My type, The wrong Type

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Just Read unexpected twist prositution 16teen yr old etc
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Submitted: February 13, 2016

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Submitted: February 13, 2016



My TYPE, the wrong TYPE..

“So How much you tryna make tonight, sweetheart.” My next client said as he rolled down with window of his black SUV.“Well It depends my work is legit.” I boasted.

I leaned against the street pole as I raised my bottom of my red skirt just a little as I teased the guy. 

 “Mhmmmm sweetheart, I want a Full time job, stop playing with me.” He chuckled as he laid his hand onto his crotched cover by his black denim jeans he wore. He was my type Dark Chocolate skin unlined, a quiet smile played around his lips. He wore a blazed red hat with a New York City Yankees logo.  “I bet you’re a Yankee’s fan.”

“How you know that?” He questioned as he raised his eyebrow. He looked kind of startled, “Cuz I’m that smart.” I answered slicking my hair as I pulled my lips together. He Chuckled.

“That mouth smart, but how about that tongue?”  He smirking as began to grip his dick as it started to show through his jeans.  I started to walk towards his car, leaving the street pole behind.  As I arrived to his car I laid my arms onto his window sill resting my head onto my wrist. “So where are we going?” I asked.

  “To my hotel where I stay.”He said in response as he reached for the handle on the door, while I backed up from his car. He tugged it loose causing the door to open; I took hold of the handle on the outside stepping into the passenger’s seat of car. I jerked back his onto the seat as I slammed the door shut.  “You’re hot as fuck.” He grinned as he stuffed his hand inside his upper pocket of his black jacket. He took his hand back out with a bundle of money wrapped with a rubber band it was at least $500 from my eyes. I began to stare at the cash.

“DAM N!” I gasped as I continued to stare at the cash. Before I knew it I felt something nudge heavily onto the side of my head. “Ouch, what is that!” I shrieked.

“You’re MINE BITCH!” He shouted his voice changed dramatically, making me jump out my seat.

I heard a sound of a safety latch close to my head, and then I realized the nudging feeling on the side of my head was a Gun.  “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” my voice trembled.

“DON’T MOVE!”He yelled making my heart jump to my lungs. “LET ME GO, PLEASE!” I cried out reaching for the handle of his car. “Move again and I’ll blow your head off, you BITCH!” my hand froze before I could even touch it.  And before I knew it I felt the tip of gun rock to temple as my body vibrated.  I couldn’t put together what was actually going on everything happen in blur and so did my eyes as my head fell onto the side of the window out of my control. My body suddenly felt so frail unable to move a bit as everything around me began to fade softly in darkness as light became nonexistent in my eyes. “Sweet Dreams.”

  *2 months later*

“Sixteen year old Jessica Rose has finally been found after six months since the night she was reported missing. Investigators found her body lying on her family’s front lawn naked with multiple slashing all over her body and her eyes…….. nowhere to be found. Her autopsy reveals the victim had been tortured multiple times before her death. With a note from her suspected killer and kidnapper stating -Who’s next, the game has just BEGUN- Reporting Julie Clare Fox News.”

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