Elf epissode 1 Origins

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
a fanfiction crossover between the dc and marvel universes starring the teen titans with a guest spot for madame web. Elf is my own invention as are her children

Submitted: February 06, 2008

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Submitted: February 06, 2008



Elf episode 1 origins
Um this fits in kind of randomly in the time lines as I can’t keep everything straight.
 If you’re one of those comic buffs who knows all the comics inside out don’t complain. Please!



A girl sat alone in a darkened room. She prayed for rescue.
“Someone. Anyone. Please! I know you were mad at me, but it’s been so long! I’ve been here in this place for a year. I can’t take it anymore.” she cried. She is no ordinary girl and her prayers are about to be answered. Her eyes, the colour of a stormy sea, are wide and her face is pale. Her honey coloured hair fans out around her head. A black collar is around her neck. A red light flashes on it. She is dressed in white pyjamas and hugs her knees to her chest.
Meanwhile, outside the 6 inch thick, reinforced metal door, a team of heroes are ransacking a secret lab. They have fought hard and are searching for the leader of their foes.
“It is quiet.” A sweet voiced girl states.
“Too quiet.” Adds a sarcastic girl’s voice.
“Where’s Dr Chang?” asks a serious guy.
“And what’s with all the weird stuff?” a second guy adds.
“Errrrm… dudes? Check it out. This door has so many locks… whatever’s in here Dr Chang really doesn’t want us to know about.” The final member another boy states.
“Titans,” the serious boy smiles, “get that door open!” 
The girl hears the noise from outside. She curls tight in a ball against the far corner. She hugs her knees tighter, expecting to see Him. The Bad Man who put her here. The Bad Man who hurts. So for a second, she can’t understand the team of brightly dressed teenagers standing in front of her. She stares. Stares and stares. The teens stare back at her. They’d been expecting a room of equipment so when they see the scared girl cowering against the wall they didn’t know what to think. They exchange glances of shared confusion.
“Hi.” The serious boy steps forward. “My names Robin.” He squatted down next to her.
“I’m Elf. Or… or Freya. Whichever.” She shrugs.
“These are my friends.” Robin tells her. “Cyborg…”
“What’s up?”
“… Raven…”
“… and Starfire.”
“Would you like to come with us?” Robin asked her. He offered her his hand and smiled as he bobbed down next to her. She reached out as if to take his outstretched hand, then flinched back.
“I can’t!” she cried out, her hand going to her collar. “Not without my kids. Anyway, if I go outside these walls then the collar will kill me. I can’t leave my kids… and I don’t want to die. It hurts when I try to do anything to get out and if I walk outside I die.” The outraged looks on the Teen Titans faces showed how disgusted they were.
“Cyborg.” Robin half turned to face his friend. “Get that thing off her neck.” The huge half man, half machine, stepped forward and Freya couldn’t help but pull back.
“It’s okay.” Cyborg reassured her. “I’m not gonna hurt you.” She eased slightly and raised her head to allow him access to the collar.
Your kids?” asked Starfire. “Where are they?”
Probably still in the cages. They are his mutants.” Elf told them. “I can take you to them.”
Are you one of his mutants too?” Beastboy asked.
“BEASTBOY!!!” Raven exclaimed.
“It’s okay.” Elf smiled slightly. “No, I’m not one of his mutants. I’m here ‘cause I have powers. I can control the four elements and I can travel between this world and another. He wanted to study my DNA and try to replicate my powers.”
“Errm… if you can go to another dimension then why are you still here?” asked Raven.
“Metallic…” Freya started
AAAAAAAAACHOOOOOOO!!!” Starfire sneezed.
“…Chromium.” Finished Freya.
“Sorry,” Starfire said “allergies.”
“If I’m too close to a source then, due to the effect it has on the time component of dimensions I can’t switch between here and there. This place is riddled with it.” Freya explained.  Cyborg suddenly stopped fiddling with the collar around her neck.
