Numb3rs meets Criminal Minds.

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A fanfic crossing criminal minds with numb3rs

Submitted: February 04, 2008

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Submitted: February 04, 2008



Criminal Minds Meets Numb3rs.
By Bethan.
Set in the end of season two for both series. I haven’t seen season 3 yet for either series so I apologise for any inconsistencies.
“We all use math everyday, to predict weather, to tell the time, handle money. We also use math to analyse crime, reveal patterns, predict behaviour. Using numbers we can solve the biggest mysteries we know.”
-Professor Charles Eppes.
Charlie was writing on the blackboard. It was a normal Friday. Amita and Larry were playing hockey on the table.
“Larry! You can’t do that!” Amita shrieked as Larry covered his goal with his hands. They were all laughing. A floorboard creaked inside. None of them noticed. Amita scored 3 goals in quick succession after Larry stopped cheating. He threw up his hands in defeat.
“Okay! Okay!” Larry cried “Uncle! I surrender!”
“Woo hoo!” Amita grinned.
“Now Amita has thoroughly defeated me, I suggest we retire to the kitchen Charles. You’ve almost finished that expression.”
“Uh, sure. Just let me…” Charlie replied.
“No! Charlie, if you ‘just finish’ we’ll never get inside for lunch!” Amita exclaimed.
“Okay, okay!” Charlie put the chalk down and led the way into the house.
“Hello Professor Eppes” a sinister voice said as they entered the kitchen. A man was standing just inside. The gun he was holding was pressed to Charlie’s temple.
“Amita!” Charlie cried “get out of here!”
“No. Amita come on in. You too Professor Fleinhardt.” The man said. He pulled Charlie further into the room, keeping the gun tight against his head.
“Charlie!” Amita cried out, she started towards the gun wielding maniac. What she was planning to do I have no idea.
“No!” All three men shouted it at once. Larry grabbed her arm and pulled her back.
“You’re in control her.” Larry raised his hands and moved in front of Amita. “You don’t need to hurt anyone.” He took a step towards the bad guy.
“Larry…” Charlie warned.
“Charles.” Larry replied. Then, to the man with the gun. “This doesn’t need to go any further.” He moved forwards again. “Just put down the gun.”
“Don’t move!” the man shouted. “Don’t take even one more step!”
“Okay!” Larry replied. “I just don’t think you’ve considered all the variables.”
“Larry a man is holding a gun to my head and you’re trying to discuss variables with him!” Charlie said.
“Well, I’m just trying to explain that whatever this gentleman wants, this isn’t the best way to go about getting it.” Larry continued. He stepped forward once again. The gun swung around.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!” Larry sobbed. “Ah. Ow, ow.” He collapsed to the floor, clutching at the newly formed bloody hole in his leg. The gun was already back at Charlie’s temple, still smoking as Amita screamed.
“I am sorry about that. But I did ask you not to move. I have nothing against you Professor Fleinhardt, nor you Amita.” The Gunman told them.
“What did I do?” asked Charlie.
“You and your brother…” He trailed off, then said; “Amita come here please.” She was shaking as she approached him. He turned the gun to her. “Down on your knees. Both of you.” He told them.
“Okay.” Charlie replied. “Just don’t hurt her.” They exchanged a worried look as they knelt. He walked behind them and pulled a leather wallet from his pocket. From this he removed a pair of syringes and a vial of clear liquid. Very soon both were unconscious. He handcuffed Charlie and shackled his legs. He dragged him outside to a black van that was waiting. He returned to the kitchen with a laptop and a pre-prepared note. He placed them carefully on the table, the laptop open, waiting for a password. He walked over to where Larry lay in his own blood.
“I really am sorry about this you know. I’ll call you an ambulance; you should call his brother as soon as possible.” He walked over to the phone and dialled 911. “Hello… I need an ambulance…I’m calling from… of course you can trace it… a man has been shot… I shot him. I suggest you hurry.” He hung up, dropping the cordless phone by Larry’s head.
Don ran past the squad cars and the ambulances in to the house.
“Charlie! Charlie!” He shouted. Then he saw Larry laid out on a stretcher as the paramedics wheeled him past.
