The Health Card/Flu Shot song

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A song about the ups and downs of missing a new health card/flu shot. Can be sung to the tune of cactus in the valley by Lights.

Submitted: November 05, 2011

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Submitted: November 05, 2011



My mind just starts to worry

The times are getting hard

I've really got to hurry

And get a new health card


My old one just expired

It's useless to me now

It's my only true desire

But I just don't know how


[Chorus:]  I have to get it done with what I've got

Or this year I will have no flu shot

And that would kind of really suck alot

Cause then I'd have the flu more often than not.


I wish someone would help me

I don't know where to go

I'm looking around stupidly

And bouncing to and fro


I'm really getting anxious

The clinic's about to close

And still I have no health card

Man, this really blows

Chorus 2x



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