“Got it!” he called, removing it. Freya looked vaguely shocked. She slowly raised her hands to her neck and rubbed it. She wriggled her shoulders and stretched.
“That feels so good!” she grinned. “Thank you so much!” she embraced Cyborg tightly much to his embarrassment. Raven placed her hand on Freya’s shoulder.
“Let’s go get those kids.” She said. Freya nodded.
“It’s this way.” Freya led them from the room.
She led them through the labyrinthine corridors. They came to an office like room and Freya stopped and stared at a glass case on one of the walls in amazement.
“He kept it.” She smiled, “I don’t believe it. He actually kept it!”
“What was it that he kept?” asked Starfire. Freya hit a button and the glass case lit up. A dark green leotard-like outfit was on a manikin inside. It was also wearing bluish-green ankle boots and a black and green cloak fastened at the throat with a leaf shaped brooch. On its face was an elaborate masquerade mask in dark green. It had a belt at it’s waist with an E on its clasp.
They all looked at it. Freya used her powers to raise herself level with the costume. Her reflection appeared to be wearing it and it suited her.
“It’s yours, isn’t it?” Robin asked. Freya nodded. Robin pulled something from his utility belt and smashed the glass. Freya touched the costume reverently then carefully picked it up.
“Come on,” she told them, brimming with new confidence. “Those kids won’t free themselves.”
They continued through the dark maze of the labs. Finally they reached a door which had ‘sleeping quarters’ on it.
“He kept me separate because I kept trying to get away.” She explained as she lifted the door off its hinges. The others stared at her. “Oh, didn’t I mention I had super strength?” They shook their heads as one. The Titans followed her closely into a room lined with cages. On most of them were signs with a single word on them. ‘Deceased’. Only six of the cages were occupied. Starfire threw her Star bolts at each of the locks and the doors opened. The children gathered to Freya, obviously scared.
“Freya?” a young feathered boy asked.
“It’s okay Hawk.” She smiled at him. “These are friends. Look they can take off our collars.” She tilted her head back to show off her newly bared neck. “But first manners. Roll call.”
The feathered boy, Hawk, stepped forward first.
“My names Hawk. I’m an avian sapien hybrid. I’m 10 years old and I’m from batch 613.” He stepped back and a human looking girl stepped forward. Then she opened her wings.
“My names Angel and I’m also an avian sapien hybrid. I’m ten and we’re all from batch 613.” She then stepped back to be replaced by a thin albino boy. He seemed to be completely human.
“I’m Spirit. I have some bat DNA but I’m mostly human. I was treated with chemicals and radioactivity. I’m 10.” He was replaced by a lizard girl.
“Hey. I’m Chameleon. Call me Cam. I am a lizard human mix. I’m ten too.” She waved a lion boy forward.
“I am Leo. I’m a feline human hybrid. I will be ten soon.” He smiled at a wolf like girl as she stepped forward.
“This is Lupa. She is a wolf human hybrid. She will be ten in a couple of weeks. She doesn’t talk.” Elf filled in. the girl stepped back. “These kids all have powers. They are the only surviving members of the genetic experiments. The rest died due to complications or were terminated when they showed no powers.” Cyborg quickly set to work removing the collars.
“Okay,” Freya grinned. “Let’s…” her kids joined in.
“… Blow this joint!” they shouted together. They race through the corridors and when they reach the outside Angel, Hawk, spirit and Freya took to the air. They stood on a nearby hill and looked down at the place they’d left behind.
“Do you know what you’re going to do now?” Robin asked them.
“I’ve got to get the kids somewhere safe then I’ve got some old business to take care of.” Replied Freya.
“Why do you not come to the T Tower for the night?” asked Starfire.
“Yeah!” Beastboy cried. “We’ve got the room!”
Should I trust them? Thought Freya. She hesitated. Once bitten, twice shy as they say. Lupa’s hand worked its way into hers, her eyes wide.
“Freya? We’re tired and hungry. Where else are we going to go?” Spirit implored. “Okay, okay” Freya replied. “Let’s go.”

