How To Speak to Someone With CP

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Breaking the stigma of cerebral palsy.

Submitted: September 02, 2012

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Submitted: September 02, 2012



How to Speak To Someone With CP


Ignorance, fear, pity, shame is that how you see me?

Do you view my existence as being transferred from my bed to my wheelchair; endless cycles of lifts in and out, stretches, and painful fits of spasticity?

A clown mask painted on, day after day, night after night.


Strings pulled by society; I was a marionette taken down for a few hours of amusement or contemplation then replaced in my chair to gather dust until the next time.

Chained up in my own body, I was a white tigress who could do nothing but try to no avail for years to sever the iron manacles placed on my arms, neck, and legs.

After such thrashings, my inner tigress would fall back in a bath of sweat and blood and lick my wounds in frustration.


Finally those manacles were shredded: bent by my voice.

All because someone asked me what I needed.

Compassion is how you speak to someone with CP.

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