes I will bring her in for questioning tell Dan to prepare the debriefing room”,Brice taps on his mobile.”She's going into the shower” said Boyd,turning his attention to Brice,do you think she suspect's that her home is bugged ?”No she would have found the Camera's first if she suspected anything”.


I prepared the baguettes for tomorrows Funrun,got into my pjs and curled up to watch a film it was going to be a busy day tomorrow.I hope I don't have any bad dreams tonight,with the house locked for the night and the security lights on front and back I hoped that at last the bad dreams were behind me,my thought's were drawn to the escapade in the bathroom I began to wonder why?and what had Detective Brice and Boyd taken from the extractor fan in the ceiling?..

I woke up to the sound of a woman's voice that became clearer as I awoke from a hazy dream,my vision was blurred but I was aware of a panel of people in front of me sitting at a desk looking all authoritorian “Look down at your belly” the woman said, I did and it glowed like a lightbulb,”You see wev'e been with you all along”, I didn't like her tone she thought she was lord and master over me,i felt like a robot on exhibit in a showroom or like the bionic woman who had been rebuilt after a horrific accident,the glow in my belly faded,what the hell is going on?i thought to myself “Did you know you have three babies in your belly? “ “No”,i said feeling confused and puzzled at he same time,if i'm pregnant how come I don't know about it?.maybe this is why I was being watched by people all the time I was being used as an incubator to have other peoples children,my abdomen had began to swell and I could feel fluttering's and tightenings mimicking foetal movement,but I haven't had sex, I thought back to when I split from my boyfriend but that was over 12 months ago,the only one I had sex with was him and that was over a year ago, those Detectives!,was I dreaming again?the theory that I was a mental patient was starting to make sense now when I wake up in the morning none of it will make sense again.


The beach down Pembrey Country park was packed full of contenders warming up for the run ahead,the organizers put numbers on the participants and they lubed up their muscles ready for the onslaught ,i tried to put the bad dream and flashbacks of the night before at the back of my mind,Lyndsey was busy handing out refreshments to hydrate the runners before the off,i had parked the food truck on he sand and hoped i'd be able to drive it out afterwards,it was an impressive turnout runners from all over the county were taking part for Macmillan Cancer research,such a worthy cause,my thoughts were drawn to the movements inside me, was it wind?or was I infact pregnant,ruling out the immaculate conception I decided that I was not pregnant and that I should go and see a shrink.The runners were already lining up waiting for the starting gun to go off,they were all in fancy dress in giant tiger suits,giant bunnies and all manner of characters, they looked so colourful ,one of the village gnomes was out with his camera filming the whole event dressed in high viz attire with a sign on his jacket saying “Official”,Lyndsey walked over to the food truck as the gun went off,”there was little talk of the murders as everyone was wrapped up in the event,just then the Daily News walked up to the truck namely the talk of the town in the shape of Loretta Green,”Hi you two” she said with her hands on her hips,”terrible business about those men”,”what men Loretta?” said Lyndsey knowing she was fishing about me being questioned by the Police,”Oh come on everyone's talking about it”,”i don't know what