*The First Date*

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a story that depicts a first date which was more than just a first date.

Submitted: January 11, 2014

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Submitted: January 11, 2014



“So, where were we?”

“Well, wait, what will you like to have?”

“Umm… let me guess”, he winked, “crunchy frappe?”


“Perfect”, she was delighted, “You know me for ages, it seems”.


“Well, a wild guess, you see”, he chuckled.


“Ah, really!  And what will you go with, black coffee?”

“Not a wild guess but just that my ex loved it too”, she added with a snigger.


“Good indeed, I and your ex both seem to have similar choices. Does that make me more attractive to you now?”


“It should be your hard-earned position in my heart. I don’t indulge in unnecessary comparisons”, she quipped.


“Whoa whoa… You are a storehouse of lectures, madam. Why don’t you be my full-time advisor! I should surely outshine the rest then”, he jested.


“Trying hard to impress with your so called humor, huh! Girls like it, but only when it makes sense, you know”, she smirked.


“And you are trying hard to beat me down. Well, try harder. I am so immune to offences, you know, and more when a beautiful lady is sitting in front of me, looking at me with her large black doe eyes glistening like priceless diamonds, her long fluttery eyelashes brushing against the messy soft curls, pretending to be indifferent but loving every compliment thrown at her and now her lips arching into that smile, the smile that can always make me fall in love with her again and again and never really wanting to get up from my fallen position”, he paused and suddenly said, “Should I crack more jokes or you are done for today”, his guffaw was pronounced as he witnessed her quizzical smile turning into a perplexed look, but a moment later she too burst out laughing.

“Well well, I know, my dear, you might be pleased now, but fantasizing about kissing this handsome witty guy won’t really do. It should be your hard-earned reward, you see”, he winked and then started laughing hard.


“You are too much”, she remarked, bewildered, but next moment breaking into uncontrollable laughter again.


“Ok ok, see, here’s the plan now,” he said, “I think first date is very appropriate to talk about our last love. Err… not only about what we went through but also what we have learned in the entire process…”

“So that our relation doesn’t get marred by our past follies”, they both ended the sentence together. And she gave him a dirty look.


“Baby, you got me so right”, he added in a playful tone.


“Oh really! You thief”, she glared at him.


“So, what went wrong between you two?” he asked.


“Well, see, that spark was gone I think, and moreover, it seemed like he got used to doing things more out of his sense of duty than that of love.”


“What’s so wrong with your lover being dutiful towards you”, he asked, surprised.


“Nothing’s wrong but you see there’s this subtle difference. Sometimes, you may be compelled to fulfill your duties but when you do something out of love, you do it simply because you love to do it, there’s neither compulsion nor limitation.”


He stared at her all throughout the time as she tried to explain in her best possible way with an amazing tone of voice and its numerous modulations, her sweet gestures speaking more than her, her eyes as if emoting every single word and trying to convince what he couldn’t even comprehend at first.

He knew by then that he would love to love her every second of his life.


“And you know what was more weird”, she was busy pouring her heart out, unaware of his eyes scanning her face and digging deep inside her expressions, “his cool and composed nature was what I loved and hated at the same time. Like, he used to handle his life in such a light-hearted and confident manner, laughing his worries off, so bold, so jovial, but at the same time, this carefree, casual disposition towards our relation got on my nerves. I only wish he knew when to be serious and when to be not.”


“Why are women so complicated?” he sighed.


“Because you won’t stick to girls who are predictable and easy to access, will you? Your nature loves challenges after all. So, we are born this way”, she said derisively.


“Yeah actually you’re so right, never had this line of thought before!” he exclaimed, “But whatever it is, the moral of the story still says that you need to be handled with care, love and attention or else you can freak out anytime, I see”, he said with his usual frivolity.

“By the way, you look so cute when you are angry, you know, with flaring nostrils, heavy breaths, popping eyeballs preparing to swallow me alive”, he paused and chortled, “But, you know what, all these just pile up to arouse in me that irresistible urge to melt your anger with the steamiest kisses possible”, he added with a smile.


“You are incorrigible”, and her jaws dropped down. “Enough about me now, what about your last love?” she asked.


“Well, she was a girl, of course”, he tittered, “A girl whom I loved a lot, but she was so possessive. I got tired of her innumerable why, how, who, whats.”


“What? May be she was just concerned about you. How mean!”


“Well, may be”, he stopped her midway. “But you know there’s a subtle difference between concern and suspicion”, and he winked. “Commitment doesn’t mean couples should stop living their own lives. And moreover, if I was supposed to cheat her, I would have done it irrespective of her countless inspections. So, why make life so complicated! We all need space, not just to enjoy our right to freedom but to realize and redefine the importance of love in our life”, he paused and then begged, “Please, I was just being forthright; bring back the glow to your sunken face. Seems like, it’s going to be our last date now.”


She was indeed in a state of shock, not only because of what he had just said but more because he was serious for the first time in their long conversation so far. Many things she struggled to accept at first, yet his words were powerful enough to hit the convincing faculty of her brain. And after assimilating his words into some definite senses she finally smiled.


“God, you scared the hell out of me”, his dull face brightened up giving way to a mischievous broad grin. She already admired his eccentric persona. She found his imperfect masculine frame very attractive too. She was  driven by the strong desire to hug him tight, mess up his carefully-set spikes that would definitely make him go nuts, and leave him breathless brushing her lips against every part of his suave face.


“What if you change?” she finally asked putting her imaginations aside.


“Win me back. Don’t you have enough confidence up your sleeves, my little bitch?”


She was left awkwardly impressed.

In the meantime, they had already finished having their drinks and were out on the road while he suddenly said, “But, I have one last question, do you still feel for your last love?”


 “Eh... sorry to say, but that dog still loiters in my heart.”


“So, can we start it all over again, my love?” his eyes held the wicked glow like never before.


“We never did really stop, sweetheart”, she smiled and squeezed him, “We are not perfect but once we are perfectly in love we can always try and work on things that may tend to besmirch our love.”


“And if we fail to do so, we will again have another first date somewhere. Baby, you are my genius.” As he said so, he pulled her closer, tickling her constantly to which she responded by jumping in the air giggling and punching him here and there, and then he finally squeezed her body inside his arms and kissed her forehead affectionately and they walked down the street reminiscing about the old times, all the way that they have come along together, the times that they have stayed apart from each other and they realized that their love could never have deceased nor decreased the least as they celebrated their second first date which was as special and exciting as their first date long before.






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