They had pizza. The kids’ eyes were as big as saucers. They’d never seen anything like it. Freya reassured them by demolishing her own slices. The 9 and 10 year olds had lived their entire lives in the lab. As Freya shall explain she had only been at the lab for a year.

After eating, Freya tucked the kids in to bed then joined the Titans in their main room. They wanted to hear her story.
“So, how come you ended up in a mad scientist’s lab?” Asked Beastboy.
“BEASTBOY!” cried Robin and Raven together. Raven continued. “You don’t have to tell us.” Freya looked at the floor, then to the faces of those who had been so kind to her. But she had trusted before and been burned. She needed to be on her guard. On the other hand, these were her rescuers. They had a right to know. Anyway it had been so long since she had spoken to anyone about anything important.
“I …” she looked away. “I don’t … okay, okay. I’ll tell as much as I can, but it’s a long and complicated story and I don’t want to stop. It’s hard for me to tell.”
“Long before I was Elf” she motioned to the costume she was still clutching to her. “I was Freya Ford. My parents were from two different worlds. Literally. My dad was an Atlantean from this reality; my mum was from my other world. She had some very limited power over the weather. They both died in an accident when I was 6. After that I lived mostly on the streets. I couldn’t stay in the orphanage they put me in. I was a freak. The kids hated me and the adults were scared of me. They said my powers were the work of the devil. Then Madame Web came. She took me in. She can go to any reality. She trained me up and practically raised me. But it was like it was job to her. She was using me because of my powers. Then when I was twelve she told me… I … I can’t… it was really bad. 
I ran. I couldn’t deal. I was just a stupid kid. I had no idea what to do. I ran and I ran. That’s when I met Simon. He found me crying at the roadside. He was kind to me. He took me in. He told me I was good and sweet and that he loved me like a daughter. I lived with him for 6 months before he asked me to do anything for him. He wanted me to steal for him. When I refused, he beat me unconscious.” Beastboy interrupted here.
“Why didn’t you just leave? Or stop him? You have powers.” He asked. She smiled sadly at him.
“He took me in when I was in a really bad place. He made me feel like I was worth something. I couldn’t go back to the streets. I couldn’t hurt him. And afterwards he was really sorry. He explained why. He had such good reasons. Or he seemed to. After that I did mostly what he said. I really thought he cared for me. I lived with him for three years using my powers to take what I wanted, or more accurately what Simon wanted. Then when I came back from a trip to the other world to get some stuff, they were waiting for me. They had Chromium. My one weakness. Simon was the only one I had ever told. He was there. He’d sold me to them. I really thought he cared about me. But no, he betrayed me. And that’s how I got there.”
“Whoa,” Raven said.
“Yeah,” Beastboy replied.
“Once I’ve got the kids somewhere safe and where they’ll be happy, I’m going to turn myself in to the police.” Freya finished.
“Freya Marie Ford, you will do no such thing! You know that you have important work to do. You cannot put yourself before that.” A voice rang out. Freya flinched back and then began looking around for the source.
“Come out where I can see you Madame Web.” She called.
