Who Cares If Everyone Reads This?

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If someone doesn't want to burn my work yet, I should try harder. If you agree with me thanks, if not thanks.

Submitted: October 19, 2012

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Submitted: October 19, 2012



I do not expect nor do I want everyone to understand me. If I begin to write in a way that appeals to everyone then I have become generic. If everyone likes my work then I am probably not being truthful enough. If someone doesn’t want to burn my work then I should put more effort into it. I do want to be appealing but I want it to be a natural appeal.

What do you expect from a writer? Are you reading to learn or are you reading to reinforce the opinions you already have? If you answered yes to either part of that question you will likely be disappointed in my writing. I am very limited on what I can teach and my opinions change almost as rapidly as those of a politician. Maybe you will find one article I have written and love it and the next day you will read something that makes you want to kick me in the ass.

My intended purpose for writing is not to sell you anything, although I will if you ask, and my purpose is not to persuade you. My purpose for writing is to stimulate thinking. I realize that we are living in a time that thinking isn’t very popular. If you do not like to think you have wasted too much time with this article already so go pick up a school textbook and resume your memorization. If you do like to think I encourage you to continue on with this and then read some of my other articles.

An author that tries to appeal to everyone is often looking at public opinion a little too much. The most appealing people to me are the ones who speak with passion. Even if I am not in agreement with someone, I can respect their passion. If someone has a real desire to speak or write about a subject, I think they really believe in what they are saying. This passion may lead to some disgruntled readers and a few broken hearts but to know that someone is sincere about a subject makes me want to listen.

It is likely that if the ten smartest men in the country were to speak on their area of expertise that at least 90% of us wouldn’t understand what they were saying. I think this is likely to be true with any writer. Disregard that 90% and focus on the 10% that do understand you. That leaves a very large number here in the United States. If you can get 10% of that 10% to read your work, there are about three million readers. That is a good number for anyone!

Someone loves your work if you are sincere about it. I would rather appeal to one person with sincerity than to a million with a lot of bull crap.

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