life lessons

There is one day that will always stick out in my mind to me. It was the day that I learned a valuable lesson. I learn to respect life and how precious it is. The day I learned my lesson was 5 days before Christmas. I took off in my car upset and not giving a damn what happened to me. At this time I did not realize something was wrong with the vehicle I was driving. There was a loud snapping noise. I then awoke in a hospital bed. My dad was on the other side looking very worried. I totaled three cars that night. That night I could have lost my life.
Spend as much free time with your family as possible. You never know how long they will be around to spend time with. I learned this lesson one day when my mom’s illness got worse. Never knowing when her time will be is difficult. It makes all the time that I get to spend with her a precious moment for me and her. You never know when someone will be taken out of your life. So if they mean something to you why not spend time with them and show them you love them? All it’s going to do in the end is make you feel like you did all you could to be there for them.
Learn from others mistakes. You watch people in your life become dependent on alcohol and drugs. Why not learn from them? If you watched them and how their life changes and how much trouble they can get into. This should show you what not to do. Yes people say it makes you feel better and gets rid of your emotions. But is it worth the risk you take? Every time you use an illegal substance, every time you drink and drive. You’re risking getting into serious trouble and having to pay for the consequences. Life is too precious to waste your time paying the consequences for something you did just to make your emotions go away.

Submitted: May 13, 2010

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