“But child…” The voice answered as a woman appeared with grey hair wearing a burgundy dress with a spider on the front and sitting in an elaborate chair. “… I am right here.” Freya glared at the woman and if looks could kill, Madame Web would have left the Tower in a body bag.
“Ah, still upset I see. Never mind. I see you’ve met the Titans. Good. They will be useful later on. Now, tell them the rest.” Madame Web told the girl. She paled and her hands began shaking.
“Please don’t make me.” She said softly. “They’ll hate me! They won’t want me near them! Where will I go?”
“You tell them or I will.” Madame Web replied. Freya looked at her, begging with her eyes. “Fine. I will tell them.” Freya turned away, found the wall and curled up against it, tears flowing.
“This child is responsible for causing an apocalypse. If she can’t stop it.” Silence greets this statement. “She was never supposed to be born. It was an accident that her parents ever met. It should have been impossible. A cosmic accident, a collision of dimensions, which allowed them to meet. It should not have come to pass. But it did. And now, the result of their union, (she points) that girl, is well on her way to causing the end of all the worlds.
It’s her powers that are doing it. When she travels between this world and that, she is for a few seconds, in the Void between worlds. Whilst she’s there, some of her energy, for want of a better word, is given off. Many millennia ago, a great evil was trapped in this Void, by a brave team of hundreds of heroes from many worlds. It is this creature that is going to destroy the worlds. It feeds on her energy. She can feel this creature. It radiates evil. She has known of its existence since she first used her powers to travel. She has felt it feed off her, growing stronger and stronger each time she entered the Void. If she had at any time stopped using her powers to travel then it would never have gathered enough energy to escape. It is almost strong enough now. By the time I found her and trained her to give off as little energy as possible, it was too late. She still gives energy to feed it each time she travels. It isn’t a question of if the terrible thing gets loose anymore, it’s when. And Freya here is the only one with the power to stop it from destroying everything. But she ran from her destiny. True she shall probably die in the attempt but at least it’s a shot. She refused to fight…”
Freya cried out at this point, pushing herself up and away from the wall.
“NO!” she shouted. “No. I will fight. I was a scared little girl. You told me that the worlds were going to be destroyed and that it was all my fault. I didn’t know what to do. I ran, scared. Now though, I just want to put everything right.”
“good.” Madame Web replied. “First thing you will need to do is gather heroes to you. Allies from all over both the worlds. You can use their energy to fight. To stop that thing. You need to make physical contact with each and every one of them before you need to call on them so that you can register their energy signatures. You need to imprint them so that you can draw on their power. It would also be good for them all to meet each other before the big night as well. Two months from tomorrow is the night it will break through the dimensional barriers. On that night you need to gather all your allies in one place. It shall call it’s minions to it. The heroes will need to be prepared to fight. You will know what to do when the time comes.

