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Submitted: May 10, 2010

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Submitted: May 10, 2010




There I ran in a skinny jean and sneakers with my white top which exposed my cleavage. I actually didn't know where I was heading to since it was one of those hottest summer Saturdays with the sky so blue and beautiful. I went past the football and the basket ball pitch,i decided to rather go to the sports hall to go play the basket ball inside since the sun was so scotchy outside.

As I was still learning to score from a far distance,a certain figure loomed in. Troubled as I was,i couldn't figure out what to do,go out or just let him join me?My mind couldn't function properly. Actualy I was indifferent because this was the guy who is actually in every body's tongue every evening we gossip in girls dormitry.They actually classify him as hot with his full lips. Let alone his hazel eyes if I may see. Frankly,i didn't see him hot even in a single day,i think the fact that he was ghetto blind folded me in to seeing the so called hotness he had.

Mind you,he was actually a slow talker of which I belief was what melted many girls hearts.Though he was the most wanted guy,i think he was not aware because he was those touch me not or cant get me type of guys. So he asked to join me,at first I felt like denying but rejected the idea,besides I was bored so what?there was nothing wrong with playing volley ball with the most wanted guy. Believe me I sucked in it so he had to show me how to throw balls and how to make fast shots,it was much fun than I had anticipated.

As the game continued,we were both laughing like we had known each other decades ago. You know how playing is, in a top revealing a bit of cleavage,as I jumped,my breasts kept heaving and showing how gifted I actually was inside a bra. Hey,as the play continued,i began to have a naughty mind that actually we were alone in there and he was a guy,in as much as I began to feel him as he contacted me while fighting for a ball,i doubted he was more than I actually felt. It seemed my anticipation was right because in the middle of the game he suggested that,there should be a reward to the winner. He asked me to air out the reward ,though I knew what to say,i did want him to think I'm the go getter and a mans hunter so I said I have no idea at the moment but I will say something as the game continues. The game continued until the time when we had to go for super. Inactual fact,despite my trial to win over him,he eventually won so I had to suggest what do,i asked him to smack me slightly on a butt. To tell the truth I knew what I was doing,the thing is, as we played I kinder saw him...hey somethings are better left unsaid but I could tell he wanted me so badly. I exposing my butt with him behind my back,he gave my butt a slight stroke and waited to see my reaction. Wow it felt great,i slowly straightened up to say something but he gestured me to be silent as he leaned closer. Oh my God I couldn't believe I was that close to him.

What would my friends say when they find out?..but there was no turning back,it had to be now,his eyes said it all,he wanted to kiss me and I wasn't ready to resist,you know what?His hand ran defiantly into my tender breasts and he placed his head on the left site of me right from behind,i found it sexy and appealing,no one had ever done that to me. My hormones rushed and emotions accelerated at the fast rate in much anticipation of the pleasure to come,i was in haste of having him locked right in my hands but what was all the rush for?he took me very slowly,i could feel his heart thumping behind my breath,his scent of perfume thrilled me more,i began to like everything about him,the feeling of his uncombed head nd the way he gazed at me for such a long time. Finally he implanted his lips in mine and my body intensified as they mingled with mine with my eyes closed,it was so slow and I bet that is why it keeps replaying in my mind every single day. He made it so differently and it was like he had intended it to last the whole life time in my memory,

Guess what as we were so locked up in the emotion,we heard the lock open and within a nano second the door swang open and there was my friend to maneuver me for super but I was so scared she had seen what was exactly going on. In much disappointment we went out one following the other. He whispered next to my ear that it should be just between us,besides it was just a game. At first I felt quite OK with it but as time elapsed,when I saw him with his girl,i became green with envy,I don't know why because when I kissed him I knew he had his girl though it wasn't yet official but things are different now,he chose to give me something better,his kiss but he is so far away from me,i know that even if I want,i cant have him but there is only one thing left for me,his memory..i wish I could have him again because no one is like him and no one will ever be like him.

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