“He took him Don. He took Charlie. I tried to stop him but… he shot me Don.” Larry was near tears with consternation. Amita was nearby, still unconscious on a second stretcher.
“Larry what do you mean he took him?” Don asked. “What happened?”
“He was waiting in the house. We were in the garage. Charlie was working on his cognitive emergence theory and Amita and I were playing air hockey. We went into the kitchen and… he was already there. He grabbed Charlie. He had a gun. I tried to stop him and he shot me.  He drugged the others then dragged Charlie off. He called the ambulance for me. He mentioned you as well. He told me to call you; he left a note on the table. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Don. I couldn’t save him. I couldn’t stop him from taking Charlie.” Larry explained.
“Don’t say that, alright?” Don said. “It wasn’t your fault Larry and I will get him back okay?”
Larry and Amita were taken to hospital to recover. Don left the C.S.I.’s to do their job. He took the laptop and note with him.
11 hours till deadline
Don slammed the doors open and stormed into the office. His team were already in the briefing room as though they knew he was coming. The tension in the air was s0 thick you could cut it with a knife.
“We have a case. A kidnapping.” Don told them.
“Who’s the victim?” asked the lone woman on the team Megan.
“Charlie.” Don replied.
“Charlie?” Gung ho Colby exclaimed. Don nodded in silence.
“We’re into it.” The sensible David said. Don showed them the laptop then they read the note.
October 1st 1991
You have 12 hours to decode my message Agent Eppes. If you want to see your brother alive again, you shall need access to the laptop I so kindly provided for you. I shall contact you via it in precisely 12 hours from the moment I left this. If I do not receive an answer, your brother is dead. It would be such a shame to waste such a brilliant mind; he has done so much at such a young age. But at least I am giving you a chance to save your sibling. A right which was denied me.,, 2. 17.19.1,,,
This code translates to the password. Good luck Agent Eppes.
“The code, any ideas?” asked Don.
“Maybe since he targeted a mathematician, it is some famous math problem.” David suggested.
“Good. You and Colby work that angle.” Don replied. David and Colby exited the room together. As they went Colby turned to David.
“The one thing we need to crack this case is Charlie.” He said.
“I know” David replied. “Just don’t let Don hear you say it okay?”
Back in the briefing room, Megan was browbeating Don. 
“Don, we need help!” she said. “We’re too close to this!” 
“Like who Megan?” Don replied. “It’s Charlie! He’s my brother! Who can I trust his life to? Who can I trust to get him back in one piece?”
“You’re upset. You aren’t thinking clearly and the rest of us aren’t doing much better. We need help. I think you know that. We should contact the B.A.U. I had a class with S.S.A Gideon at Quantico. His team are the best at dealing with this sort thing.”
“I don’t know Megan. Maybe you’re right. I don’t what to do. It’s Charlie, you know?”
“I do know.” She put her hands on his shoulders. “That’s why we need all help we can get. You’ll still be lead.”
“Okay.” He surrendered “call them in. I’ve got to go tell my dad. He doesn’t know yet.” Don went out to his desk in the bull pen and picked up the handset to his phone. He dialled.
“Dad, its Don. Um…It’s about Charlie Dad… some guy…he took him Dad… yeah…he broke in and shot Larry knocked Amita out and took him… No he’ll be fine…a leg shot and the creep actually called the paramedics if you can believe it! Yeah, I’ll see you soon then.” He put the phone down and put his face in his hands.
Meanwhile, Megan was calling her mentor from Quantico.
“Supervisory Special Agent Gideon?” she said. “Hi, this is Megan Reeves, I was in your class at Quantico... yes that’s right…we have a problem here. I’m working out of the L.A. field office now and we could really use the BAU’s help. One of our regular consultants and the brother of our lead Agent has been kidnapped… He’s a good friend to all of us. The kidnapper left a coded message and a laptop computer…we have 12 hours, well less than 11 now, to work out the password or he’ll kill Charlie. We have no idea what to do… you will? That’s great! The whole team? Good… I’ll fax you everything we’ve got. See you in a couple of hours!” Megan hung up with a grin and went to find Don.