you mean Loretta, you'll have to be more specific” I said not giving her an inch,”There's talk of you being involved in the killing's ,your food truck is plastered all over the papers they reckon that your working for the mob”,”Are you serious? I said fuming!,”Now temper ,temper Elaine,it was just a matter of time before we found out”,”found out what?”,i replied indignant at the accusation”,your going to lie to my face is that it ?she said acting like an armchair sluth”,i don't know what your talking about,go and take one of your happy pills youv'e been out in the sun too long” I said sarcastically,Lyndsay sniggered under her breath and carried on preparing the baguette's.Loretta walked off in a huff because she didn't get the answer she wanted.”I told you people were talking” said lyndsey,”That's the trouble with small town mentality,they cant see further than their noses,i went to empty the trash bin by the food truck,over in the distance I could see Loretta talking to Detective Brice,he looked over at me and began to walk toward me in a hurry,as he approached I could tell he was worried about something,”I cant have you walking around here”he said looking concerned.”why?,because people are saying your invloved in the killing's,the Yaught Club just phoned the C.I.D department asking us to remove you from the harbour they don't want you trading there anymore,so for now I suggest you stop selling for the time being to be safe, this is an ongoing investigation wer'e so close to foiling the case” he said lowering his voice.I was stunned I just wanted to make a living to buy that RV iv'e had my eye on,what about the runners?, I have to supply drinks at the end of the race?Glyn and the boys are going to serve refreshments from the back of his landrover, for now you'd just better pack up and go home he said cupping my face with his hands,my heart sunk I looked over to Lyndsey she just stared at me with a vacant look.At home at Pinetree Estate Lyndsey washed up all the utensils we had used for cutting the baguettes and emptied the water tank,i had no float to count today as we had volunteered to provide drinks free of charge in aid of McMillan Cancer research,after cleaning up I noticed that there was trash blown in from the street on the driveway as I bent down to pick it up I felt a hard object pressing against my ribcage inside my abdomen aww! It was painful I rubbed my tummy,”Are you alright said Lyndsey?”,yes, I just had a stitch in my stomache that's all i'll be ok”,”Thankyou Lyndsey for helping today”,”Anytime, you know i'm alway's here for you”,”Thank's that means a lot “,”before you go I want to give you something as a gift”,she protested,”i insist youv'e been good to me, here treat yourself I held out the money to her,i had kept some in my pocket taken from the float to give her after the Funrun but seeing as we left in a hurry I didn't have a chance,she grimaced a bit took it and tweaked the bobble in her hair like she did and leaned over to give me a kiss goodbye.My neighbour was out by her gate waving off her relatives,Hannah the woman who lives right next door to me looked over and then walked into the house,she wasn't the talkative type at least not to me,but then I alway's kept myself to myself and so did she,i didn't see her very often but when she did surface from behind her doorway she alway's looked down or looked away so today was progress she actually looked at me,she was middle aged with a Siamese cat that alway's sat on her shoulder,it creeped me out a bit but having an accentric Aunt in London I was used to it.I took painkillers down from the medicine cabinet and took two my abdomen was still painful.

