Alex & Mark; The Quest for the Missing Poem

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A little story about the troubles me and Alex have about reading eachother's stuff =p

Submitted: August 12, 2011

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Submitted: August 12, 2011



 Alex and Mark were talking about random things one fine day, when she mentioned that she was writing a story.

"No way!" said Mark. "I write stuff too!"

"Awesome! Like what?' replied Alex, enthusiastically. 

Mark answered, "Oh you know, poetry, stuff like that."

"Really? You should show me some!" replied Alex. She started bouncing like a giddy school girl.

Mark and Alex went to the special room where Mark kept all his personal things. He walked over to an old looking box, and opened it up.

"I don't see anything in there," said Alex. "Are you lying to me?"

"What? How can you not see that? It's sitting there, RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. Papers. Everywhere?" Mark sounded confused and slightly angry.

"Nope." replied Alex. "I see nothing but a box full of air."

Alex watched Mark reach into the box and grab the air, then start waving his hand around stupidly as if he was holding paper or something.

"Do you not see this? Or hear it? I can even smell it, for crying out loud! I can taste it too!" Mark started shouting.

Alex couldn't help but giggle as she watched Mark sniff and flick his tongue into the air like a total idiot. 

"Maybe you need some mental help, Mark." said Alex.

"Oh. my. God. The papers, are RIGHT HERE. IN MY HAND. Are you blind?" Mark sounds even more frustrated.

"Ok, ok, calm down," said Alex. "I know a shaman who lives in a hut in the forest (don't ask me how) that can use voodoo magic to fix our problem. Either you will realize there is no 

paper, or I will see it."

And so, for forty days and forty one and three quarter-nights, they travelled through the forest, and saw an old man sleeping in a hut near dawn. Alex walked over and backhanded the man across the face, sternly, but not hard enough as to anger him. 

"Oh, another one of these," replied the old man. The flicked his finger and fell back asleep.

"THE PAPER! I CAN SEE THE PAPER! YAY!" Alex started dancing all over the place. As she picked up the paper, this is what she read:

"Paper reserved for later use."

Mark was never seen or heard from again. 


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