Are You on Drugs?

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Are you on Drugs? I bet you are!

Submitted: November 13, 2012

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Submitted: November 13, 2012



We often look at people who use illegal drugs as if they are completely insane and maybe rightfully so. A drug user may spend a large portion of their income just to satisfy their craving for that euphoric feeling. The same may be said for prescription and over the counter drugs. Alcohol is a favorite of many. Some people spend a lot of money on these as well. I know people and I have been one of those people who spend money on a daily basis on legal drugs in order to feel good.

Who doesn’t want to feel good? I in no way condone the use of anything that brings harm to the body but I would like for us to step back and take a closer look at drug use. Often the first response to finding out someone we love is using drugs is very negative. I am not sure if this is the right approach. I believe that instead of demanding the activity cease, although in childhood cases this is probably essential, better results could be achieved by getting to the root of the problem. Why did this person begin drug use? There must be a reason that the person wants to do something that harms the body in order to achieve a desired feeling.

Who among us does not do something detrimental to our health? It seems that we judge drug users on the scale of damage which the drug or drugs they choose affects them physically and mentally. Many Americans continue to smoke despite the research that shows how detrimental it is to health. I can count myself among the many that use caffeine on a regular basis. Nicotine and caffeine are known psychostimulants and tend to be very addictive but since the use is so widespread very little attention is paid to these. Alcohol is in my opinion the most dangerous drug available and we know from the Prohibition Era that regulation is of little use. With so many people using alcohol and the portrayal of it being normal in much of America, this is another drug that is not taken as a serious threat by most.  Let us take it down a notch from alcohol now and look at marijuana. According to a recent Gallup Poll about 50% of Americans support the legalization of this drug.1 With it being illegal; marijuana is looked at by much of America as little threat. Prescription drugs are used by about half of Americans as well.2  With so many people using some type of legal drug we tend to ignore the dangers of those and focus primarily on the hard drugs.

Cocaine, along with heroin, meth and whatever else the amateur chemists are cooking up nowadays are usually considered to be of the most concern to the general population.  It is beyond my perception how the drugs manufactured by amateurs gain popularity so fast. People who decide to experiment with such drugs must have some really deep underlying issues. I know that cocaine is a bit more popular among those of the middle and upper class but the rest of the population wants an affordable super stimulant and they always seem to find one with little regard to the physical consequences. We all tend to look at these people as the outcasts while we drink our coffee and smoke cigarettes.

What causes anyone to use any drug? As for me the caffeine seems to have a positive effect on my mood and concentration if used in moderation. I have been known to consume large quantities of alcohol on more than one occasion. The alcohol helped tremendously with physical pain which I was dealing with on a daily basis. I must also add that the alcohol helped me in social situations, or more accurately, to put myself in social situation. Suddenly karaoke was possible with six beers. Amazing stuff! Prescription drugs…we take them because the doctor says we need it. Who can question a doctor? As for marijuana, I do not care for inhaling smoke. I am sure there must be a better way to use this, for medical purposes of course. J I have no experience with hard drugs although I suppose the reason for using and drug is almost the same, people feel unbalanced either physically or mentally.

How can we prevent drug use? It seems that it is way past time to stop wasting money on programs such as Just Say No and find something that actually works. I suggest Just Say Yes! Say YES! Yes to things that will lead to feelings of a balanced life. Build self-esteem and a strong and healthy body then people will have the energy that god has intended and not try to get it from a magic pill, a street drug, or a margarita. Finding your balance in life might be a challenge but it is a worthwhile challenge. Maybe drugs of some sort are part of your past or part of your present but finding proper nutrition, I think the Paleo Diet is a good place to start if you have no idea where to begin, and surrounding yourself with people who are healthy and happy can encourage and assist you to find the pleasure in life that you truly want without drugs. Temporary synthetic happiness or a lifetime of true sustainable bliss…Which do you chose?






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