Rap Battle: Jaden vs Yugi (Contains Swearing)

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Yugi vs Jaden. Sorry, I used Yugi again, but I just HAD to make this ^_^ WHO WON? WHO'S NEXT?

Submitted: December 05, 2015

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Submitted: December 03, 2015




Oh hey there Jaden, it's been a while,

At least long enough for that hairstyle to loose style,

If you recall, first episode, I saved your wimpy ass,

Oh, did I swear? I'm sorry, didn't mean to be crass.


Aw, little Yugi, So cute and yet so wrong,

May have been saved by you but we knew that all along,

And by your logic, that hairstyle has long gone out of rage,

I was winning tornaments while you were hiding from the stage.


Tut tut Jaden, did you learn nothing at all?

To build myself up would give me longer to fall,

At least I'm not corrupted for five frickin' episodes,

A rather cliché plot point, you really need to know.


I admit that I am kind of a Gary Stu,

But at least I'm not a lousy hypocrite like you!

Cliché you say? *cough* ep 163,

And if you're not sure what happens there,

Look it up, you'll see.


At least when I went evil it actually made sense,

Now you are talking about it in the present tense?

Seriously dude, you show's plot is real lame,

Also, my first and your last name are practically the same.


Look, by that point, 4Kids had run out of ideas,

It's not even me, guess it's them you should have feared,

Look maybe we have differences and maybe we have flaws,

But honestly, that is the creator's fault, not ours.


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