Message To The World: Eyes Wide Shut

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Submitted: June 17, 2018

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Submitted: June 17, 2018



 The lies are now upon us, the evil ones revealed. The masses have trust the ones they cannot, convinced this isn’t real.

 What point in time did we stoop so low, for an innocent martyr to be labeled a hero.

 United under God, divided individuals. Mindless, consuming with greed & harden criminals.

 Shackled through debt, freedom cloaked in lies. Yet what freedoms lie in the eyes of people who are forced to hide.

 Broken spirits, we’re all dumb lost sheep. Unwilling to think for ourselves in our most precious time of need.

 We point our fingers, the weak ruled with violence. Dispute our petty differences with death to all defiance.

 At what moment in life did it make it okay to lose sight of the light and live in the gray.

 Heartless, shallow, think only of ourselves. Quick to taking sides while the weak are weeded out.

Trapped within this wall of sin, dare we seek to tear it down.

 These feelings ever ignored, in time will forge a double-edged sword.

 We act with only ourselves to blame because in the end things change, but it’s a choice to stay the same.

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