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Avalon Parker was never really known for anything. She was always really shy; she almost never spoke to anyone. When she joins a creative writing class, people finally can remember her for something.
This is just a little part of something that I'm working on. Enjoy:)!

Submitted: April 08, 2012

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Submitted: April 08, 2012



I came home from school absolutley furious at Leena and what she said about me. I wish Stevie had been there. I would have been so much happier in the outcome. Luckily, my mom was at her new boyfriend's house, so I was on my own, which could not have been more perfect.

As soon as I shut the door to our apartment, I began to cry. I was so angry at my father, who had broken another women's heart. For my mother, who picks the worst relationships. For Rose, who isn't here to share my pain with me. And for Leena, for just existing on this planet.

I started to scream. There was so much anger and stress and sadness built up inside me. I hated my father and Leena, and Jen. Jen probably didn't deserve to be involved, but she had been left by my father for another women. So she kind of had to be in there for some reason.

I grabbed the nearest plate within my each and smashed it on the ground. It only broke in half, so I picked up a shard and threw it down again. And again. And again.

I don't know when Stevie showed up. She came in and saw me all bloody and crumpled in sadness in my kitchen. For a second, we both just stared at each other. I picked up another plate and threw it down as hard as I could.

"Avalon, stop!" Stevie cried.

But I couldn't. I had kept all of my stress bottled up inside for too long. I had no control over it anymore. Even though I was bloody and about to pass out from screaming.

Stevie grabbed a nearby towel and wiped the blood off of my hands. I had stopped the screaming, but the hysterics were setting in.

"What's wrong?" Stevie asked me.

I cried even harder. "I'm not telling you."

"C'mon, girlie," she said. "I won't tell anyone. Not even my pillow."

I snorted a little bit, but I still kept my mouth shut.

"Tell you what. I'm going back to my apartment to get some bandages. You sit outside my door so I know you're not doing anything stupid. Then you tell me what's going on. Okay?"

It wasn't okay. I didn't want to tell anyone. But I think Stevie desereved to know.

I sat obediantly outside Stevie's door. When she came back out, she sat down next to me and wrapped my hands. She kept her eyes on me as she said, "So what's wrong?"

I hadn't told this to anyone yet. No one knew. But there was a first time for everything.

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