The winx club after living the dream

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this story is about the winx club after living the dream. the winx club is finding it hard to become a star of their dreams.sorry it my first time writting a story but i really hope you enjoy and and please read and review thank you:)

Submitted: January 06, 2013

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Submitted: January 06, 2013



it was the year after musa has ask for forgaveness from her loyal and be loving friends and of cause the boy that she really loves and cares so much about.

few years later musa and her friends the winx had become the biggest band in the whole lot of magix they wouldn't believe that their dreams was really coming ture to what they past ture friendships,Betrayals, losing hopes on each others and losing love once.

today is a sunny day the sun is shing outside and the wind is belowing beautiful for shopping said stella

stella we don't have time for shopping today said Bloom

yeah we have to start writing so music for our next geek said musa

um girls i think we have a problem with something more important then our next geek  said flora entreing the room with layla and techna right behind her.

what is more importand then going for shopping said stella angry

stell calm down we will go shopping later but let help her out said layla

so flora what is the problem? ask Bloom

um well like i was going to say we have to take a break from all those stress and do something more fun for the day just girls girls thing no boys so what do you girls think your in or out? ask flora

the whole room turn keep guite for a while.

then musa finally speak up ok girls let go somewhere fun for the day.

what about the beach?ask layla

uh oh i was just thinking we ask the boys to take us shopping then hared to the beach said Bloom

um so what we waiting for let get ready to live said techna

we will all meet in stella's room in 5 mins to go said musa

ok all the girls said at the same time and left stella's room.

In the boys apartment

the boys all were laying and relaxing in their rooms and talking.

brandon why aint you out today it search a beautiful day out there said sky to his best friend

um sky i don't think i will be able to tell her if i see her today said brandon looking out the window

you mean what you will tell stella about us going back home? ask sky laying on his bed

brandon look at his friend and said yeah i mean me going back to Erakleon as a knight and not being able to see stella again is really hard for me sky living a life without i don't think i can live without stella in my life anymore brandon said to sky

sky just look at him and shock his hair brandon i know how you feel about everything that is going on between you and stella and back in Erakleon i know you really love her and you don't want to live her here alone i known the feeling i feel the same way to i don't really feel like leaving Bloom here as well but i'm doing what is important to her and her happness is with her friemds i mean Bloom and Stella are best friends and will do anything that it take to stand up for each others when one of them is needed to help the winx will help each others so there is nothing for to be worrying about she will be fine as long as she's having fun with her best friends in the band said sky

um i hope your right about that sky said brandon looking at sky

believe me on this one said sky

brandon was going to say something when his phone started to ring

he look at the caller Dl it said stella

he look and sky and back to the phone it stella he said to sky

then answer this time sky told him

uh oh ok he reply

to answer his phone

uh hello stella

hay brandon how are you today

um find and you he ask her

great me and the girls are just going to do some shopping will you boys cares to join us there in 10 mins we will the there she told him

oh sure we will be ready then he reply

ok see ya soon bye

um ok bye love you

love you to

they hang up

they intiving us to shopping with them brandon told sky

what time are they coming here? sky ask

in 10 mins brandon relpy but i don't want to go please tell her that i um when out

what why cause sky it hard for me to see her brandon reply

ok sky said i will just and ready and tell the others ok


everyone when to riven and Nalbu room

what are you guys doing here?Nalbu ask his friends

stella just called brandon sky relpy

all the boy in the room was guite

whatttttttt why the all ask at the same time

well she and the other girls are hunging out today and they want us to go with them for shopping they will be here in about 5 mins sky said

so is brandon fine with this? Timmy ask

he said his not going with us sky reply

oh helina said

the poor boy nalbu reply

yeah riven said

sky was about to say something when they all hear knocking at the door

coming said timmy walking to see six girls at the door

hay girls the boys said at the sametime

hay guys the girls said at the sametime

ready to go Bloom ask while walking to sky to give him a kiss on the lips

all the girls run to their boyfriends but stella she was looking for her boyfriend brandon

where is brandon? stella ask

all the boys look at each others for something to say

where is my boyfriend stella ask one more time

well stella sky said

his helina reply look at flora

in riven said

um timmy look at her confuss

well nabu said

well all the girls said at the sametime looking and their friend about to cry

stella brandon doesn't want to see you right now for some reason i'm really sorry sky said looking at his best friend girlfriend who is about to cry her eye out

whattttttt Bloom,flora,musa,layla and tecna said at the sametime why?

stella look at the floor and was about to live when Bloom speak

why doesn't he want to see stella what happen to him sky bloom ask her boyfriend

Bloom i think is better if we leave this to brandon and stella

nooooooooooo Bloom yelled about to run after  her best friend

Bloom Bloom sky yell after her she stop

Bloom i know that your a close friend to stella and your her best friend like she's your sister but there is some important i want to let you know and i want you to stay by stella's side everyday and now please it my wish that i want you to do and my last wish Bloom will you do it if i ask you to sky explain everything to Bloom.

