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just a thought

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



Have we sinned against God?

Let us take a deeper look!

What do we hold in our hearts ?

What are weNOT willing to give up?

Idols! Idols! Lets look at these today

Could it be a friend or relationship that gets in the way?

Could it be a job that might pay your bills!

Do we doubt God?

All our needs he shall fulfill

Never making time to talk to him

Working overtime at your job with all your friends

This is one of the things we just might speak

“No that isn’t me !”

“I work very hard for Jesus don’t you see?”

“Every Sunday I go to church”

“Trying to make it to heaven by doing all these works!”


All your works are not going to help you get in

It was His sacrifice that paid the price

Nothing you can do will make it right

Lets go a little deeper to the places unknown

Have you submitted to his will?

Have you made the choice on your own?

Does it take a few trials to make you obey

All the little things that the lord has been speaking today

Its time to make a choice ..its time to obey

Or another time around the mountain you will stray

Another place we just might look

Does un forgiveness and bitterness have you hooked

We play the part .. Looking good on the outside

But there is a poison lurking on the inside

Everyday un forgiveness eats at you ..

Never able to get over the things people say and do

If you do not forgive .. He will not forgive you

So search your heart look at the things you say and do

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