Born to kill

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John wakes up in a underground tunnel,his hands bound to a chair with barb wire, his mouth sewn shut and thats not even the half of it. Some men are born monsters.

Submitted: October 27, 2010

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Submitted: October 27, 2010



  I watch as John slowly wakes up. Before he wakes up completely I grab a spool of razor wire and I wrap it tightly around him bounding him to the chair, this wakes him up. He howls in immense pain as he looks around his surroundings.He moves his lips as if to speak but I really dont want to hear his voice so I  grab a scalple which sit on my work bench , I pressed it against his lips and I slowly forced it through his lips, the warm blood squirts on my face as a cruel smile forms on my lips. His screams are now muffled, tears are streaming down his cheaks."Why are you crying?" I ask as I take off the cap of a rubbing alcohol bottle. His only response is another muffled scream."Well,we cant have that can we?" I say sarcasticly as I pour the rubbing alcohol into eyes. He writhes in pain, a deep gash forming on his wrists where the razor wire bound his wrists. Next I pick up my lighter  and hover it over his face, I watch as his flesh sizzles and blisters.He begins to bore me so to finish him off i place a clamp over his head and slowly I twist the crank and  mad laughter escapes me as his skull begins cracking like a coconut shell and blood begins to ooze out the cracks untill finally POP! His head pops like a pimple.

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