Fare well child.” With those final worlds the mysterious woman disappeared as strangely as she had arrived.

Freya, having returned to her place against the wall, felt a hand on her arm. She turned to find Raven, sympathy clear in her eyes, crouched beside her.

“It’s okay.” She said. “It isn’t your fault.” Raven had once caused then averted an apocalypse herself so she probably understood better than any of the others.
“I knew it was their. The whole time I could feel it getting stronger, feeding off me. I was so stupid!” Freya replied. Robin joined Raven at her side.
“Not stupid.” Robin answered her. “Maybe a little naïve.” He smiled.
“Why don’t you hate me?” she asked, honestly confused.
“Hate you for what? You didn’t do anything wrong. You were just a kid and you didn’t understand. Why should we hate you?” Robin replied, shaking his head.
“Yes,” Starfire added. “Why should the fault be yours? You intended no harm?” she smiled down at Freya.
“You need allies?” Cyborg grinned.
“You got ‘em.” Beastboy finished.
Freya finally had friends and it felt great.
The next morning, Freya came downstairs in her hero outfit. It looked good on her. The boys all gave wolf whistles and clapped. The girls gave fashion tips and admiring gazes. The Titans sat down for breakfast with their new friends. The children were more talkative and excitable. They were amazed at the pancakes. The reality of their escape had finally seemed to have sank in. They ran around the tower playing games and having fun. Freya went on the Titans obstacle course. She threw fire and water, floated on air and moved the earth. She matched the record for the course, set by Terra so long ago. Cheers rang out from her kids and the Teens. She took a bow and then straightened her mask.
She was having fun! Actually enjoying herself for the first time in such a long time. The Titans were being so kind to her. She still felt that she didn’t deserve it though and resolved to head out to find allies for the fight against the evil she had brought forth as soon as possible. As soon as she had her kids sorted out she would set off on her own to find heroes.
“About your kids,” Robin told her. “This guy I worked with once in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne (the millionaire), has started an orphanage and several schools for children like them. There was this big explosion of mutant gas in Dakota and everyone exposed became meta-humans. Their DNA was changed. Most of the effected were teenagers and kids. Bruce Wayne may be able to give your kids a place at his meta-human schools and home.”
“That’s great!” Freya replied. “Gotham City? That’s where the Batman is isn’t it? I can find an ally at the same time!”
“As for allies, I’m going to call the rest of the Titans and honorary Titans around the world. They can be here by tomorrow. I know all of them will be dying to help.” Robin grinned.
“Alright who wants to play Extreme Stankball?” Cyborg’s voice rang out. They spent the rest of the day playing, training and resting. Starfire and Raven went to the Mall and got street clothes for Elf and her kids.
The next morning, Freya met all the honorary Titans. They shook her hands one by one and all agreed to help her. They understood the danger heading towards her and the world. By the end of the day they all admired her strength and courage; especially after all she’d been through, but some of them weren’t easy to convince! She spent a lot of time talking to Kid Flash who just took the end of the world in his stride. He was totally laid back about it all. She also talked a lot with Jinx; they both had bad histories so they got on especially well. They talked about the evil that was heading their way and about their powers. Elf talked to Herald too, his horns power was similar to her own. The Titans, all of them, spent the day talking about the future. Some were worried that Elf couldn’t do it. She seemed so frail and weak. Aqualad even suggested that Herald should take over and do the saving instead.
“Is she up to it? No offense but Herald has the same powers. And he’s stronger.” He told the others. There was a rumble of agreement from the ranks of the Titans.
“No man.” Herald replied. “Her powers work completely differently to mine. I wouldn’t know where to start.”
“Anyway,” Robin added. “She’s stronger than she looks. You should see the run she did on our obstacle course!” in the end it was decided to follow Madame Web’s plan to the letter.
The time was set, the cast growing; now all they needed was to choose a place to lure the creature out at with enough room for hundreds of heroes.
“How about down by the docks?” Suggested Aqualad. “There are some big abandoned warehouses down there.”
“It’s a maze!” replied Argent. “We’d loose each other and this thing would be able to slip past.”
“Then how about the abandoned toy factory?” Bumblebee asked
“¿será bastante grande?” asked más and menos. (Is it big enough?)
They talked for hours but couldn’t think of a place they could all agree on. Finally they decided to wait till they had all the heroes on their side. They decided to go off and find their allies. They would tell them of Elf and her mission so that they would believe her when she arrived and some of them may even be able to make it to Gotham City while she recruits Batman.
So Elf watched her allies leave one by one until it was just her and the original Titans, and her kids.
“I guess I’d better get going to.” She smiled.
“You could stay one more night!” Beastboy exclaimed.
“Yes,” agreed Starfire. “Do not leave so soon!”
“Time is of the essence!” Elf replied. “Got this little end of the world thing to avert. I’ve spent too long here already.”
“Okay.” Robin answered. “You’re right. We’ll see you soon.”
There were hugs and tears and the showering of gifts to help them survive the trip to Gotham and beyond. It was a fond farewell.
“Goodbye Titans.” Elf grinned as she flew out of the door towards the setting sun.
“Bye, bye Titans!” echoed her kids.
“Bye Elf! Bye Spirit! Bye Lupa! Bye Leo! Bye Cam! Bye Angel! Bye Hawk!” The Titans chorused waving to their new friends.
The End???
Will Elf find Batman? Will Bruce Wayne give the kids a place in his orphanage and schools? Will the world end?
Find out in the next exciting installment
“Elf: The Search for Allies”

© Copyright 2020 werewitch. All rights reserved.

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