Love is Free to Give

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Would you take a moment to do something for someone out of love and respect for the human race?

Submitted: October 20, 2012

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Submitted: October 20, 2012



I went into Kroger yesterday evening with the intent to buy some fresh asparagus. There was no need for a basket or a cart since I was only getting one item. After not finding the asparagus I hoped for, I decided to opt for the frozen version. Of course I took the long way to get there going through the health food aisle and then navigating down the ethnic food aisle finding some gluten free crackers on closeout so naturally I bought all six boxes remaining on the top shelf. I also found some kosher tahini and picked that up as well. At this time I am carrying six boxes of Gluten Free Matzo-Style Squares and a jar of tahini. My hands were quite full and I had not even made it to the frozen vegetables aisle.

Looking over the top of the six boxes, I spot the asparagus and open the door to get it. I somehow managed to grab a couple of bags and as I was thinking of how the asparagus pesto might taste, suddenly I started dropping things. I heard someone say “Sir, Sir” behind me but I was too busy reclaiming my items to pay much attention. Once I gathered the things I looked around expecting to see an employee of the store but instead it was a couple shopping just as I was and the man kindly offered me his cart stating “You need it more than we do, we are only getting a couple of things.” I could have likely managed without the cart but I graciously accepted the offer and I think the act of kindness pleased us both equally.

This simple act of kindness and regard toward total strangers fills my heart with gratitude. The gift given to me in that store certainly had an impact on me. What did it cost the couple to offer me that? That kind of behavior is something that I love to see but most importantly I think it makes me be more considerate to others. I always like to offer help when I can but I often fall short of doing what I should. Why shouldn’t we offer help when it takes almost no time or resources? Of course giving of time and resources is good but we are all limited to some degree in those areas. We are not limited by love and a giving heart. Will you make someone smile today?

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