The Savage

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A poem about revenge. Enjoy! :P

Submitted: September 23, 2009

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Submitted: September 23, 2009



Long ago I felt the pain

I felt the bleeding flesh smart

And I vowed revenge on you and yours

For the dagger you slid in my heart!

I could have pulled the cruel thing out

And healed in time, that's true

But instead I let it rot and fester

so I could remember you!

For an eternity I'd wait

with my sweet poisoned friend called revenge

I would have waited a thousand more,

but oppertunity came in the end!

We traded blows, we crossed our swords,

Our former lives were ravaged

we stooped equally low, for we both knew

Only savagry could best a savage!

I spent my life and others lives

Revenge became my only desire

I stooped to the level of my savage foe

And fought fire with more fire!

And that old wound I could have healed

It rot my heart right through

And piece by piece I sold my soul

to get revenge on you!

But in the end I was alone

Both my heart and soul had been ravaged

I looked around for someone to fight

Now who was the savage?

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