Enter the Dream

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I actually wrote this very short story several years ago after watching The Matrix of all things. Saying anything more about the story would give away too much, so you will just have to read it! :)

Submitted: June 30, 2007

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Submitted: June 30, 2007



“I’ve thought about this for a long time.  Regardless of what you might think, I have not rushed into this decision.”“But the whole idea gives me chills!  Aren’t you afraid?”“Afraid?  Not really.  Nervous?  Yes.  I have heard all the same stories, quite possibly a few more than you.  There is no way to understand what the Elders are talking about until you experience it for yourself.  They are the first to tell us this before each story.”“Experience it?  But they talk of pain and despair, sadness and hardship, frustration and ignorance!  How could you want to experience it?”“Haven’t you been listening to the Elders all this time? Yes, they talk of all that and more!  They talk of recovery and understanding, joy and friendships, accomplishments and enlightenment!  They talk of taste and smell, being able to touch and feel in a way we can’t even imagine.  How can you not be the least bit curious about how it would feel to experience this?”“Curious I am, but I am not willing to experience the negative aspects of all we have heard just to experience the fleeting pleasures that I may find along the way.”“There is another reason I have decided to go.”“Well, lets hear it.  I would love to understand your decision.”“Have you seen those that have returned?  They have a new inner light.  It’s almost as if they have a deeper understanding of the universe.  They seem to see things that those who have not experienced the Dream can never see.  Their colors seem to deepen, take on a richer quality.”“But I have heard they forget all about God in the Dream.  When they do try to remember, they try to recreate God in all sorts of images and forms, arguing over whose image is the correct one.  They even start wars over it!”“Yes, but part of the challenge is the searching.  Do you think you gain wisdom by having someone come along and hand it over to you?  You have to work for it!  You learn by expanding yourself each time you experience something new or struggle to comprehend a new concept.  Can you imagine the joy of finding the source of all after a long journey searching for what you know exists in your heart?  The joy of rediscovering that limitless love, learning that no matter who you are, what you have done, it does not matter in the flow of that love.““But there is no guarantee that you will find this in one lifetime in the dream.”“Then perhaps I will have to try again.  Not everybody enters the dream for the same reasons though.  We each have our own agenda’s.  Some go to explore the full range of emotions.  Others just want to experience the physical interaction with their surroundings.  Regardless of their reasoning, they all come back with something.  I intend to find out what that something is.”“Well, I may not understand all of your reasoning, but I will support you.  I will help guide you in the Dream, trying to nudge you in the directions that will help you accomplish your goals.  I hope you have enough awareness to hear me.”“I knew I could count on your support.  Perhaps one day I will be there to return the favor.”“Perhaps.  Let us see how you fair first.”“Ok.  It is time to join with the others.”The young explorer starts slowing down his mental thoughts, focusing inward and feeling that familiar calm center.  Feeling the connection with all existence, the explorer narrows his focus to the others in the area, those already deep in the dream.  The explorer starts to feel pulled into the Dream, feeling a great sense of speed until there is a sudden pop and the world around him solidifies.  He feels he is in a very tight space and starts struggling to get free.  He finally finds an opening and tries squeeze through.  Suddenly light and sound explode in on his new and unusual senses.  He hears a wail and realizes it is him that is making the sound.  He hurts, is cold and not in a very good mood suddenly.  As the memory of who he is and where he came from starts to fade, he hears a voice.“You have just given birth to a very beautiful baby boy, Mrs. Anderson.”The new baby boy starts to feel the love radiating out from his new mother, filling the void left by the quickly departing memories of the being of light he had just been.  He can’t seem to make much sense of this strange new world, but he knew he would learn and grow.  He also felt the presence of someone else, someone who will be with him throughout his life.  Someone who loves him and is committed to helping him learn and grow and meet the challenges set before him.  He is just baffled as to why he can’t seem to see his guide.  He feels a thought coming from his guide, saying “Welcome to the Dream.”

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