Magic Mirror On The Wall

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A poem I wrote yesterday. I was inspired by sam's really emo writing. Good job sam, now look what you've done!

Submitted: May 14, 2009

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Submitted: May 14, 2009



Magic mirror on the wall,

Who’s the fairest of them all?

I want to know,
But it can’t be me

I bet I’m not even two or three

I’m ugly, I’m stupid

I’m clumsy and graceless

Sometimes I think I’d be better off faceless

Magic mirror
You tell no lies

I see all this with my own eyes


Magic mirror, help me please

So that I may be with ease

Pretty, smart
Graceful and slender

The me in the mirror,

Erase or Mend her

I hate her, she’s ugly

She looks like a witch

The face in the mirror

Should go die in a ditch

Magic mirror
The truth I see

Help to make a better me


With mascara and glitter

Eye shadow and blush

Erase the face that makes my flush

So with cover up and lipstick

I’ll need a whole case

I swap the thing with a painted on face


Magic mirror I demand,

who’s the fairest in the land?

Yes, it’s this woman with flawless demeanor

Where once my face reflected the mirror
Where once my nose was, which I rejected
The woman’s nose is now reflected
Where once my eyes did shine back
Her eyes are encircled with so much black
Where once my cheek, where once my lips
Is her flawless skin, hers like red ships

The woman’s face is defect free

But know what? It isn’t me

Not my nose, not my lace

So I wash off her mask, her painted on face

And beneath it is me
It is myself

And that’s not something I should put on a shelf

Magic mirror, shine no more

Shatter now upon the floor

I look upon your shattered glass

And see my face, the one that lasts

And I’m not ugly
I’m honest, I’m nice

And your shards shine like ice

Magic mirror, thanks a lot

But I’m okay with what I’ve got

And some might think your end is tragic

Would you like to hear a secret?

Mirrors aren’t magic

© Copyright 2017 Werewulf14. All rights reserved.

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