He was seated at his desk, head still in hands. He glanced up as she approached.
“So,” she said. “I talked to Agent Gideon; he’s bringing his team here to help. They should be here pretty soon.”
“That’s great!” Don replied. He stood up and faced her. “Megan, I owe you an apology. I was caught up in what’s going on with Charlie…”
“Don’t worry about it!” she interrupted him.
“…and I forgot you and Larry had been seeing each other.”
“What?” she asked confused. “What’s that got to do with anything?”
“He was with Charlie when he was taken. The creep shot him in the leg. He’s going to be fine.” Megan spun and half ran out of the office to head over to the hospital.
“He’s going to be fine!” Don called after her.
Quantico. 10 hours 40 minutes left.
A small group of people were gathered around a desk, chatting and gossiping. An older man entered the bullpen and motioned to them with the buff coloured folder he was holding in his right hand. Immediately, the attitude became one of seriousness. The group fell in behind him as he headed over to the round table room.
Jason Gideon stood at the front of the room. The group settled around the table.
“We,” Gideon told them, “have a case.”
“We do?” asked Jennifer Jareau asked. She was the usual liaison between agencies and normally the one to secure new cases.
“An old student of mine, Megan Reeves, contacted me.” He replied.
“Megan?” Dr Reid, the brave yet socially challenged genius, asked. “I remember her. She took the specialised short course in profiling didn’t she?”
“She’s working out of the L.A. field office. A friend of hers has been kidnapped. He’s the brother of the lead field agent and an F.B.I. consultant with top level clearance. He’s also a professor of applied mathematics.” Gideon explained.
“Ransom demand?” Derek Morgan, expert in obsessional crimes asked.
“Unknown.” Gideon replied. “We have a coded message about a laptop and the laptop itself, the unsub left them at the scene.”
“Has the unsub set a deadline?” Emily Prentiss, new girl asked.
“12 hours, however, we now have less than 11.” Gideon replied.
“Okay.” Smart and ambitious Aaron Hotchner said. “Wheels up in 20 minutes people. Morgan get Garcia on the laptop.” There was an immediate hustle and rush to collect bags, already prepared, from their desks and get ready for wheels up.
Morgan headed to a small room filled with screens. The domain of Garcia, Oracle of Quantico.
“Penelope,” Morgan smiled. “What does the office of supreme genius have to say about the password protection programme Securitor?”
“Well Derek, Securitor is one of the best programmes around. I’ll see if I can find out more, maybe a back door but…” She shrugged.
“Come on Garcia! Work me some of your magic!” He pouted.
“If I do does it earn me a night of passionate love making?” she teased.
“Of course.” He said as he turned to leave. “With Reid!” he called back over his shoulder.
“Why do you hurt me?” She replied.
“Aw, come on Garcia, you know I love you!” he told her as the door swung shut. Garcia grinned as she turned back to her screens. She began to type.
Reid starred at the stream of numbers from his seat on the plane. Gideon had given them all copies of the note and had filled them in on the details of the case. Suddenly, Reid sat bolt upright and burst out;
“Of course! It’s a book code.” He cried.
“A book code?” Morgan said. “Where the numbers mean a letter, line, page, etc?”
“Right.” Reid replied. “It’s obvious! I was looking to deep into it. I was expecting a complex math problem due to the connection to the math community. Now all we need is to find the book it comes from and it’s simple!”
“Good.” Hotch said. “How do we find the book?” Reid’s face fell.
“I haven’t got that far yet. The only trouble is that we need the exact same copy of whatever book was used or we won’t get the right letters.” He said as he returned to his seat.
“At least we have something to work from now.” Gideon said.
“What do you think the motive is?” asked Emily. “This part about giving Don a chance denied to the unsub suggests vengeance to me.”
“We shouldn’t make assumptions but it makes sense.” Gideon replied.
“The thing that I don’t understand is the date. Why put a date of 16 years ago on the note?” Morgan asked confused.
“Maybe it’s a clue to Reid’s book code?” J.J. suggested
“So, what? Are we looking for something published in ‘91?” Morgan asked. Silence fell. About 20 seconds later Reid popped up again.
