Are You Really That Smart?

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Why should I listen to you?
How smart do you think you are?
Do you have everything figured out?

Submitted: October 18, 2012

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Submitted: October 18, 2012



No matter how good we become at something, there is room for improvement. If you do not believe this, this article is a waste of your time.

What do you really know? I am not asking what information you have memorized. To memorize is not to know. What is knowledge actually based on? Knowledge is a stepping stone, not the top floor. Once we learn something we should be building upon that knowledge. To think that we have mastered anything is egotistical and ignorant. Why not challenge yourself to do what you do better?  Oh, right that requires effort. It is much easier to pretend we know everything about a subject or to pretend that we have mastered a skill.

The Masters of Medicine watch patients die on a regular basis and yet swear they know what is best. The Master Drivers die in automobile accidents. The Master Martial Artist gets his ass kicked. The Master Plan fails. The Master becomes slave to himself. The Master Card also causes a form of slavery.  To master something simply means that we are significantly better than most others at what we do.  With this said, it must be understood that we are not in competition with others but with ourselves.

The information that we have accumulated through all of our senses over the years is great at helping us to reach decisions and finding things that work for us. This information may also hinder us from progress as well. To say there is “No Cure for ______” (fill in the blank with anything you choose) is a totally ridiculous statement. To be more accurate one should say “There is no cure for ______ that I am aware of.” You say “No Way!” I say “Yes Way!”  For someone to simply discredit an idea without having 100% of the facts shows arrogance and ignorance, which probably should be synonymous.  No one has 100% of the facts. Maybe at best someone in the world might know 0.001% of everything there is to know. Knowledge is something that changes. Science changes. Look at science 100 years ago; were any of the theories and studies wrong? What about 100 years from now, will everything we now believe stand the test of time?

We make decisions based on the available knowledge that we have now. Do we think as we did when we were children? Will we think the same in ten years? If you plan to think the same way in ten years or even one, you may be in trouble. Unless you want to work at a mindless job and perform mindless tasks, the brain is to be used for thinking not memorization.  Albert Einstein said, “Never memorize something that you can look up.” How much more applicable is this today when we have so much more information at our fingertips? Will you argue with Einstein too?


  I am grateful for science and all of the wonderful discoveries that have come from the vast knowledge. The problem arises when people think they don’t need to know anything else.  If you hear someone say “I’ve got this.” run away and seek better advice.

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