Chapter 4.

I lay on my bed looking up at the ceiling again and wondered why I was being accused of working for the mob,was I being framed by someone I knew?,Iv'e never harmed anyone in all my life why would I want to harm strangers from Poland?i thought as I drifted off to sleep.


At the police Station Detective Brice and Boyd were planning a sting operation to catch the killer's of the polish immigrants,there were sharp shooters in tactical gear in the riot van and armoured Police cars four strong were ready to go and swoop in on the unsuspecting mob at the main docks the other side of the inlet,the Police had impounded the boat at Shorum harbour for gathering forensic evidence and they had plenty of it,the boat called “The Susanna”,was under constant observation and had been searched inside out for drugs,there were none found but forensics did find traces and residue of drugs in the holding below deck.Detective Boyd answers the phone “yeah what's up?”,he spoke the surveillance officers already on a stakeout observing the docks,”Are you sure”? He said to the person on the other end of the phone,”Ok” he said turning to Brice and placing the phone in his pocket,”Change of plan”he said with a deep sigh,”What is it”? Theyr'e on the move?” “yes”,”Boyd gets on the Police radio”,all units stay where you are”,await further orders”,with baited breath Brice got on his mobile to the surveillance unit at the main dock,”Their coming over the bridge”,get ready all units said Boyd putting on his coat on the way out of the Police Station entrance,he got into an armoured police car Brice following closely behind,off they sped,They kept going until they came to the new link road between the bridge and Shorum Inlet,the sharp shooters waited for their orders then something clicked,”wait a minute” Said Boyd,”something's going on here wev'e missed,i cant believe I didn't see it before”,”what is it said Brice?”,if we don't act now they'll get away with it they alway's do”,”no we'll wait it out,said Boyd ,if my instincts are correct they'll be visiting our food truck lady any time now,they stayed out of sight and turned off their lights and waited out of sight for them to pass to see where they were going.At around 12.20 am sure enough they came over the bridge,three cars and a pickup truck.They drove passed the roundabouts on the outskirts of the village and sure enough turned down to Pinetree Estate,Detective Boyd and Brice were following close behind but still out of sight of their rear view mirrors but instead of going to my house they all turned into the Italian lady's gates also known as the “millionaire lady”there was no accounting for where her money came from but she had it In abundance,they waited at the top of the road and after waiting 10 minutes as Boyd had suspected three men walked down the hill one with a holdall and another with what looked like a jet hose washer,Boyd and Brice now on foot hid behind the school railings under the cover of the trees,two sharp shooters were also on foot some feet behind,the three men walked down the path next door to my house and into the accentric lady's drive,they went in the back way.”What now? Said Brice,”I don't know i'm thinking”, said Boyd looking impatient and annoyed at the same time,Brice and Boyd went down the path to follow the men to see where they went and came to the back entrance,Brice knocked over a ceramic pot on the path,”Go and see who's there said the the accentric woman”,The Detectives hid themselves from view around the corner,”there's no-one there said one of the men,Brice poked his head up to peek through the window,two men were walking upstairs with the jet hose and cannister,”Be careful not to get that on my furniture” said the woman,The two men went up to the attic and took away the loose bricks that had been carefully disassembled over time with a hammer and chisel when I was out working,they removed the bricks so that it revealed a doorway from number 71 Pinetree Estate to number 69,there was a small hole in the ceiling of my bedroom so that's where they placed the hose to release the gas,soon I was delirious with the affects so the men came down through the attic doorway down onto the landing the only place in the house without a smoke alarm and no surveillance camera,one of the men led me by the arm onto the landing where there was a stool,the man helped me up onto the stool where the other man was able to pull me up through the attic doorway i was only 8 stone in weight so it wasn't hard to pull me up,once up in the attic the other man just climbed up and closed the attic door.This is how they managed to get me out of my house to the house next door,i wasn't even aware of it i was semi concious and susceptable to suggestion,once i was there that's when they admimistered LSD,so that i would have hallucinations and be unable to diferentiate reality from dreams,from number 71 Pinetree Estate i was taken to a car out the front,Detective Brice and Boyd were out the back of the house waiting for someone to surface,they had turned their radios off not to alert the men of their presence,Boyd's phone vibrated in his pocket “Yes what is it? He whispered,”Ok!” “Come on Brice she's been taken into a pickup truck” “who?” “Elaine your food truck lady,she was seen coming out of number 71 with three men,what how?”,they ran out the front,”Arrest the woman in number 71 said Boyd,two of the officers entered the property and read Hannah the accentric lady her rights,she was taken into custody.Brice and Boyd followed the pickup truck trying to stay out of sight it went back over the bridge toward the main dock's,they drove straight to the docks in the SA1 area ,they stopped outside a very plush looking renovated restaurant with a sign saying “The Brasserie”,the two C.I.D officers stayed at a distance with the sharp shooters following closely behind in the unmarked vans.”What's the plan of attack now?”said Brice to Boyd,”We'll surround the building”,”All units cover formation at the Brasserie building”he said on his radio,the Sharpshooters filed out of their vans as stealthily as they could and surrounded the restaurant.Brice and Boyd enter the building in darkness and walk into a large open plan room full of tables and chairs “Ouch!” said Brice as he walked into the edge of a table,just then the lights came on,sitting in a chair was the Don of the docks better known as Johnny,he was well known to Police but it was a rare occasion to see him in the flesh,he was 80 years old now,he sat there with his henchmen around him wearing his gold rimmed glasses and an expensive suit,he commanded respect from whoever came into his presence,i was standing right by him not even aware where i was and heavily drugged.”So you wanted to meet me did you?” said Johnny to Boyd,”Your under arrest” said Boyd looking at Johnny,”What for?” said Johnny,”well for one thing kidnapping” said Boyd nervously as he knew his henchmen would do anything for him to stay In his good books.”Kidnapping that's a good one”,”you haven't been kidnapped have you dear” he said to me but i was unable to respond because of the effects of LSD.

