The Change by Werner Grebe

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Damon is under going changes in his life
and trying to make sense of it all. Thrusting for blood
and answers.

 It started with a distant memory. Deafening silence filled the darkness. The smell of death in the air. Tall trees filled the darkness as they swayed in the light breeze. The ground was soft, unnatural, for it was full of dried branches and rocks, soft like a warm bed on a cold night.

Sounds coming back to life like the sound of an aeroplane approaching from a distance. Sounds of metal against metal, screams of people, rapped together like the sound of a passing stampede. The sounds ring in my ears like the buzzing of a fly I cannot shake. The taste of blood in my mouth. I try to stand but cringe as the pain shoots through my side. As I look down, I see the deep wound in my side, a wound only a well placed sword could have delivered. Suddenly all comes together as one, the woods, the sounds of metal and screams, the pain, all at once. I was in the middle of a war bleeding to death.

The surroundings and events is a time and place I cannot place but yet it feels so familiar somehow.  Like I was supposed to know where I am and what I am fighting, but the more I try the more it seems like a dream from which I cannot wake. I manage to pull myself upright against an old tree stump, broken and worn with time like my broken self. A sigh of relief for a moment as I rest my head against the ruff surface of the tree.

Suddenly I can hear the sound of footsteps coming towards me. I try to focus to see who was approaching but my vision has faded from the strain of the wound and the blood loss - unfocused. A blurry figure approaches, not a, too slimarrow-10x10.png\", a woman perhaps? ‘But what would a woman be doing in the midst of all this violence?’ I ask myself.


As she comes closer and closer fear and adrenalin start to pump through my veins like a wild horse fighting to be tamed and yet, a strange feeling of relief. Is this the end or is this the comforting sights of a dying man?

Suddenly she is at my side. I can see her clearly now. Beauty beyond description, with her dark brown hair and glistening eyes. Dressed in dark brown leather upper armour with silver buckles and leather straps. A silver necklace with a strange symbol hanging at the end of it. A bright red stone in the middle. In the moonlight a light blue 15th century dress glistens under her armour. Leather boots. A strange combination for it is not suitable for battle. But she moves as if she is completelyarrow-10x10.png\" free of any obstruction. Her face pale as death and her eyes glistening in the moonlight, strangely terrifying and comforting at the same time.

 My breath heavy now, not knowing what to expect. ‘Is she the saving embrace of an angel or the ghastly grip of the Reaper wrapped in deceit?’ I wondered. She kneels down beside me and puts her cold hand on my cheek. ‘Do you wish to live?’ She whispers in a comforting voice. I nod slowly, face riddled with pain and exhaustion. She smiles and without warning her eyes turns red with blood and her canines grow, like the fangs of a bat as she lunges at my throat.

In a flasharrow-10x10.png\" I jump as I wake safe in my own bed, breathing heavily, dripping with sweat. Was it a dream or a memory? It was so vivid, as if it really happened. ‘What was that?’






Chapter 1


It is a beautiful summer’s day as Damon drove through the country side. The canola is in bloom and filled the landscape with a mat of yellow and goldarrow-10x10.png\". The landscape is buzzing with life as bees and butterflies collect their daily nectar. To the left of the road stands an old tree trunk as a reminder of a time long past when the landscape was filled with tall trees. A time before the settlers came by and levelled the forest for lumber and to make space for their fields.

As Damon passes the old reminder, the dream started playing in his mind once more. The dream he had almost every night for as long as he could remember. The dream of a time long past and the woman in blue with those red glowing eyes. He shakes his head trying to rid himself of the memory. He can still remember the smells, sounds and taste of blood in his mouth as if the events happened only the day before. He turns up the music so to distract himself from his thoughts. Rock and metal music have always calmed him for some reason. The song ‘Monster’ from the band Skillet is playing loud and clear filling him with adrenalin and rage. A strange but comforting sensation. This combination has always comforted him in times of need for as long as he could remember.

As the sun starts to set, the hunger starts to set in. An indescribable hunger that takes you over like crashing waves that you can’t escape. Damon starts to gasp for air as the sickening hunger starts to rip through his body.  He pulls over and falls out of the car, struggling to find his feet. The hunger has never been this strong before. Damon has lived with this hunger his whole life but this time it’s different, stronger and more violent as if the hunger is trying to rip him apartarrow-10x10.png\". A hunger for blood. He grabs his stomach as he falls to the ground.

Convulsing as he struggles to control the hunger inside. His vision blurred, his head throbbing as the hunger moves through his veins like acid.

He lets out a scream, more a growl than a scream, as he erects upright on his knees. Suddenly the hunger dies down and he falls forward with his hands on the tarmac, breathing heavily. The pain and the burning in his veins subsides as the hunger leaves his body. As he comes to his feet he leans against the side of his car trying to get his breath back. Strange that the hunger only comes at night. He gathers himself and gets back into his car.

Later that week, Damon gets ready for the night ahead. It’s Saturday night and time for a good party. The hunger has started already but this time it is well in manageable levels. He stands in front of the mirror breathing in and out deeply a few times to gather himself. When he arrives at the bar it is already buzzing with people laughing and chattingarrow-10x10.png\" away. In the corner of the bar a life rock band is playing and some people rocking away in front of them.‘Gonne be a good night tonight’ he thinks to himself.

