Oblivion Journey

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A journey to the oblivion with wonders and mystery of finding the way out of the dark. What encounters will be faced?
Find out in this plot twisting story.

Submitted: January 03, 2014

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Submitted: January 03, 2014



A cold breeze under the pale purple sky surrounded by many old wrecked trees awakens a young girl named River. She found herself not knowing how or why she got there, but worst of all, she has the faintest memory of her life. She looks around her with a slow motion, and there; a river. She walks slowly and steady towards it, lifts up her hands like if she knew what she was doing and in an instant she blasts a beam of blue light. Her power shocked her but with not much interest she walks along a solid path of bedrock and continues on. With a realization of her powers and a loss of thought to where she is, her journey is about to begin.

As River progresses through the forest, she encounters a beautiful white horse that lit her eyes with amusement. With it being around her, she felt more comfortable and safe and decides to bring it along with her. Since then, as she traveled she had grasped the thought that the sky had stayed purple ever since, but the sight was still captivating to her. As she glances around, she starts to have a weird feeling like if she had lost something important, but without thinking about it, she continued on. With nothing amusing to look around, she threw her head down and walked solemnly until she thumped into someone who said, “Hey! Watch where you’re going! ”

River with deep shock says, “I’m sorry. My name is River. Who are you? I thought I was the only one here in this strange place.” The boy looks around and then at River and with a smile replies, “Oh! My name is Zack. You know for a moment I thought so too! Gosh aren’t I glad to meet someone after so long. You seem pretty lost I assume.” River shakes her head in despair, “Well yes I am. Do you know anything about this place? I’d be very happy if I knew what’s going on.” Zack is filled with excitement and starts jabbering all that he knows.

“You see I woke up by a river, realized I had powers, and I really had the urge to pee. So I begin to walk and as I looked around I saw many letters, three to be exact. One said keep your journeys going before your memories get lost. The second said the most powerful power is made along with the omnipotent, and the last said beware the evil, beware your soul.” River starts to feel fearful but tries to keep it out and then realizes that what she kept loosing during her journey with the horse was her memories. River responds, “I think we should continue our journey to find out what exactly we need to do or find out.” As the three traveled on, Zack remembers,” Oh! The first letter also mentioned that this place is called oblivion.” River nods with acceptance and feels like the connection between her and Zack is like a flower preparing to bloom into beauty. They carried on.

After talking and walking around oblivion, they saw another boy. Both River and Zack shout, “Hey. you! Hello?” The boy sees them and runs towards them happily and once there, he says, “Hello. My name is Wallace. I’ve been stuck in this place for so long and finally for the first time I find people!” River and Zack turn to each other and smile. River turns back to Wallace and asks, “We are both very glad to see you, what have you been doing here for so long?” The boy seemed quite but then tells them,” I’ve just been wandering around happy.” He spots the white horse and with a quick reply says, “I shouldn’t stay here with you guys though. I’d best be going now. Bye!” The boy begins to run into a sight of nothing but black gust. River screams and roars begging him to come back but was too late. They were both confused, but the white horse begins to follow him to figure out where he was going. River and Zack decided to wait for it while it searches for the boy and in the meantime River says,” Hey, look, a river! It seems that almost everywhere we are there is bound to be a river. Why don’t we practice our powers here for fun?” Zack smiles and says yes. They both scream with laughter as they enjoy on what they are capable of until a sudden thunder of light appeared when they both collided their powers together. “Whoa! Did you see that? That was remarkable!” River shouts gleefully. Zack adds, “We should name our power. Let’s name it Shirin meaning legendary beauty.” As they both rejoice on what they have done together, the white horse comes and gives a sign that it found where the boy went. They both hop on the horse and it begins to gallop all the way until they encounter a huge dark castle. They get off and begin to get closer until they found a window to see from the inside. River and Zack roam around with their eyes and in a second they see Wallace. They don’t know what’s happening but in a moment they plunge into a small hole. It was no accident; it was a trap. They both end up in a cage right in front of Wallace, and all around him was pure fire steaming on them. River shouts,” What is this? What are you doing?” Wallace smiles darkly and says,” My friends, I am no Wallace; I am the fear in your dreams. I am Lucifer. You fell in my trap at last. I knew you would follow me. You see, my goal here is to steal people’s soul, and here my targets stand in front of me.” Wallace removes his boy like figure and reveals his horrifying identity. River and Zack struggle with fear, but in moments Zack remembers the three letters and tells River, “We should use our powers to defeat this devil. It’s our only chance.” River and Zack both combine their powers together and a thunder of light appears. The devil struggles to regain its control but it’s not yet defeated. The white horse barges in with knowledge of what’s going on and beams its power along with theirs; they take down the devil and free themselves with the help of the white horse.

The devil is defeated, but there was no answer to River or Zack’s problem in oblivion. They begin to walk towards a nearby river. After such a long journey, River cries, “We haven’t found our goal Zack,” she pauses and looks at her reflection in the river as Zack sits on a log with no answer to give but a sad expression. She kneels down and begins to weep but as her tears flowed throughout the water she shouts, “Zack! Come look!” Zack stands beside her and says, “What…what is this?” As they both stand, River exclaims,” It’s my memories! This river is bringing them back to me through my tears!” She then starts to remember more and more each time. Suddenly Zack, with a smile, replies,” I remember now.” Then, silence.

In a room, bright as heaven, River lies besides a man much older, a man she recalls to be her husband. She turns to someone standing next to her and says,” Where am I? How did I get here?” The person turns and answers,” Dear, I’m your doctor and you’re in the hospital, you’re ok though. You were in a car accident aside with your husband and your daughter, but your daughter had minor injuries so she is as good as she can be” River starts to feel confused. ”An accident? My daughter?” The doctor then says,” Your husband, Zack, lost control of the wheel and crashed into a river. We doctors thought you both weren’t going to make it but it was some sort of miracle. Yes, you have a daughter named Shirin. You may have some memories lost, but now that you’re awake you should be able to remember them soon.” River weakly turns to the man who called her and said, “Hello honey, we’re ok. We made it.” Shirin enters the room and cries with happy joy knowing her parents are ok. River, with all memories coming back to her in a sudden rush, understands what it all meant. She and her husband where in the moments to where death was right in the corner waiting for them, but with the help of God, also known to be the white horse, and each other, were able to survive without having their souls taken out. River then turns to Zack who seemed to be smiling at her and his daughter says, “We weren’t just fighting for our lives. We were facing the oblivion journey.” 

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