The Pickle (MCR Story)

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My Chemical Romance as pigs with a bunch of randomness

Submitted: May 28, 2010

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Submitted: May 28, 2010



Long ago,Their was a piggy named Gerard.

Gerard was eating some food and choked on a Pickle and almost died!

Then another piggy named Bob came along,This piggy laughed at Gerard...Becouse Gerard likes Pickles.

Bob then Snatched another one of Gerard's pickle.

Gerard got angry at bob...nobody snatches Gee's pickles

Bob threw the pickle in the air and told Gee to fetch

Gerard Fetched and Sporked Bob in the eye....Soon another Pig came along name Frank.

gee thought this piggy was the sex.

Frank smiled at Gerard and walked closer, then Gerard screamed like a little fan girl.

Frank also Handed Gee his Pickle back.

then a little piggy named Mikey who was crying and shaking because their where so many Piggy's in the room took the pickle and stabbed gee in the face with it.

Gee screamed in pain and bit Mikey.

Mikey Bitched slap gee and ran away. Gee went to find him but had no luck.

So he went back to Frank and Frank walked away and took Gerard's pickle.

he got tired of it and threw it at ray. it sank deep into his fro to never be seen again.

Gerard was so mad that he lost his pickle and that frank went away.

Gee was heart broken,Bob Laughed.

Gerard went over to ray hoping that he would jump and the pickle could fly out.

Gee stabbed ray in the ass,Ray jumped and the pickle flew out of his Afro and flew into Bobs eye.

Bob went over and slapped Ray and gee both.

Gerard got mad and used his Magic Kong Fu on Bob.

Bob turned into a Ninja and kicked Gees ass.

Frank Laughed.

Gerard Screamed in pain.

Then Ray decided to steal a meat cleaver from the authors of this story and help Gee defeat Bob.

Bob surrendered and said sorry to Gee,he walked away and got gee a fresh pickle and gave it to him.

Gee smiled and Squealed with happiness...........


Everybody not included in this story died

Ray Killed himself for the Hell of it

Frank Killed Mikey cause this story sucked so bad

and everyone else lived Happily ever after,except for frank since he dissed our story

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