Internal Courage

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A personal philosophy.

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



Internal Courage

I have always held a strong belief that courage is formed deep within the chambers of the human heart and jets outward like the roots of a bonsai tree standing vigil on the shoreline of Okinawa's coast.  This tree is small in stature yet no matter how many times its branches are trimmed; it remains embedded deeply in the soil that it calls home.  This is how I view the birth of my own courage.  How I discovered my internal courage really culminated with a desire to break free from the stigma that came with being disabled.  I admit that I had to adapt  to the physical limitations coupled with using a wheelchair to get from point A to point B, but that was the exhilaration of existing for me.

This courage first formed within the chambers of my heart at the tender age of ten when I went to see an orthopedic specialist to see about the possibility of walking without the assistance of attendants or therapeutic devices.  There was an experimental procedure out at that time that was designed to repair the leg muscles damaged by cerebral palsy and make them function normally by sending pulses of energy to the brain with the message to walk.  This was accomplished by implanting a small computer at the base of the spine. The specialist told me that for me the procedure was strictly cosmetic, that I would never walk.  I did not let this news derail my plans however.  I continued with my physical therapy until the age of twelve, when funding was cut.  I then made a decision that I would rather live a quality existence being " differently abled" with intelligence than conducting a moderate life as an abled bodied individual.  Like the bonsai tree depicted in my earlier analogy, I too was small in stature but home was firmly embedded in my heart.  Home was my faith in myself.  This is why I believe courage was formed internally.

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