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This is my second list of Book Ideas, since I have too many to write them all. Pleas comment telling me which you want to see! :P

Submitted: January 27, 2010

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Submitted: January 27, 2010



Story #1: The Very Last One

Velvel is the last werewolf on earth since humans burned her home to the ground and killed her pack. Lost and alone, Vel only wants peace. In search of that, she travels north, were she meets the vampire Morpheus; the only vampire she has seen in decades. In fact, he is the last vampire as well, but far from wanting peace and quiet like Vel, he's a bloodthristy (No pun intended) bitter survivor, hell bent on surviving and getting revenge. The two unlikely companions travel the Arctics together, eventually arriving in Greenland. It is the perfect place for Velvel, remote, isolated, and wild. But she is still restless, and they continue their trek. Finally Vel is faced with an important question: How far will she have to walk to find peace?

A story about hatred, revenge, and hope.

Story #2: Guns & Roses

That's right. A western with a vampire in it. I went there. :D

Florin is the wildest, cleverest outlaw in the Frontier. He also happens to be a vampire, & enjoys no other pastime than being the bane of all society. He takes what he wants from who he wants and doesn't care who get's hurt in the process. Cowboys and Indians, Sheriffs and Deputies from all over the wild west have tried to get rid of him and failed miserably. No one can stand in his way.

No one, that is, until Dixie Ryker showed up. Dixie is one of the best sharp-shooters, trackers and hunters in the West, but is overlooked because she is a woman. Determined to finally earn some respect, Dixie sets off to do what no on else could: Bring in Florin dead or alive.

Story #3: All the Queen's Men

Eirwyn is the farie princess of the region of Nieve, a snow covered country in the realm of the Fey. When Eire was still a child, she ran away from home, living in the Human realm for five years with her loyal gaurdian Gwinn and an outcast half-elf, half farie child named Nickolai. She returns to the fey world and her parents at the age of eleven.

six years later, Eire is the heir to the kingdom, betrothed to a nobles' son named Rowan, and about to take over as queen. That's when her childhood friend Nickolai shows up in the prison. Nickolai, now nineteen and a infamous thief and rogue, is sentenced to exicution. When Eirwyn frees her old friend she is inadvertenly pulled into a dark world of cutthroat politics, deep secrets and ugly truths. In the middle of it all she has two very different men from two very different worlds vying for attention: Rowan, the noble blooded farie, and Nickolai, the half blood thief. These three are bound to chage the realm of Fey forever.

Story #4: Define Human

Based on actual experiments going on in China and the U.K.

The year is 2020, and successful Human/animal hybrids have been around for four years. Outcast, shunned and banned in many countries, many do not live past there fifth year. The others hide on the fringes of society, living by there own laws. Those who can masquerade as humans or animals.

Kat is a "Cybrid" a Cytoplasmic Hybrid. Her genes are %10 jaguar, and she is human enough to pretend to be a pure human, despite mutations. She lives on the move, covering up and assuming fake identities.

Janus is a new kind of hybrid, nicknamed the "shifters". His cells have been altered so they can change back to stem cells, and literally flux back and forth between a wolf and a human, but never purely either. Freed by a raid by outlaw hybrids, Janus now wanders the land.

Dente is a Cybrid lucky enough to be olny %5, but has the misfortune of having the DNA of a shark. His name "Teeth" was given to him because he has the worst kind of affect- phsycological. Dente goes into a frezy when he smells blood, and a combo of that and sharp teeth make him an outcast of outcasts. One of his few friends is Kat.

Benjermin Verry in an amatuer scientist working at Cyb3r, the huge multi-national company responsible for bringing Cybrids into the world. Although he works extensivly on their genetic coding, he has never met a Cybrid.

The fate of all of them is bound together in the thrilling sci-fi-action story 'Define Human'.

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