“Wev'e been looking for you for a long time Johnny where have you been? Said Boyd,”Living in a lap of luxury on the Costa Del Sol” Johnny said with sarcasm, “what's it to you?”,one of his henchmen put his hand into his jacket,”No said Johnny”holding up his frail hand,”Look we can be reasonable what's the young woman got to do with all this? Said Brice,looking with concern at me,i was starting to become concious,”well she upset our plans that's why”,said Johnny “and when someone upsets our plans they have to pay us with a pound of flesh,those are the rules”.”What do you mean a pound of flesh”, said Boyd? Starting to worry and ready to call in the sharp shooters surrounding the building,”Look I'm a business man iv'e been a business man all my life,i don't hurt anyone as long as they don't hurt me he said in his authoritive mafiosa tone,”and if you don't respect me I wont respect you it's as simple as that” he added.”Miss Clark here interupted a well laid plan”,”How did she do that”? said Boyd worried now for her safety,”Just leave the woman and walk out of here while you still can” said Johnny,i “don't think so” see where I come from murder is illegal and so is drug and sex trafficking and let's not forget kidnapping, Boyd looked Johnny straight in the eyes,”i didn't go through all that Police academy training to be intimidated by a Mafiosa Boss with no respect for the law,if I walk out of here I would be denying everything I believe to be right”,Johnny pulled me closer to him holding my hand,i started to regain conciousness and looked at him,”do you respect me dear?” he said in a strange tone “look at the trouble youv'e brought me”,”i'm not impressed by hard men” i replied “it's nothing personal”,I didn't understand where I was or what was happening to me I looked around at the room I was in and there were exposed bricks on the walls and ceiling and tables and chairs, I realized I was in a trendy restaurant,”Do you like this place he said?”Yes I said it's lovely”i replied still delirious with no inhibitions due to the drugs,Brice walked closer to me with baited breath,”You love her” said Johnny to Brice having second thoughts about what his fate might be ,Brice nodded his head,then you can have her ,Bobby pulled me by the hand away from Johnny,”take her but I will get my pound of flesh one way or another”he said,”I tell you what” said Boyd,i will make a deal with you right now,If you stay on your side of the bridge and forget about your well laid plan I will forget that you crossed our bridge and kidnapped one of our women,it's no secret that you own half the town so what do you say to showing me a little respect too,iv'e got this building surrounded with sharp shooters that can come in here and turn you all into Swiss cheese then you can say goodbye to Costa Del Sol,I'm a lawmaker your a lawbreaker it's as simple as that,we can reach a common ground if you know what's good for you so let's agree to disagree on this unfortunate turn of events, is that agreeable to you?”,detective Boyd knew that it would do no good arresting Johnny he'd have too many people attesting his innocence as alway's he would get away with it as Brice said he would,every dog has it's day,so me and the two detectives just walked out of there and never looked back.


I woke up in my bedroom once again flash backs racing through my mind I sat up and went out to the landing,i had a hazed flashback of climbing through the small attic door in the ceiling and being pulled up by a strange man,it's funny but whilst i'm under the influence of these dreams I feel no fear or danger until the drugs I suspect iv'e been given start to wear off,it was still dusk I looked at the clock and it was 5.00am much too early to get up, I walked back to the bedroom and couldn't believe my eyes as I walked past the tv in the bedroom I could see a glow lighting up in my abdomen like an orb in my stomache in the reflection of the television just as I noticed it I also became numb and was half awake half asleep,then I woke up fully I felt my stomache there was nothing unusual about it I lay on the bed flat and felt around for something but found nothing but then I turned onto my belly facing down and I felt a hard lump as though I was pregnant,i lay onto my back again but it disappeared,i was definitely losing my mind,then I thought back to one of my dreams where the woman on the panel said “look at your belly”and then said iv'e got three babies in there,i didn't believe it for a minute,unless that's what I was being abducted for to be given mind altering numbing drugs so I don't feel foetal movement and then they can bring the baby on early and for the rest of the gestation the baby could be placed in an incubator,is that possible I thought to myself?,i had swellings twice before and discomfort and tightening's and fluttering's but thought it was just irritable bowel syndrome.That's how “the millionaire lady” may be making her money,i tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together but nothing fitted right now.

I couldn't go to work because Detective Brice had told me not to so I went out to the food truck to do some overdue cleaning,after two hours the place was sparkling like a new penny,then I refilled all the condiment baskets there was no sugar so I went underneath the cupboard where I keep the supplies and there was a black holdall I pulled it out ,this is not mine,i had never seen it before,i thought,i unzipped it and peered inside there was packets of a white substance neatly sealed in cellophane bags,i gasped with horror,what the hell was this doing in my food truck?.Worried about being blamed for supplying drugs I phoned Detective Brice at the local Police Station.