I ...i don't know what to say sky bloom reply after hearing what Sky have just told her about brandon being Flora's brother  and all

Bloom you don't need to say anything you just need to keep it to yourself and ask flora about her relationship and brandon and please stay by stella's  side she really need all her friends right and expecetall you bloom sky reply

Bloom looks at the ground and look up at sky blues eyes crying and nod yes i will stay by stella's side everyday sky and i will ask flora when we get back home she said.

thank you Bloom sky said

Bloom run after her crying bestfriend who she was really worry about after hearing what sky have just tell her.

back with the others

what taking bloom and sky so long to come back flora ask

all the boys give flora a look that says like you don't know already

flora look at them and said why are you all giving me that look? she ask

Helina move to hug her

flora can we ask you something ?Timmy ask

um Timmy what so importand that you want me as flora? Tecna ask

uh he means we want to know something about brandon and flora relationship riven said

Riven musa yell at him


yeah his right musa we want to know what their relationship nabu said

all the girls look at Flora for answers

well they all said at the sametime

Flora is brandon your um helina ask

is he? nabu ask

your? Timmy ask

brother? Riven finish it up

all eyes when on flora

flora nod slow

all the girls was supirs to know that brandon was Flora's brother before any of them speak sky open the door and everyone look at him

what he said

nothing helina said flora was about to tell us the stories of she it brandon families

you mean the king and queen? sky ask

yesssss all the girls yell and couldn't believe their friends have been hinding something from them and the boys know something about it and not them.

well it all started when we were very young brandon and i flora said

the people our kingdom Linphea was in a war so there was nothing the king and queen of Linphea could do about it they have to give up on both of their children so mom and dad didn't want me and brandon to be knowing as a royal family around any of our friends so thye king and queen which are me and brandon mum and dad decieded that we should know as commoner but we are not really commoner you see my real name is princess flora of the kingdom Linphea and Brandon is prince brandon my oldest brother flora told the boys and her best friends who was really shock and didn't know wht to say after hearing that.

flora musa said

um ya flora reply looking on the ground

why didn't you tell us from the start? layla ask

yeah flo why? tecna ask

the boy was going to open their mouth when brandon run out of he and sky room and hug his young sister who was about to cry

all eyes when on brandon and flora now for answers

oh man bloom is gonna to kill you if she hear this layla said

ya i mean stella is our friend and is bloom bestfriend as we  tecna said

uh ya musa said finding her voice.

don't worry girls Bloom and stella already known before you girls even know about it sky said

all the girls eye him with a what the hell. i've just from tell Bloom and brandon's just from talking to stella as well sky said noding

ohhhh all the girls said

so how are they taking it ?tecna ask

bad brandon finally speak from hugging his sister flora who was cry on his chest .

all eyes was on brandon now

yeah nabu reply

after 2hours the girls left the boys apartment to to back to their own apartment they saw Bloom in stella's room picking her things out of the room she share with flora.

Bloom what are you doing that my room as well?ask layla

i know layla but i primes sky that i will still by stella onto it all over i'm sure you all know about it right bloom said with a sad smilie on her face

yah musa said

uh yeah tecna reply

oh layla said let me just take my things out ok

there is no need to i have done everything already bloom said

um ok thank i guss layla reply

Flora bloom said

yes bloom flora reply


how are you feeling from telling your friends the whole stories ask bloom

Bloom i don't really reply flora

um it fine flo we know now said bloom

and all the girls give flora a group hug

so hows she flora ask after the hug

um you mean stella shes sleep now i think we should talk to her tomorrow morning when shes finally over feeling better bloom told her friends and left.

what a day reply musa

yah agree tecna

ok girls night the all said at the sametime

in Bloom and stella's room

stella are you awake bloom ask


well i guss i should leave she have hard enough today already

in Flora and Layla's room

flo i didn't know that you and brandon were brothers and sister tooo now

yeah reply flora

um i wish i have a brother like him reply layla

what why ?ask flora

well you see when we were all supirs of what you told us today and you were about to cry he came out and give a a hug and you cry in his chest for support and he give you the support that you needed that what brothers have to do when their sisters really need them layla reply

um yeah your right there layla flora said

i mean he support me when we were really young people use to bully me but he was there for me when i needed him the most in my life at school they use to tell me that i was ugly  but my be loved brother was always there to help me out flora said

that what i mean anyways good night flo layla reply

night flora said and turn of the light

in musa and tecna's room

hay musa are you awake

the next morning eveyone at awake expect for one stella she was in her room sleeping

good morning everyone Bloom said coming downstaris

hay said layla

hello reply musa\\

sup said tecna

how are you? ask flora

im fine flo reply bloom

how is stella? layla ask

she's alright the girls hear a voice coming downstaris and smilie

stella they said at the sametime

hay girls stella reply

how you feeling today tecna ask

all the girls at each others and back to stella

she smile a bit im fine girls really don't worry about me she reply

the girl give her a hug.

