The Legend of Herobrine

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Herobrine was once known as Steve in till a terrible thing happened. He was killed by his own brother Notch for he released terrible creatures into the world some got locked in what Notch called the nether ( hell ) but most still run free.

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



Steve and his brother Notch were roaming the woods one day like any ordinary day. Steve saw a strange glowing orb in a tree top and strayed off to grab it. He thought it was useless so he threw it and it teleported him where it hit so he used it to catch up with Notch. Notch knew the orb was dangerous so he told Steve to burn it in the fire. Steve thought it was his treasure so he ran off he hid the orb in a grave yard. Then all of a sudden a zombie came out of the ground and it started to burn due to the sun light. Steve got it under a tree to keep it from dying then a skeleton came out and came to the tree as well. He decided to use this dark magic to make tons of monsters. There were creepers which blew up when someone was near, dark spiders and cave spiders which could climb walls, using the orb that he called the ender peral he made his ultimate monster yet. The Endermen. The endermen could teleport around and if someone looked in their eyes the endermen would devoure their soul. Notch found out what was happening so he killed Steve but then Notch made the biggest mistake ever. He brock the ender peral which released an unlimated supply of these creatures through out the world. Some of the dust from the peral hit Steve's body making him the all powerful invinsible Herobrine. White eyes could transform into any creature and spy on other people in the world but when they went to sleep he would set tnt all around their house and KABOOM! Was the last thing that person would hear for a very long time.

chapter 2

Mister EM was just coming out of his newly made quartz house with the only way to get in was with a pay station. He noticed that his door had opened so he went to get the payment but nobody was at the door and no payment. He checked his red stone to make sure that it was working right and it wont raining so the solar power was up on it he was confused. Then he noticed his wooden chair, that he spent years getting the wood to make was burning. When he tried to put out the fire he caught on fire. He even poured water on it but it kept burning. He forgot about the chair when he heard his dog securty going off and saw a man taking his crops. The man had what the news called mobs around him and he had white eyes. Instead of him taking the crops he sucked the life out of them charging what the news called an endermen. The endermen got bigger and bigger and bigger. It got so big it picked up the quartz manshion and threw it and it shattered to peices. Only thing left to do was take out the ender collosus with his new invention the embreld sword. The embreld sword could kill anything it was so powerful because embrelds were rare as rare.

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