Don't touch anything said Brice putting on his blue disposable gloves,a forensic team started to dust the place for fingerprints,”normal protocol would be to take you down the nick to take a statement but after what youv'e been through already that wont be necesssary”,he said taking off his gloves and placing them in his pocket,”i think we'd better have a talk”, he lead the way into the house.”You know that well laid plan Johnny was talking about” ?,”well that well laid plan is in your food truck” he said with a serious expression,”have you got any idea how it got there”?,”no! I haven't got a clue how it got there I swear”,i said emloringly.”Wev'e had your house under surveillance for the last year”,Brice paced up and down the sitting room looking agitated,i don't know how to tell you this you'd better sit down” he said holding my shoulders each side and backing me to the sofa,”wev'e got reason to believe that Johnny has conditioned you”,”What do you mean I don't follow”? I said confused,”We think that Johnny has programmed you into being a sleeper agent,otherwise known as a sleeper cell”!,”Funny as it seemed that made sense to me all the flashbacks and the combat training,the memories of flights on helicopters and having sex with strangers.”Do you mean that I wasn't dreaming?the whole time this was really happening”?,”yes,im afraid so said Johnny with his hand now resting on mine,”i thought I was going mad,does this mean iv'e killed people”?,”most likely yes! he said getting up and pacing around the room,you living here is no accident either, who put up the bond? I their research they knew the house I was living I was rented”,my expartner David,the penny dropped!,is David involved in this”?”yes,we brought him in for questioning after we arrested Hannah your neighbour last night”,she's a madam she runs the massage parlour across the bridge she work's for Johnny too,your in way over your head .This was all too much to take in at once,i thought of phoning my Mum to come and get me but I had the feeling it would be dangerous to involve her as Johnny had it in for me for some reason,”at the harbour the other night there were eye witnesses that seen you get onto “The Susanna”,said Brice,but I had no recollection of it,that's how Johnny got the drugs past the bridge,wev'e had that bridge under constant watch for a year ever since you told the police about the flashbacks,this is how they operate,theyv'e been using you as a courier to get the drugs over the bridge,no-one thought anything of it when you went to the wholesalers in the SA1 area all traders go there from here so we didn't suspect but somehow a shipment of drugs got into your food truck and I think it's safe to say that after you boarded the boat and was activated from sleep mode you executed those men on the boat on Johnny's orders,yes they stole the boat from the main docks on Johnny's side of the bridge,there was a shipment of heroin on board enough to supply the whole city,they keep it here with the sleeper cells in their houses or in their cars then when they need it they send some-one to get it”.I was shell shocked! I sat there in a trance,all this had started last summer when I started running the food truck,some dream!,i was relieved at finally knowing the truth but the thought of killing those men was going to haunt me for the rest of my life.”Can I ask you one thing”? I said choking on my words,”yes go ahead” said Brice,”what did you remove from the fan in the ceiling”?,he looked at me as if to say,you work it out,i got the picture, I held my neck with my hand and swallowed hard.


Chapter 6.


Wanting to lay low for a while and stay out of harms way I counted my float from the sales of the summers trading,i had £2,000 saved for my RV,i didn't have a passport to leave the country but I packed for a British summer holiday,i put my cash in a money belt and strapped it around my midriff so I wouldn't have to carry heavy bags around,i left a note on the dining room table for Brice to let him know I was alright and a front door key hidden on the ledge above the door i didn't want to be at the receiving end of Johnny's henchmen so in the heavy disguise of a bandanna and sunglasses I set off on foot to the train station.

The train station was desolate which was strange the summer time,i went to the ticket booth and ordered a one way ticket to London with a stop off at Cardiff where I would have to change trains,with my suitcase I boarded the train with help from the carriage attendant who was dressed in a smart white shirt with a logo proudly displaying the rail companies crest on the pocket.I walked to my seat sat down and placed my suitcase in front of me, the scenery started to move as the train pulled out from the station,there was no-one in my compartment so I got up and closed the sliding door,iv'e never felt as lonely as I did now I was thinking as the ticket collector popped his head in and said “tickets”?,he clipped my ticket and said in a friendly tone “have a nice journey”,i just nodded still wearing my sunglasses.

The train from Cardiff to London was boarding on platform two,i hurried wheeling my suitcase behind me “wait”! I shouted at the ticket master ,the train pulled off as soon as I stepped aboard, out of breath I looked for a seat and managed to find one next to an elderly lady in her 70s,she sat reading her book and shuffled over a bit to make more room for me,”thankyou”, I said still panting from the run to the train ,she just peeped over the rim of her glasses smiled and carried on reading,as I sat there watching the scenery become a blur with the speed of the train I started to plan what I was going to do to get out of the mess I was in,Aunty Marilyn seemed like a good choice she lived in the centre of London on Hampstead Heath and I hoped that she would help put me in touch with some-one at the Embassy where she had worked years before,she was living on her own now that her husband had died so I was hoping to be a welcome sight.