“Of course!” He repeated. “Do you see the date at the top right hand corner?”
“Reid, that’s what we’ve been discussing for the past half hour!” Morgan teased. The other smiled, amused as Reid became flustered.
“Oh, right.” He paused. “Well, anyway, it probably signifies that the publishing date of the book we need for the code.” Morgan grinned and exchanged a discreet high five with J.J.
“The mention of Professor Eppes’ age suggests an early work published by him but he’d only be fourteen in ’91 so maybe not.” Reid said.
8 hours 44 minutes to deadline.
The plane landed at L.A.X airport. David and Colby waited on the runway for the team to disembark. They’d run into a dead end.
“Hi, I’m David Sinclair, this is Colby Granger.” David introduced.
“S.S.A. Aaron Hotchner. This is S.S.A. Jason Gideon, agents Derek Morgan, Emily Prentiss, Jennifer Jareau and Dr Spencer Reid.” Hotch replied. Hands were shaken. They turned and headed over to the waiting SUVs.
“Do you really think you can help get Charlie back?” Colby asked.
“You sound sceptical. “ Morgan grinned.
“Hey, I’ll take anything that works. I mean we work with Charlie on a daily basis and people were sceptical about working with a professor of applied mathematics at first.” Colby replied.
“We’ll do all we can.” Hotch said.
“I should warn you,” David told the team, “Don is very close to his brother and he can get… pretty intense when Charlie’s involved.”
“Don’t worry.” J.J. reassured him. “We’ll be very sensitive.”
7 hours 34 minutes left.
The team arrived at the office. They walked into the bullpen. Alan was sitting at Don’s desk. He was obviously panicking. Don came out of the briefing room to greet them.
“You the profilers?” Don asked.
“Yes sir.” Emily replied.
“Good, good. We’ll set you up in our briefing room.” He told them leading the way. “So where do you want to start?” Don asked.
“Well,” Hotch stated. “Dr Reid here has made some progress on the note during the flight over.”
“Yes, I believe it to be a book code.” He said walking over to the board where the note was posted. “The numbers are grouped. The first number in each group represents a letter the next a line and so forth. There was a famous case involving $25 million dollars in gold being hidden. The key used for the code was the ‘declaration of independence’ we just need to find the key to the code.” Reid explained. Don starred the resemblance to Charlie was remarkable.
“You’re going to like my brother.” He told Reid. “He’s a genius too.”
“Reid, you stay here and focus on the note. J.J. you stay here to and look at whether we want to contact the media. Morgan, you and Prentiss head over to the scene. Hotch you and I will go to the hospital, talk to the witnesses.” Gideon handed down orders.
“Agent Reeves is already at the hospital.” Don explained. “She’s in a relationship with Larry Fleinhardt, one of the witnesses.”
“I’ll go with you to the hospital if I can. “Colby said “I want to check on Larry and Amita.”
“I guess I’m going to the house then.” David added. “Will Alan want to come to?”
“Probably,” Don replied. “You know how he is with that house. But… he’s a little panicked about Charlie. I’ll talk to him.” He went over to his Alan. “Dad, Dad. The profilers need to take a look at the house. I thought you’d want to be there.”
“What? Oh, right, okay.” Alan replied. He looked like he was in shock.
“Come on I’ll introduce you.” Don told his father as he led him to the briefing room. “Guys this is my father Alan Eppes.” Then in an aside to David. “David, please, take care of him.”
The group split up, went off on their different lines of enquiry.
“Do you mind if we stop somewhere on the way?” asked Colby as they walked out.
“Time is of the essence.” Hotch replied.
“It will only take five minutes, if that.” Colby answered.
“Okay.” Gideon smiled they got into the car and Colby drove them to a small shop. They’d had a quick collection in the office for Amita and Larry. The Profilers were amused at the gifts he brought back out. Amita’s were fairly standard, chocolates, flowers, but Larry’s were more unusual.
They arrived at the hospital and quickly headed to Larry’s room. Megan was seated at his bedside and stood as they entered.
“Agent Gideon! It’s good to see you again.”
“And you Agent Reeves. This is Agent Hotchner.” Gideon replied.
