Gun Ban or Idiot Ban?

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Ban on Guns?

Submitted: December 24, 2012

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Submitted: December 24, 2012





I am constantly hearing people yelling for us to ban things. Most recently gun bans seem to be the hot topic. Some people somehow believe that if we take away guns that the world will suddenly be a better place. Should we ban everything that is potentially dangerous in the wrong hands?

We could ban guns, fast cars, tanning beds, cigarettes, fast food, skateboards, bicycles, household cleaning products and even dogs with teeth but will people still be safe? Should safety really be our first concern? If safety was truly our main concern we would keep our children in a padded room for life. We value freedom and experience more than simply ‘playing it safe’. I think if you want to smoke a cigarette and eat a cheeseburger in the tanning bed while carrying a gun that you should do just that.

The idiots in fast cars and second hand smoke probably kill more people than idiots with guns. The fast cars and guns by themselves are completely harmless. When someone is killed by someone using a gun they are no deader than if killed by a stone. The fastest car in town can be driven as responsibly as the minivan. Give an idiot a minivan or a stone and you might need a fast car to get away from him or a gun to shoot him.

I use the word ‘idiot’ here to describe people who want to harm others. Whatever the reason may be I do not care. I do think we can detect a large portion of these idiots by the use of common psychological testing. ….(to be continued…)

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