I got out of the taxi outside Aunty Marilyn's she had painted her house turquoise which stood out from all the other houses in he street,i had visited her last when I was 14 years old when roller skates were the in thing,i remember I had a sweatshirt on saying roller disco with flashing lights on it,i opened the front gate and left my suitcase at the top of the step,i went down to the front door and knocked!,there was no answer I peered through the window at basement level but there was no sign of her,”Oh no”,i was going to have to get a room for the night In the near by town it was starting to get dark,as I was pulling my suitcase through the gate the neighbour from opposite shouted over in his upper class English accent,”Hey you there!,what do you want?,Mrs Nelson has gone away”.”I'm her niece from Wales i'm in a bit of a pickle i'm staying in London for a few day's and was wondering whether she would put me up for the night ,i'm here on short notice.”,”i see said the stately looking man with a cashmere cardigan and shirt with cravat,iv'e got the key to the house but i'll have to check first to see if it's ok to let you in ,come in for a minute he said his frail frame staggering a little as he walked into the front gate,i followed behind pulling my suitcase up the steps,we entered the hallway and turned left into the living area,there were oil paintings on the walls one of which looked like it belonged in the Louvre Museum,”Please sit down” he said dusting off the sofa with a hankerchief ,i sat down mesmerized by all the paintings he had hanging on the walls,”these are lovely paintings”, I said spoilt for choice at the array of different scenes and styles of an obvious keen collector of antiquities.”yes iv'e been a painter since I left university many years ago” he said,”impressive I cant even draw matchstick men” I stated with respect of the talent he so obviously had.”Now where's that number”?,he rifled through all the bits of paper on the table by his armchair,”no I cant find it” he said scratching his head,”Where's Aunty Marilyn gone”? ,”she's away for the month she said something about charity work in Lesotho,she does a lot of that nowaday's for the orphans”,”Ah! Of course well I better be off then i'll have to find a hotel in the town down the road ,i was counting on her being here” ,nonsense he said standing to his feet,if i'm known for anything it's being hospitable to strangers and people in need,the good Samaritan and all that he said wiping his brow with his hankerchief and placing it up his sleeve,your welcome to stay here for the night,iv'e got plenty of room”,”oh thankyou! so much “I said gratefully I was worried i'd have to share a room in a seedy hotel.He got on his stair lift and led me upstairs,the room was modest with a single bed and chair in the corner,”this was my sons room,he's married now with children of his own,my wife died 15 years ago,”,he left me in the room and went back downstairs,i sat on the bed and wondered how my life had come to this ,i looked over to Aunty Marilyn's house,i hoped that i'd be able to stay there the Hotels in the area are likely to be expensive and I only have my savings they wont support me for long in London.I sat and cried lying on the pillow “What have I done to deserve to be treated this way”?,the people in my life seemed to be dwindling like the song ten green bottles standing on a wall,for the first time in my life I prayed.

The next morning I walked down the stairs and heard the rattle of cuttlery in the kitchen I entered to find the elderly gentleman standing next to the sink washing up the dishes,”Good morning! did you sleep well” he said ,taking two slices of toast from the toaster and placing them on a plate on the table,”help yourself” he said pushing the marmalade toward me,”Thankyou! your so kind”,”i was expecting you to put in an appearance last night but you fell asleep”,he held up the teacup to his lips and slurped,”i must have” I said tucking into the toast like it was a banquet I hadn't eaten since I left home yesterday,”i managed to find that number then” he said,”your Aunt has asked if I would kindly put you up until she gets back,”Oh that would be great are you sure you don't mind”?,”not in the least thing's have been quiet around here lately,seeing as wer'e house mates you can call me Peter”,”alright” I said so grateful to not have to walk the streets of London looking for a Hotel.”Unless youv'e got other plans would you like to come for a walk to the Orangery on the Heath”?, said Peter putting the breakfast plates together,”yes i'd love to”,”we'll go after breakfast”

The Heath was misty the moisture rose up from the ground in the warm sun,dogs were taking their daily excersise their owners following closely behind with leashes in their hands,i pushed the wheelchair down the path and gazed around at the beautiful scenery,”it must be lovely to live here and have this on your doorstep,it's so therapeutic”i said with a sigh,”yes” said Peter “my wife and I used to frequent this place every morning”,people walked past and said good morning Peter,morning he replied,i had the feeling that he was very well respected by the nods,we came to the orangery and i sat down on one of the rememberance benches under an oak tree,i looked at the name on the brass plaque it said “In loving memory of Nina Thomas,this is your wife's name isn't it?,”yes” he said ,”i expect my name will be added to it soon” a tear fell,”no don't say that” I said shuddering at the thought of him dying,i hadn't known him for long but figured the world needs someone like him to keep things in order.”Can I ask you something”? He said folding his hankerchief? ,”How long have you been an assassin”?,it felt like a stab with a knife,”How did you know”? I said deflated as I didn't even know that I was,i was only going on what Brice had told me.”I came up to your room last night to check on you,you were standing by the window looking out I called to you but you didn't answer I came over to you and your abdomen was glowing like a bed side light,you can tell me” he said reassuringly I was a high court judge for 30 years.I told him the story and waited for his response,”well you did the right thing getting away from those hoodlums,God has brought you to me”,”What do you mean”? I said ,”well I have dealt with cases like this before where the London Mafia were recruiting sleeper cells for assassinations in the London area it was a big problem at one time I even had death threats and had to placed in protective custody once”.”really!” I was shocked “i'm so relieved I didn't know what I was going to do next,is there anything I can do to stop this?,”well that depends on whether your willing to go all the way”,”you mean give evidence in court”? “precisely!”,that's the only way your going to beat this or you'll be running all your life,bluntly put you wont have a life”.I thought about it and said “Can you help me Peter?”,Is there a y in the day? Of course I can help you,i lived for a long time with the satisfaction of putting these barbarians behind bars they threaten our very existence.