Note: please im taking a break.

boys apartment

brandon come on you don't want to stay in the room whole day do you? ask Helia

before anyone can speak they all hear someone entreing the room

a man who long a little dark like Flora entre the room

who are you? riven ask

a message for prince brandon of Linphea from the king and queen of linphea the grand said

your in the right place um sky said

where is prince brandon? the man ask

there nabu point

ok prince brandon of Linphea a royle message from the queen and king the grand said

go on say it reply brandon

all eyes on on him now

very well then prince brandon the man reply the king and queen will like the meet their two children the princess of Linphea and the prince of Linphea for a meeting and for a royle boa i may say myself the king and queen for a very important message to tell both of their children so this is very important to see their two childern there with some friends and families from others backgrand prince brandon and princess Flora of Linphea most be see to the Royle palce by early tomorrow morning the king and queen will be waiting to meet their two lost children and be glad to have them back again.

the men finish the message and left all the boys in the room mouth drop open and look at brandon now

now what?sky ask

um? Riven reply

all eyes when on brandon

brandon are you gonna to go? nabu ask

yes  brandon answer

are you sure man helia ask

um? Timmy reply

yes guy im sure i want to go back home to my home planet to visit my mum and dad to say what they want from me and my youngst sister and the hear the message brandon reply

before any of the boys could speak the door open to see five runs runingg into the room

Flora run to brandon and give him a hug with tears in her eyes

um Bloom where is stella? sky ask

in our apartment sleeping why? bloom ask

oh nothing just asking reply sky

why is Flora crying? ask helia walking to his girlfriend and his friend

oh that the whole reason why we are here for reply tecna

yeah said layla

do the royle message come to you brandon as well? ask musa

um yeah reply brandon moving flora from his chest so that helia could hold her

so what do we do now brandon? ask flora with sob

brandon look at her and said we have to go back home flora to see mum and dad

yea but brandon how? ask flora

brandon look at his crying sister and walk up to his bed and got his bag to take out a locket that was given to them when they were really young and look back at his friends and sister.

Flora do you remember this? he ask holding up his locker

um yeah my is her on my nark why? she ask showing her one to her brother

good now the plan is that we return back to our kingdom to meet the king and queen our parents he said staring at his friends and youngest sister

but brandon are you sure we should go back? flora ask

yes sis believe me he reply

flora smile at her brothe and run to give him a hug i  turst you bro she reply

um so? sky ask

we go then helia finish it up

um really all the girls ask confuss?

 no brandon reply

on eyes was on him and flora now

why not? ask bloom

because this is me and brandon problems with our mum and dad we have to fix things up somehow that the reason why Bloom reply flora now

but Flora i mean stella is my best friend and i want to do whatever it take to make her happy and your brother here is her boyfriend who she having even hear from for like a week now and if she knows about this she want be able to sleep or eat we have to let her know what happening and brandon please talk to stella im bagging you please she really need you in her life im doing what sky ask me to do im staying by herside i even change rooms to still with stella i know that deep down you love her as much she love you and you can't live without her i know that and i have seen it in your eyes for once before you live to go linphea tomorrow morning do for her to be happy if she's happy i will be to i hate to see her soo sad i mean i love stella so much to bear to see her in so much pain bloom said about to cry.

all the girls was crying now feeling so sorry for their dear friend.

brandon please go see stella reply layla crying in nabu's chest

we bag you please said musa wraping the tears in her eyes

yes brandon she need you before you leave for linphea tomorrow said tecna crying out loud

please go bro i want my future sister in to be happy reply flora sobing now

all the boys look at they are friend now

go bran reply Timmy

go see your girl said riven

yah man shes waiting for you said nabu

go on bro for one last time want hurt shes waiting for go follow your heart reply sky

ok reply brandon living his friends now.


with stella she have just goting out of bed and see no one in their apartment

she took her shower and got dress when downstairs to have her brandfast then there was a knock at the door coming she reply

um brandon she said

um hay stella how you feeling? he ask

fine i guss she said

he walk in while she close the door behind her

so what bring you here today? she ask

to talk to you he reply

she nod slow

stella me and flora just got a royle message from our kingdom linphea from our parents they want to see us tomorrow morning for a very importand meeting and they want to tell us something very importand so im here to tell you goodbye stella i love you so much stella it hurt me to see in search a pain i wish that we never meet and never fall in love with each others stella i can't live without you in my life anymore and it very hard for me to leave you like this before brandon could finish his talk stella break down in tears he look at her

i will wait for you she reply

he look at her

i..i.i... i said i will wait for you brandon no matter how long you take i will wait for you here as long as your happy then im happy for and brandon cause i love you and can't live without you in my life any more so i will wait for for you brandon.

he look at her and ask are you sure stella?

she nod and said yes im sure brandon

they both hug

i love you stella he told her

i love you too brandon









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