“Larry, my man!” Colby said. “How are you doing?”
“Oh, I’m going to be just fine. What about Charles? Any news?” he replied. Colby looked down.
“No not yet. But these guys are Profilers, out of Quantico. They want to know what happened.” Then Colby remembered the bag he held. “But, before we get to that, we had a whip round at work for you and Amita. We got you something.”
“For me? You shouldn’t have.” Larry replied.
“I was worried that the hospital wouldn’t understand your dietary needs so…” he tipped the bag upside down and a variety of white foods fell out. Megan burst out laughing.
“Why thank you Agent Granger.” Larry replied, not quite sarcastically.
“I’m going to go see Amita and give her the flowers and chocolates,” Colby said. “You try and answer these agents’ questions.”
“I’ll do anything I can to help find Charles.” Larry said. “Megan, why don’t you take Agent Granger to Amita’s room?”
“Okay.” She leaned down and kissed him chastely on the lips. “I’ll see you in a few minutes.”
“Professor Fleinhardt, we need to know what happened.” Gideon told him as he and Hotch took seats at the bedside.
“We were in the garage, Charles was at the blackboard. He was working on his cognitive emergence theory and Amita and I were playing the hockey game. We were laughing. I said we should take a break. Go inside and get some lunch. Amita agreed. We insisted Charles join us for some lunch inside. The guy was already there. He was waiting for us. If we had just stayed put…” Larry told them.
“What did he look like?” Asked Hotch.
“He was white, mid to late thirties, dark hair. He was… I don’t know… unremarkable.” Larry replied.
“Did he say anything? Anything unusual or out of place?” Hotch asked.
“He did say something peculiar. Firstly, after he shot me he apologised. He told me he had nothing against ME OR Amita. He had a problem with Charles and his brother. He even called the ambulance for me.”
“He felt remorse. He was totally focused on Professor Eppes.” Gideon said. “He came to the house knowing exactly what he wanted to do. He knew he might have to hurt you and Amita but it wasn’t about you.”~
“will Charles be alright?” Larry asked the concern clear on his face. “I did try and save him!”
“We hope so.” Hotch replied
Megan and Colby were almost at Amita’s room by now. It was only a few doors over.
“So, you and Larry are getting pretty serious, huh?” Colby asked.
“Kind of.” She replied. They went in to Amita’s room. She was awake.
“Hey, Megan, Colby.” She said.
“How are you doing?” Colby asked as he presented her with the chocolates and flowers.
“They’re lovely thank you! I’m still drowsy I only woke up half an hour ago. Any news on Charlie?” She asked him.
“Not yet.” Megan told her.
“We’ve called in the big guns though! There are some profilers here from Quantico. They’re helping us look for Charlie. They are talking to Larry now.” Colby said.
“How is Larry?” Asked Amita.
“Physically he’s fine.” Megan said. “But he’s beating himself up about Charlie.”
“I know how he feels. If we’d only stayed in the Garage…” Amita trailed off.
Meanwhile, Morgan and Prentiss had arrived at the house with David and Alan.
“Where did the unsub enter?” asked Morgan. He was directed to the family room window and he quickly approached it and began to climb through.
“What is he doing?” asked Alan.
“Role –playing. It’s Morgan’s way of getting into the unsub’s head.” Prentiss replied. David led the way into the house.
“Not that easy to manoeuvre, I’m slightly athletic.” They heard Morgan say as he climbed down into the room. “Nothing else disturbed in here?” he shouted out to Prentiss. She examined crime-scene photos the called back;
“No, doesn’t look like it!” Morgan walked through in to the kitchen and stood by the door into the garage.
“He waited here. He knew where they were and how they’d re-enter the house.” Derek said. He looked down at the slowly congealing pool of Larry’s blood on the linoleum.
“Oh God!” Alan exclaimed as he saw it and quickly vacated the room.
“How does this help us find Charlie?” David asked.
“Well,” Emily replied, “it helps us to understand the kidnapper’s profile. If we know his M.O. and why he acted as he did then we can predict his actions in the future.”
“He knew the layout of the house, where Charlie and his friends would be and what they would do next. I’m thinking stalker.” Morgan explained.
