The Traitor

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A high flying lawyer with a bright future ahead is caught up in a terrible ring of crime which no man would like to be in. Harvey must give everything up in order to survive. Will he go down quietly, or will he do all he can to drag everyone down with him.

He must have wonder how much longer he could keep this up, no contact with his friends, his family and living under the constant fear of having to face the grim reality of what will happen when his whereabouts is discovered. The untold amount of mental stress he must be under from the ruthless criminals is more that most men can take. His routine was simple and plain, day after day he ambled through the well-rehearsed precautions designed to keep him off the radar. This was not how he had imaged his career as a lawyer panning out when he was a young boy. It had been his dream for as long as he could remember. And now it was more of a nightmare. Anyway he deserved it; after all, he was the one behind the leak.

Harvey worked hard from an early age; he was so dedicated to his work that consequently his social life was rather poor. He wall a tall dark skinned man with broad shoulders and a square jaw, his hair a bright shade of blonde and tightly slicked back, not the type to be living in a small apartment alone. His life very different to that of Lewis. Lewis was part friend, part foe. They had worked together for 5 years, side by side, and the exchange of underhand tactics to get one over on other party was not un-common. Lewis is similarly tall and muscular; he however lives in a spacious house with his wife and three children. Lewis is the type who gets what he wants without really trying; his parents are multi-millionaires and his brain is like a sponge absorbing all the information he needs with no effort. This is one of the many aspects of Lewis that really bothered Harvey. This jealousy and competitive edge held by both men could only really end with one conclusion.

The work place was typical, the office filled with busy professionals desperately striving to impress their all-important superiors. The heavy grinding of the printers in the mail room could be heard from miles around; well that’s how Lewis and Harvey described it. The first years, the bottom of the pile, given the worst offices, often near the mail room and handed the most strenuous work. Maybe this was an incentive to get the promotion that seemed more important to them than their lives. This promotion was hotly contested and often produced a few feisty encounters between the male employees. This is precisely what happened between Harvey and Lewis.

 Later on in the after-noon the already fragile relationship between Harvey and Lewis totally deteriorated, it was nothing short of spectacular. The whole workforce of the firm laid down their work, just as soldiers would with their weapons when being ordered to cease fire. You knew that this was a significant moment as usually work filled the lives of the employees, and now it had been pushed aside for what initially seemed just another squabble. I guess most people saw this coming a mile off, when you put two men used to being the dominant alpha males so close together, then you’re bound to get a reaction. The exchange of insults and accusations that had brewed for years unfolded in the main corridor running centrally through the offices, just around the corner from the managing partner’s office. Harvey had discovered of Lewis’s underhand dirty tactics of bugging his office in an attempt to steal his ideas to impress Daniel, the senior partner of the firm. As you would expect from a man like Harvey, he took it straight to Lewis. He stormed down the corridor, chest out, fists clenched ready for the unsuspecting Lewis. Lewis emerged from around the corner accompanying Daniel on his way to meet a client. Harvey’s vision was clouded by rage which would normally have spotted Daniel and stopped Harvey from doing what he was about to do.

Harvey must have broken every law the firm held in place to make it a safe and friendly place to work. The blow took Lewis of his feet and straight to the floor, and left him with a badly broken nose and a trip to the hospital. He would want for revenge but he wouldn’t have the chance…

Daniel was furious with Harvey about his behaviour.

 ‘You’re lucky you’re not in jail let alone still a lawyer in MY firm. You better think about your next steps carefully, one mistake and you’re gone’.

 Harvey sat in front of Daniel, rubbing his bruised knuckles nervously, his eyes fixed to the floor, Daniel was not sure he was listening.


Straight away Harvey sprung to his feet and apologised profusely.

 ‘Sorry sir, Yes sir, I understand’.

 Daniel ordered Harvey to come out victorious in his next case otherwise the consequences would be severe. Harvey didn’t think much of this, as he was usually so dominant in the court room. Little did he know, for him, this was an un-winnable case.