Damon walks up to the bar and orders a beer. Drinking has always stilled the hunger and kept it at bay. People come and go as the night goes on. Damon talks to two women he met that night while listening to the band. ‘The hunger is finally at bay’ Damon thinks and smiles. Later that night the two girls say their good byes and give Damon a hug each. As the second girl hugs him, Damon suddenly growls and bites her in her neck without thinking.  She screams with shock and pain as his teeth digs into her skin. Suddenly he realizes what has just happened and gestures with his hands to try and apologize. He realizes what he has just done and runs out of the bar into the street and the darkness. He ducks into an ally, safe, nobody around. ‘The hunger must have taken over, it must be’ he says out of breath.

But what does it mean? Was the dream a distant memory of a past life? ‘Can’t be, can it?’ ‘Am I....?’ He poses for a second to catch his breath. Once again the voice came, ‘Do you wish to live?’

He staggers back home and falls onto his bed. The air is dry and cold as he closes his eyes. The events of the night flash in his mind over and over again as he tries to make sense of what has happened. All he can think about is blood as his stomach turns and groans. For the first time he knows what his body has been craving for all these years. The cravings are so strong that he almost loses consciousness but he manages to pull himself together. He sits up slowly and lights a cigarette. This has previously helped dramatically to control the cravings. As he sits on the edge of his bed the cravings slowly subside with each drag of his cigarette.

His senses run amuck, everything is heightened. The smell of the old lady’s tea next door, the music of the couple two blocks away. There is even the taste of ham in his mouth from the pizza place around the corner. The darkness is also lighter as if a dim paraffin lamp was lit close to the side of his bed. He sits and listens to the sounds of the night for a while reminiscing in the beauty of it all. Damon has never thought that the night can be this beautiful. Instead of black and greys, the darkness has turned into crimson, dark greens, streaks of whites and yellows. He walks over to his window. He stares into the night, everything so bright and illuminated. Suddenly he senses someone behind him. Damon flings himself around and sees the women from his dream standing close to his bed.

She smiles, ‘do you wish to live?’ she says softly. Suddenly she jumps forward with a growl, flashing her fangs, hands stretched out towards him. He jumps up with fear, safe in his bed. 



Chapter 2


The next morning Damon decides to get medical advice. ‘There must be a medical reason why I am feeling the way I do’ he thought to himself. On the way to the hospital all he can think about is blood and he struggles to focus. Everything is brighter and the sun hurts his eyes. Every sound is magnified - from the cars passing by to the birds flying overhead. It is so loud that he puts one hand to his ear.

The hospital is buzzing with people. The long corridor smells of alcohol swabs, old and new wounds and most of all blood. The smell of blood is overwhelming, prickling his nose and tastebuds, making him salivate heavily. And to make things worse, there is a blood drive there that day. He stands at the open door to the donation room, unable to look away. Suddenly he can feel the blood rushing to his eyes, pulsating as it does so. There is no sound but the pulsating of blood rushing through his veins. He starts to breath heavily, on edge. The room starts to close in on him like a vice grip. Suddenly there is a hand on his shoulder. Damon jumps as he is socked back to his surroundings. ‘Sir, are you ok?’ the nurse asks. Damon shakes his head from side to side. ‘Au, ya sorry yes I’m fine’. ‘Doctor Grant’s office....? Before he could finish the nurse pointed him the way. ‘The second door to the left’ she says. He feels dizzy and unstable on his feet as he continued down the corridor. Eyes red as the blood continues to pulsate through his veins.

At Doctor Grant’s door he pauses, the blood calling to him like it is trying to pull him back to that room. He leans against the wall with his hands on the wall and his head down.

The pulsating feeling is getting more intense. Suddenly a blindingly pain shoots through his mouth. He touches his teeth and feels the elongated shapes of his canines, long and sharp.‘What the hell?’ he says softly. Once again there is a hand on his shoulder, the same nurse. She looks like someone you can trust, innocent and sweet. Damon looks at her, eyes blood red and fangs showing, smiling as he does so. Before he could think he lunged forward and bites her in her neck. The sensation of skin tearing and the taste of blood in his mouth is overwhelming and all he can do is drink. The feeling of blood running down his throat is something he has never experienced before; warm and smooth like the first sip of coffee on a cold winter’s night. Suddenly he realises what he is doing and stops, dropping the nurse to the ground. He now knows what he is, what he always was, what he was born to be. There is no going back now.

Damon gathers himself and wipes the blood from his mouth, quickly looking around if someone has seen him. He pulls the nurse’s cold dead body into the nearest janitor’s closet and shuts the door. Gathering himself before he walks back through the corridor to the exit. ‘Almost free and clear’ he thinks to himself. Just a few more meters.

Suddenly there is a blindingly white light coming from outside. Damon screams as he falls back onto the ground. The smoke rises from his arm where the sun has burnt him. He shuffles backwards to try and get out of the burning sun. He stands up and sees the wound has already started to heal. In a flash he runs back to the janitor’s closet to wait out the day with his friend the innocent dead nurse.

Life as he knew it was over. But this is the start of a new beginning, a life full of possibilities. 



Submitted: August 20, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Werner Grebe. All rights reserved.

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