“A stalker?” David asked. “Charlie never mentioned anything but he’s not the most grounded in reality. He probably didn’t notice.”
5 hours 24 minutes to deadline
They all met back at HQ where Reid was still puzzling over the note. J.J was outside holding a press conference and now pressed Alan and Don into service.
“I am Agent Jennifer Jareau with the Behavioural Analysis Unit of the F.B.I. We were called in following the abduction of renowned mathematician Charles Eppes who often consulted with the Bureau. I am going to outline the basic profile of the kidnapper for you now. The abductor was in his mid to late thirties, of average height and build, with dark hair. He is thought to be wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and jeans. We believe he may be a stalker who has escalated to kidnapping. He was, in all probability, driving a van, probably dark in colour. Now, Professor Eppes’ brother and father would like to say a few words. Thank you.” She stepped down off the podium to a chorus of questions. She had quickly briefed Alan and Don on how to talk to the press.
“Somewhere out there my brother, Charlie, is being held. I don’t know if he’s hurt or scared. I just hope that the man who has taken him will listen to reason. We aren’t rich. We don’t have anything to offer you. Charlie is… he doesn’t have what you want either. I work for the F.B.I. and have the utmost faith in the team finding my brother safe and sound. We won’t stop looking for him. I am talking to the man who has taken my brother. I am asking you to consider what you are doing. Think. Is it worth it?” Don told the media vultures before him, his voice shaking with pure emotion. Now it’s Alan’s turn.
“If you have my son, please, don’t hurt him. I lost my wife not long ago. I don’t think I could cope with losing Charlie as well. Please, return him to us.” They walked away to the clamour of the reporters begging for a few more scraps of information. As they re-entered the office, Morgan’s phone rang.
“Talk to me hot stuff!” He said into it.
“Sorry honey, but you aren’t going to want to call me that after I give you the bad news.” Garcia replied.
“What’s the bad news?” Morgan asked.
“Securitor? There’s no way you’re getting in without a password. 3 attempts allowed, after that the system crashes and a worm erases the hard drive. No back door.” She told him.
“Tell me there’s some good news Garcia.” Morgan told her.
“I got a great new purple nail varnish?” She offered “Sorry Lover.”
“Thanks anyway Garcia, call you later.” Derek sighed as he hung up. “The system is hack proof. No way in without the password.”
“I’ve hit a dead end on that front too.” Reid volunteered. “The amount of books, journals and magazines published in 1991 is insurmountable. Without something to narrow it down…” Alan came over and studied the note over Reid’s shoulder. No one had actually bothered showing it to him yet. He starred at the date.
“1991,” He said. “Charlie was 14. He published his first article in the journal of applied mathematics that year.” Everybody starred at him.
“Dad, do we still have a copy of the article at home?” Don asked.
“Of course!” Alan answered, “Your mother insisted on it.” David took Alan back to the house to find the journal.
4 hours 34 minutes to deadline.
“We’re looking Don,” David said into his cell phone. “Any ideas where it might be?”
“I don’t know.” Don replied. “Try the garage. It is full of old junk.” Don replied. They ransacked the place from top to bottom. It took them 2 ½ hours to finally find it at the bottom of a box at the bottom of a pile of boxes at the very back of the garage and to get back to the office.
2 hours 04 minutes left.
Now Reid had the key, cracking the code was simple. He read through and matched numbers to letters.
“D…A…M…I…E…N.” He read out. “Damien.”
“Mean anything to you?” asked Hotch.
“Not off the top of my head,” Don replied. Derek was seated in front of the laptop, fingers on the keys. Reid come and stood beside him.
“D…A…M…” His voice trailed off.
“What’s wrong Reid?” Asked Gideon. “Why did you stop?”
“The webcam. Didn’t anyone notice its recording?” They all stared at the lens. The small light which indicated the camera was recording was definitely lit.
“Good catch Reid!” said Prentiss. “How did we miss that?”
“OKAY,” Colby said. “Now, we know not to discuss anything in front of the laptop.”
“Reid,” Hotch said. “Finish the password.”