At Shorum Inlet the two Detectives were trying to piece the case together that had eluded them for so long,Boyd was due to meet with the Superintendant to give evidence for the arrest of Hannah my next door neighbour,they couldn't hold her for more than 48 hours so time was running out,Boyd gathered up the statements in his briefcase and walked to his office,the Italian lady was in the interrogation room waiting to be interviewed by Brice,Lanna from the barber shop was protesting outside with a gang of her cronies,the corruption seemed to be widespread,who would want to be a Detective with the Mafia to deal with?. Boyd enters the room sits down and turns on the tape recorder states his name and the time and the defendants name: “Your name is Hannah Teague of 71 Pine tree Estate is that correct”?,”Yes said Hannah with a blank expression on her face,on the night of July 16th 2016 you were arrested in connection with the kidnapping of one Miss Elaine Clark of 69 Pinetree Estate is that correct”? ,”yes” said Hannah,then Boyd turned his questioning to something entirely different to the night in question,he turns off the tape recorder sits on the table next to her,she looked up at him with a smug look on her face,”Where are they”? Said Boyd looking deep into her eyes,”Where's who”? she replied looking at her fingernails,Boyd presses his face closer to hers,”The children”?,he said now starting to shake with anger,Boyd brings out a small case opens the clasp and reveals a syringe and vile with Sodium Pentothol inside known as truth serum,Hannah gulped and started to breathe heavy,Boyd takes the syringe out and inserts the needle into the vile,”They'll kill me”, said Hannah looking at the syringe,and you think I wont?”,i'll give you one more chance” he said holding the needle and exposing her arm ready for the needle,”alright she said panting but youv'e got to promise to protect me,Boyd puts the needle down ,theyr'e in the deserted gymnasium by the derelict school by the old warehouses,Boyd presses the key on his radio,did you hear that?,Gotcha said Brice.

At the deserted gymnasium the Police surrounded the place again with sharp shooters,Johnny's henchmen were sitting at a table outside playing cards in the sun,Boyd climbed the ladder to see inside and got in through an open window,he clambered across beds and cots some with babies sleeping,he creeped past them as quietly as he could,he called for backup,women Police officers were ready to swoop the children up and take them to the cars waiting outside,the children were passed down the ladder to the officers on the ground,Boyd gets to the top of the steps leading down to the gymnasium which was a lot like the American style gyms with steps gravitating down with the fore court below,there they were “The lost children”,happily playing around on the fore court kicking balls around and chasing each other,but there was no laughter,the children ranging from two years old to 5 years old,these children didn't even have birth crtificates no-one knew they existed exept us,at last they had been found,Boyd thought about all the investigations that had come across his desk over the years reports of phantom pregnancies from Doctors and women turning up at the hospital demanding scans for pregnancies the hospital would not acknowledge the corruption went deep alright Johnny had half the town in his pocket, this sleepy town was the target of his evil plan to become the most powerful most feared and most wealthy Mafia boss in the whole of the region,these children were being sold on the black market to childless couples on the other side of the continent,Johnny ran the docks and so it was easy for him to smuggle these children out of the country,Hannah was a courier for exporting the children and so was “The Millionaire lady”,that's where she got her money from.Boyd called in the sharp shooters told them to stand by,”Go in” he said on his radio,the armed police and women Police officers following them filed into the gymnasium shouting “stand down, stand down”,”get on the floor”,shouted the armed officers all the henchmen lay on the ground their hands behind their heads,one tried to be a hero started to run and was shot in the process,the children were scooped up by he female officers and taken to the cars outside,Brice brought a drawer and placed it on the steps in front of Boyd,there were piles of fake birth certificates and photos of the mothers taken with a poloroid camera.Boyd collapsed on the steps with his head hung,Brice sat down beside him and put his hand on his shoulder “Come on you did it”,deeper into the warehouses behind the gymnasium there were shallow graves of babies and young children that misbehaved or were still born,further investigations revealed incubators for the premature births and specialized equipment from the hospital and medicines for the treatment of the babies that were born early.


