The Price of Living

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This started as a poem but turned into the closest I will ever get to a rap. It's kind of about health care reform and why we need it.

Submitted: March 21, 2010

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Submitted: March 21, 2010



Pain in your chest you just can't get over
Can't do you job cause your out of breath
Finally have to drag yourself to the doctor
never thought it might end in death

Take a bunch of tests that are squeezing your bank
Like this sickness is squeezing your chest
But your banker won't pay for the expensive treatment
And you learn that living's only for the best

Cry to the companies but they won't take you
Nobody wants one that's already ill
You learn there's a secret price on your life
And your not worth what it costs for the pill

Call all the loan sharks but they won't bite
Call all your friends but it's not enough
the truth is that it's dying that's easy
Continuing living is what is tough

Your lying in bed waiting for the end
it was too late you learned their mo-tive
your eyes go dark as you breathe your last breath
Because you couldn't afford to live

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