the fatal Intuition

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jack finds himself trapped in his school, facing a head hunter.

Submitted: March 20, 2013

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Submitted: March 20, 2013





“Jack, Jack, wake up” said Samantha. I slowly opened my eyes as the room came into view. I was in the nurse’s office with Samantha sitting beside me. I slowly tried to get up and spotted Ben and Jill who had their eyes gazed upon me. I tried to sit up as Samantha handed me a bottle of water; and then it hit me, the murderer; the guy who in an instant chopped Mr. Bill’s head off. “Where is he? what happened? How did I survive?” I asked. “I threw the fire extinguisher at him but he dodged it, however it gave us enough time to carry you away”, Ben replied with a squeaky voice. He must’ve been crying, I thought. “It’s been quite for some time now”, Samantha said, while tending to her knee which had been bruised pretty badly. I looked around the office, it wasn’t big, just enough for a couple of students. “We should move”, I said. Jill who had been quite all this time jumped up and said:”yes, we need to get out of here”. We gathered our belongings and headed for the empty corridor.


I had a red jacket on with the name “JACK” and an eagle, printed on it, a shirt underneath and blue jeans and it felt chilly nonetheless. It must’ve been around 6 pm as there wasn’t much sunlight coming in the corridors and the electricity had never been on, there wasn’t any cell reception as well, great! Why haven’t our parents dropped by to check on us? There were so many questions that needed answering.  I remember we were supposed to stay back for detention as we had pulled a prank on our history teacher by flooding his office with water. All had been going rather well, until when we heard the noise coming from the bathroom across the hallway.  It was a loud bang and it was consistent. Mr. Bill asked Ryan to go and check, he was reluctant but eventually went to have a look. Ten minutes passed and Ryan still hadn’t returned.


Mr. Bill asked the class to stay behind him; I guess he was nervous himself.  We followed him to the bathroom and Ryan was nowhere to be found. We were about to turn back when we heard one of the toilets flush, Samantha grabbed my shoulder, I guess she was as startled as me. “RYAN?” Mr. Bill called out, no one answered. ‘This isn’t funny, come out now’: said Mr. Bill. He walked inside the bathroom and knocked on the door, no reply. He knocked again and yet no one answered. He slowly pushed the door open and fell back. Ryan had been decapitated and his head was on the floor facing Mr. Bill. The teacher rushed out of the bathroom, pushing Ben out of his way, clearly shocked and we saw him make his way through to his room, I picked up my pace and tried to keep up with him. “Who could’ve done that?” I asked and as he opened the door while turning to face me, blood started spilling from his mouth and he fell to the ground. Behind him, stood the killer. A tall lean hooded figure, wearing a black cloak, with a bloody axe in his hand. I didn’t wait for the teacher’s body as I was so shocked, I didn’t even look at the half opened locker as I slammed against it and passed out on the spot.



“Jack, I think we should try the fire exits”, Ben said. There were only 2 fire exits in the school. I guess they really didn’t expect an actual fire to burn the school down. One was located on the northern side of the school whereas the other one was in the gymnasium. As soon as I said:” we should divide”, I knew it was a bad idea but I couldn’t back out now, the others will think I’m doubtful and they needed somebody to lead them. So Ben and Jill went to look in the gymnasium whereas Samantha and I took the northern gate. “We’ll meet here after 10 minutes, don’t be late and if anything fishy happens, run”, I said with a confident voice. I knew Jill would be safe with Ben as he was a big guy; they started walking and soon were out of sight. ”So much for a normal day eh?” Samantha asked with sarcasm. I managed a smile. “It’s going to be alright”, I said, but we both knew the truth, this “head hunter” was armed with a 5 foot axe and is on a mission to chop peoples head off, how is that going to get better? We made our way towards the library as the exit was right next to it. It was getting colder and darker. I checked my phone and the battery was just enough to make it through the hour. We turned the corner and saw the exit right up ahead. We rushed to it and BAAM, it was locked. “Now what do we do?” I asked myself. I turned to face Samantha but her face was as pale as a ghost’s. It seemed as though she had been paralyzed. I turned to face the direction she was looking at and my hands started trembling. The head hunter stood about 50 feet from us and had the axe in one hand whereas the other hand carried the head of Mr. Bill.


“RUNNNN”, I yelled as we turned left and ran for our lives. The hooded figure was on to us and he was fast. We made our way back to Mr. Bill’s office and were lucky enough to lose the hunter. We were just about to enter it when Samantha spotted Ben and Jill. “Here” she whispered. We entered the class room and started blocking the door with everything we could find. We were done piling up the stuff when Jill accidently knocked over the vase and it shattered when it fell. “THUD, THUD, THUD”, the axe was butchering its way through the door. I cursed at Jill but immediately started looking for an escape route.  There was none, one of us was going to have to be the bait, if the rest were going to make it out alive out of this room. I told the others the case and decided that I myself would do it.” Just take care of Samantha”, I said. I hugged her them all and started reflecting on my life. So this is how it ends, I thought. Samantha and the rest hid behind the desk whereas I stood in the open on the opposite side to get his attention and with one last “THUD”, the door was down. There he was, staring right at me. He started moving towards me and it all happened so quickly, a computer monitor came right at his face and as big as he was, fell to the ground. I ran as fast as I could towards the door, while the others came from the other side. Samantha, Jill and Ben, but Ben was not normal, he was crippling, I told him to hurry up but he stumbled and fell. An axe had been thrown right across the room and onto his back. Jill and Samantha screamed but I knew better.” Come on, he’s gone”, I said. We started running towards the gym with only one thought running in my mind, “he died saving my life”.


How much longer can we survive this chase?  A loud bang echoed throughout the school, as something had been banged against the lockers. Samantha’s leg was bleeding as a piece of wood had pierced through it; it looked pretty bad as you can see the wood through the other side. We kept our pace and soon were in the gym. It seemed as though we might be trapping ourselves but the gym had two doors so it seemed possible to escape. We sat on the benches and Jill started weeping. The medical room was on the opposite side of the gym and there was no way, one of us would go out alone. Jill tore a piece of her shirt and tied it around Samantha’s leg to stop the bleeding. I looked around the gym, it was huge! It held an indoor basketball court, a workout room and the table tennis section, wait; the employees exit door: I thought.” I’ve found an exit”, I said, trying very hard to control my excitement over the sudden discovery. We made our way through the gym room and “voila”, there it was. A small steel door which led into the football field. I was carrying Samantha so Jill led the way. She opened the door and gave us a nod, I went outside and I looked at Jill and made a nod. She smiled back. I couldn’t move but managed to yell out:”WATCH OUT”, as an axe tore through her and in an instant; she was dead on my feet. I was still holding Samantha, as the hunter approached us. “If it has to end like this, let it be”, Samantha said while managing a smile. I fell on my knees and as the hunter took his aim with his axe, I closed my eyes.


“JJJJAAACCCKKKKK, you’re late for school, get up now”, my mum’s voice was easily recognizable. I slowly got up. Wait, how did I end up in my bed? I was sweating, and that’s when I realized; it was just a bad dream. I was so relieved; I made my way downstairs for breakfast. Mum had made pancakes; I sat down and started eating through my breakfast. I heard mum calling me out, “I’ve got a surprise for you”. I went to find my mum, with a glass of milk in my hand; she was standing in the living room with a smile on her face. “Since all your jackets have gotten old, I bought you a new one”, she said. From behind her, she brought into view a new red jacket. The glass from my hand slipped my grasp as I made out the photo imprinted on it, an eagle.









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