Curiousity's Future

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Life for Humans is perfect. No sign of disease or starvation. Happiness spreads like wild fire. Everything is perfect, and it's all thanks to a computer. For over a decade, computers have been upgrading themselves and now control everything. They gave the human race virtual simulation pods where they live their lives in perfect harmony. But what's in it for them? What are they doing? And what happens when someone goes out to find answers?

Submitted: March 13, 2015

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Submitted: March 13, 2015



Curiosity’s Future


It’s been 12 years since the first computer passed the Turing Test. That machine was treated like Jesus. He started the mark of a new world. Since that day, computers have evolved into the amazing machines they are now. They think, they learn, they rule.

The computers, or as we now call them, Creators, using their highly adapted minds full of all the knowledge imaginable, designed a way for the human race to live in a perfect world. A world free of disease, hunger, homelessness, debt; It’s pure bliss. The answer to all of the world’s adversity was in the minds of computers. Computer generated visual simulations.

Every day, the human race wakes up and gets ready for our days just like people always have. Except, instead of eating breakfast and going to work or school, we take nutrition tablets (a whole day’s worth of nutrition, vitamins, and fluids confined in a nickel sized dissolving tablet), and we lay in our own personal visual simulation pods.

In our pods, we enter the perfect world. Everyone lives a perfect life. We see the beauty in all things as well as understand the physics of them. Our intelligence is increased and our problem-solving skills sky rocket. Money isn’t an issue, it doesn’t exist anymore. Everyone has access to their necessities and leisure activities for free. We all work for fun doing things we love. Heinous acts aren’t committed here. School is enjoyable because we are only expected to learn. No tests or homework, just participation and experimentation. It’s all a blessing given to us by the artificial intelligence we all know as the Creators.

But I’m bored. Everything is too easy now. What do the machines do all day while we’re in our pods? Today is the day I find out. I haven’t been outside my house in over 5 years, since they installed the pods. No one has seen the outside, we have no windows. But no one seems the least bit interested in the old world now that we have the perfect one. I wait until my family are secure in their pods. I walk to the front door and open it just a crack. A cold breeze envelops my whole body.

I finally get the courage to go out, it’s morning but everything is pretty dark aside from numerous blinking lights in every direction. I walk toward a large blue light about 2 blocks away. Everything looks so different. What used to be my neighborhood of beautiful craftsman homes is now an array of metal boxes. They made our old world their own. I finally reach the blue blinking light. It belongs to a building with no address or name; words don’t seem to exist. I take another step closer and the building doors appear and open up. I step inside and as expected, I see machinery in every inch of the place. It’s like a modernized factory.

Then, in the corner of my eye, I see two of what must be the Creators coming my way, but they look less computer-like, and more like mechanical humans. When we last saw the Creators, the day of installation, they were robotic metal mannequins. With the exception of the metal exterior, they could pass for humans. Blinking eyelids, moving lips, full body control. When did this happen? “Curiosity killed the cat,” said one of the Creators. Their voices have improved incredibly. They sound completely human now. I was at a loss for words, so all I could get out was “Umm, what is this place?” The Creator responded, “You’re in our development center. This is where we upgrade. But why are you here, and not in your pod?” “I was just curious,” I admitted. The Creators both smirked and the one who had been silent this whole time finally said, “We have a place for people like you.”

I was taken to a different building up the road from the development center. This one had a blinking red light. That couldn’t be good. Inside, I saw more creators, boxes of nutritional tablets, machinery, uninstalled pods, lights, it was rather overwhelming. I found peace in the dark elevator that took us 8 floors below the ground level. We enter a room with multiple units, shower stalls, toilets, and cameras. Lots of cameras. In each unit, I see simulation pods, some with people in them. I get assigned a pod and one of the Creators begins to explain things to me. “You will be screwed shut into your pod every day. You will only be let out once by a Creator to relieve yourself and take your nutritional tablet with the others. After that, you will return to your pod to go back to the perfect world. When you enter the world, you must not say a word about the outside. If anyone asks about your absence today, you say it was a glitch and you had to be moved to a new pod. Now get in.” My pod is screwed shut and I drift off into the “perfect world”.

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