The Flame of Ambition

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A poem to motivate/inspire.

Submitted: November 03, 2011

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Submitted: November 03, 2011



People sometimes wonder how to exercise their mind

They're looking for the answers when their question's not defined.




Ambition is a quality some find hard to acquire

It starts with something simple; a single, strong desire.


The fire sparks inside your head and burns just like a coal

But it will start to fade if you do not achieve your goal.


You have to take advantage, like when man discovered fire

Use what life has given you and let it take you higher.


Your goal is drawing nearer, you feel success within you

But this is when you have to find ambition; to continue.


You know you want it, but your body's lacking motivation

Your mind's attacked with thoughts stemmed from this sudden segregation. 


This is the point where certain people fail, and some succeed

You have to take a poll of what you want, and what you need.


Weighing in your options, thinking yourself through

You've come to your decision; you know just what to do.


So if you've ever lacked a solid motive for your mission:

Unleash the greatest weapon in your mind; Ambition.




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