50 Things To Do Before I Die

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Submitted: February 25, 2009

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Submitted: February 25, 2009



50 Things to do Before I Die:


#1: Visit at least 3 other countries

#2: Go on a cross country road trip with my friends

#3: Get my writing published

#4: Get my novel published and on the New York Times Bestsellers List for a week.

#5: Get my book turned into a movie

#6: Illustrate my own books 

#7: Go to a decent college.

#8: Finally stop procrastinating and finish my Manga.

#9: Get my Manga published

#10: Live in Alaska for a few years, and train a sled-dog team.

#11: Enter said sled-dog team in the Iditarod

#12: Finally learn how to play the guitar and ROCK!

#13: Start my own band

#14: Work at a zoo or with animals.

#15: Always have at least 2 pets

#16: become a dog breeder

#17: Enter dogs in a dog show

#18: Go rafting on some serious rapids!

#19: rough it in the woods for a few weeks

#20: Write lots and lots and lots of books

#21: Live on a ranch with my friends

#22: Go skiing at Tahoe

#23: Become an Archeologist

#24: Help make ferrets legal in California

#25: Go hang gliding (I don’t trust parachutes)

#26: Learn at least 1 other language

#27: Write an awesome rock song

#28: Make a movie

#29: Go to the Sundance movie festival

#30: Start my own animal rescue clinic and take in animals other places would put to sleep

#31: See the Ball drop on new years at New York

#32: Make my own religion

#34: Fly in a plane

#35: Ride a horse

#36: Write and publish something that’s socially conscious.

#37: Sample food from different countries in Europe.

#38: Visit Ireland and the Loch Ness

#39: Live with my friends until they get married.

#40: Get a boyfriend who’s okay looking and not a Jackass.

#41: Visit museums in Europe and New York.

#42: Make lots and lots of Youtube videos

#43: Get featured on Youtube :D

#44: Visit Grand Canyon

#45: Hike the Rockies and Sierra Nevada

#46: Have my own official Website for all my junk (writing, songs, videos, etc.)

#47: Go on a book tour for my books.

#48: Donate to a charity

#49: buy my own house, and paint it green. (I love green :P)

#50: Carve my name on Lincoln’s nose at Mt.Rushmore (Or at the MadisonBearGarden, if I can’t get close enough. I was going to write my name on the back of the Hollywood sign, but they don’t let you up to it anymore.)


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50 Things To Do Before I Die

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Status: Finished

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