Chapter 7.

Peter picked up the phone in his living room,Doctor Jones?,he said,i need a favour I have a woman here that's been at the receiving end of some very barbaric treatment,i'd like you to examine her,”yes of course Peter”i'll be there right away” said the voice on the other end of the phone, he replaced the handset and looked at me,”wer'e going to have to see what theyv'e put inside you don't be afraid Dr Jones has helped many people be brought to justice and helped people get their lives back on track.

The examination room was white and pristine all the equipment was placed neatly by the examination table an ultrasound scanner was by the side of the table,i got onto it taking off my clothes below the waist Dr Jones put on his disposable gloves and placed gel onto the handheld probe,he moved the probe around my abdomen and stopped “there look he pointed,”touching the monitor he pointed to a device that looked like a mobile phone and a wire attached”, “what is that”? I said horrified,that's the device they use to send a signal to your brain to control you,the only thing is there must also be one in your head somewhere too to receive the signal,he brought out an eye scanner,i placed my chin on the mould and looked directly at the light,Dr Jones took an ex-ray,”Yes” I see he said ,you also have a plate behind your right eye probably to bounce images from the phone in your abdomen,this is the new cutting edge way the Mafia control the sleeper cells,don't be alarmed we will have it taken out in no time at all,i will have to sedate you alright”he said looking at me for approval,”yes please do whatever it takes to get that thing out from inside me I said feeling nauseous and in disbelief,i do remember flashbacks of being in a room with people in white coats with their faces above me,it was starting to make sense.


After surgery I was drowsy and became concious lying on a bed back at Peters house in Hampstead heath,i looked over to the door “Ah good your awake said Peter,how long was I asleep?,about 8 hours he said tapping my hand,iv'e got a present for you,i went to get up and felt dizzy so I lay back down again,”here he said they cant control you anymore,he placed what looked like a mobile phone in my hands,it started to glow and vibrate like it did in my abdomen,i threw it at the wall with all my might and it smashed into pieces,Peter laughed get some rest now there's pain killers by your bedside and some water you eye is going to be painful for a while,he left the room,i held my abdomen and looked up to the ceiling a sight I was so often used to seeing when I woke up with no recollection of the day before,i sighed with relief,Thankyou Peter I said to myself.

The next day I woke up feeling a bit worse for wear,i went downstairs and Peter was painting with an easel in one hand and a paintbrush in the other,”goodmorning” he said,”theres hot coffee in the kitchen help yourself and a tuna sandwich”,i gulped them down as I was ravenous from not eating,i entered the living room sipping my coffee,”sit down how are you feeling”?,a lot better thankyou Peter,”i don't know how to show you my gratitude” I said looking at him in an endearing way,i never had a grandfather to look up to they had died when I was very young,”hadn't you better let your family know your alright back home?,i wasn't ready to talk to my mother yet but I thought i'd better phone detective Brice to let him know how and where I was,after getting off the phone I felt so relieved that Hannah had been charged with Kidnapping and extortion and so had the Italian lady,the best news of all was that they had caught Johnny trying to leave the country,his long reign of terror was over after all these years,the children had been placed temporarily in an orphanage and fed cake and sweets three times a day,they were safe,the Police cordened off my house for forensic examination and had taken photographs of all the equipment used to abduct and drug the victims,the gaping hole in my attic was photographed and due to be presented to the high court when the case came to trial,My food truck was still parked on my driveway but was being used as exhibit B in the court case,i looked over to Aunty Marilyn's house from the window and thought i'm so glad you wern't in if you were I would never had met Peter.



There was beep outside I ran to see who it was,sitting in the drivers seat was Bobby with the roof of his convertible down his blond locks moving in the gentle breeze,get I he said beckoning me over with a motion of his head ,i jumped into the passenger seat and off we sped,after going to lunch and a long walk on the Heath we headed back to Peters to say goodbye,tears filled my eyes as Peter handed me one of his painting's it was the one I thought should be at the Louvre museum,i seen you admiring it he said with a knowing look,i kissed him goodbye and headed down the steps,i would never forget him,he would knock the village gnomes back home off their perch I thought as I waved him goodbye.”Are you going to sell it to buy your RV”? said Bobby,no I replied the RV will have to wait,Bobby kissed me tenderly on the lips,i think this was going to be the start of a beautiful friendship.



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