Working all night to prepare the perfect defence for his clients wasn’t rare for Harvey, he put these cases to the top of his priority list as he couldn’t help but want the best for his clients. He would rehearse his opening speech over and over again because he knows once he gets a good start, he cannot be stopped. However this case was different, no matter how much he rehearsed his opening, he would never get going. This is because Daniel had his own plan on how this court proceeding would pan out, and the fate of all involved.

The morning of the trial arrived and Harvey had a good feeling about it. He walked into the court room, chin up, briefcase packed to bursting point with evidence of his clients whereabouts on the night of the multi-million pound drugs bust.

 “This is case number 87C81-0793-HG-005420, in the matter of Travis White. Present in the court room is the defendant and his attorney, the deputy prosecutor, and the probation officer.”

The judge asserted. The court session was underway and Harvey ready to deliver his opening statement when the prosecutor stood up and explained the new evidence they had received form a mysterious source. Harvey was outraged; he knew the importance of this case in deciding his future. He tried to argue but was immediately silenced by the judge. The judge ordered his bailiff to present him with the new evidence; he took a brief look at the papers and immediately slammed down his gavel and proceeded with the sentencing.

Two days after Harvey was fired, He sat in his small apartment, scouring the internet desperately trying to find some part time work during his transitional period. A fierce knock on the door made his heart skip a beat. He jumped to his feet to open the door, he reached out his arms to twist the knob and then suddenly the door was rammed down from the outside and three armed men came charging through. Harvey was sprawled on the floor with small fragments of broken wood piercing his skin. The men dragged him to his feet then threw him on to a small lounge chair. Harvey was staring down of three shotguns and one masked man stood by his feet. Harvey thought this man looked familiar, small, stocky, and had an air of importance about him. He removed the mask, and the face sent shivers down Harvey’s spine. It was Paul White, the brother of the man who Harvey had supposedly leaked evidence about, Harvey had seen his emotionless face in the crowd at court, and he knows this was an act of vengeance.

With the barrels of three guns still directed at his head, he was willing to say anything to get out of this one. It can out suddenly and no one really understood it.

“It was Lewis, Lewis he works at my firm, he is the one you want not me”.

Harvey wasn’t even totally sure it was Lewis but at this time he really didn’t care.

“What’s that you’re saying, it wasn’t you?” Shouted Paul.

“Yes, yes, Lewis, I punched him the other day in the office and now he is out for revenge, it was him who leaked the information, not me”. Harvey pleaded.

Paul looked stunned, he wasn’t normally the type to take mercy and believe a story coming from a man with a gun to his head. However he was so desperate to find the man responsible, he ordered his men to leave the room. He and Harvey were now alone, Paul asked Harvey for all of the information on Lewis he could gather. At last he seemed to be leaving then he turned around and warned Harvey that if Lewis wasn’t responsible then he wouldn’t get off so easy next time.

Immediately Harvey packed his bag and collected his most meaning full possessions and passport. He left to the airport in a hurry, on arrival Harvey rushed to a ticked desk and bought the first available tick which happened to be to Brazil. He was in first class, the savings he had earned over his 5 years in law was quite substantial. He didn’t look like a man on the run from ruthless criminals, a class of Champaign in one hand and his favourite snack in the other. He plugged in his headphone and directed his attention to the neatly packed screen on seat in front of him. He decided to watch the news, what he saw stunned him, blinking repeatable pretending and hoping what he was seeing  wasn’t actually reality. It was, Lewis and his family had be brutally attacked by the gang ran by Paul White. Harvey instantly regretted his selfish on the night of the raid on his house. It was obvious Paul would still come after Harvey despite what he had promised, this is why Harvey must stay off the radar, this is why he could never return.

Submitted: December 17, 2014

© Copyright 2021 WHEY WHEY . All rights reserved.

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JL reaper

Harvey is one unlucky man. Not only did he get fired, but he also had to leave his country. Hopefully, you will continue this story. If you have time, could you read my story "Fame and Poverty?" I could use some feedback.

Thu, December 18th, 2014 10:30pm

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