“Right. Sorry. I…E…N.” he completed. Morgan hit the enter key. Immediately an image appeared. It was Charlie. He was half conscious, chained into a chair. Reid starred at the image then, muttering excuses, headed for the bathroom. Morgan stood to follow him but Hotch tried to stop him with a hand on his arm.
“We need you here.” He said.
“He needs me more.” Morgan replied quietly.
“Let him go.” Gideon judged. Morgan pulled away and strode off after Reid. The others looked after him for a second.
“They okay?” David asked
“Just dealing with some bad memories.” Hotch replied
“They’ll be fine.” Gideon added.
“Kid?” Morgan knocked on the locked bathroom door. “Kid, you okay in there?”
“I’m… I’m fine.” Reid replied.
“If you’re fine then why did you run off and lock yourself in the bathroom?” Morgan asked. “Come on kid. Talk to me. Let me in.” there was a pause then a click as the bathroom door unbolted. Morgan walked in and found Reid in front of the mirror. He was tugging down his left sleeve and his bag was on the side next to the sinks. Derek just went and stood next to him, leaning against the wall.
“I’m sorry.” Reid said eventually.
“What for?” Morgan asked.
“For freaking out, running away.”
“Kid, you have nothing to apologise for.” Morgan told him. “After everything you’ve been through, you have the right to freak out.”
“No, I don’t! I need to be able to do my job. I can’t run away every time something reminds me of…” Reid replied.
“Reid, come on! You can still do you’re job. If you need a couple of minutes to cope, then fine. We all get it.”
“No! You don’t. Just seeing him like that put me back there. Being in the B.A.U. is all I’ve ever wanted. All I ever trained for. If I can’t do this what can I do?” Reid asked.
“Reid, you can do anything you put that brilliant brain of yours to! Cut don’t start combing the want ads just yet. You are a great agent. You know more than the rest of us combined! If you’re this worried about it then maybe you should talk to Gideon or Hotch about it, but they’re just going to say the same as I have. You’re over reacting. We all know you’re going through something and no ones going to blame you for being upset. But, the thing is Reid; you need to channel your feelings into the case. You know what Charlie Eppes is going through. Use that.”
“Thanks Morgan.” Reid replied.
“Anytime kid. Now, let’s get out there and get the cowardly son of a bitch.” Morgan said and Reid actually smiled.
“Everything alright?” Hotch asked as they re-entered the room.
“Sure it’s all fine.” Morgan replied. Reid quickly approached the computer terminal.
“Sorry,” He muttered as he sat down. Don was calling to his brother; he had been the whole time. Charlie was just starting to stir. Remember, he’s been drugged and beaten.
“Don?” He murmured. “Is that you?”
“Yeah, buddy, it’s me.” Don replied. “How you doing’?”
“Oh, you know same old, same old.” Charlie smiled weakly.
“Hello, Professor Eppes,” Reid said. “My name is Dr Spencer Reid. I’m with the B.A.U. I need to ask you a few questions, is that okay?”
“Okay,” Charlie answered, raising his bruised face slightly.
“Firstly, where is the man who took you?” Asked Reid.
“He left. Something about laying a trail.” Charlie told them.
“Did you recognise him?” Spencer continued.
“He looked familiar but I couldn’t think where from.”
“Do you know where you are?” Don asked this one.
“No, sorry. I woke up here. I think it might be some kind of warehouse.” Charlie told them.
“Can you see any landmarks outside?” Reid questioned.
“No windows,” Charlie replied. “Sorry.”
“Listen to me buddy, you have nothing to apologise for, okay?” Don insisted. Hotch came forward.
“Did he take your laptop or cell phone? Anything we can trace?” Hotch asked. Charlie shook his head and they hit a dead end. Morgan raised his cell phone and called his top speed dial number.
“Garcia, can you do some of that voodoo you do so well?” He bantered.
“Honey, for you, anything!” the tech-kitten replied. Morgan grinned down the phone.
“We need a trace on a webcam being fed to us here, sweetness. And we need it fast.” He said.
“I’m on it.” She said and hung up. She began to type furiously. Garcia already knew that this guy was good. His laptop defences were amazing. But, she had no idea how good he was

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